Discussion Zone – 29 April 2017

Hello Aspirants
This is a live quiz page. Discuss any of the topics below in the comment section:

  • Quantitative Aptitude
  • Reasoning
  • English
  • Banking Awareness
  • Current Awareness
  • Computer

Share the page with your friends too to take the full advantage. Group study will help you retain things in mind. Happy learning. 🙂

340 Thoughts to “Discussion Zone – 29 April 2017”

  1. Good Evening Everyone 🙂
    Today No quiz

    Anybody had exam today ??

    1. •?((¯°·._.• ค๓๒เкค •._.·°¯))؟•

      ge mam :))

    2. Sanguine

      ge mam :))

    3. GujjU PoOH_N!T

      mam maths memory based paper???

      1. yes, we will post

        wait plz

        1. GujjU PoOH_N!T

          ok mam

  2. ? Lovely (star) ???

    koe h?

    1. •?((¯°·._.• ค๓๒เкค •._.·°¯))؟•

      10 years’s difference between the age of Q and R

    2. •?((¯°·._.• ค๓๒เкค •._.·°¯))؟•

      age nikalo 2017 tak sabki…only one hi perfect square hoga 25 uska root 5 uska double 10 jo ki difference hai Q and R ka

      1. •?((¯°·._.• ค๓๒เкค •._.·°¯))؟•

        or isme se bhi 2 hi possibilty hain yaa to 1972 or 1982 ka pair yaa fir 1982 and 1992 ka

      2. Hemant ahuja?

        Age Kaise nikalgi kuch diya to nhi hua

        1. with respect to 2017 hai na
          so agar 1992 ka birth hai to abi age 25 hui

      3. Hemant ahuja?

        Age dikh tab na. Ques hi samjh nhi aa rha

        1. •?((¯°·._.• ค๓๒เкค •._.·°¯))؟•

          jo birht year diye hain na uske hisab se nikalo matlb jo 1992 main hua uski age 2017 main kitni hui – 25 yrs ese

          1. Hemant ahuja?

            Oh aise krna hai. Krta hu

          2. •?((¯°·._.• ค๓๒เкค •._.·°¯))؟•

            hmm kal hai tumhara exam ??

          3. Hemant ahuja?

            First slot

          4. •?((¯°·._.• ค๓๒เкค •._.·°¯))؟•

            ohhh ATB :)) good luck

          5. Hemant ahuja?

            Same aise aayi thi puzzle

          6. •?((¯°·._.• ค๓๒เкค •._.·°¯))؟•

            achha ye to tough hai boht

          7. Hemant ahuja?

            Main puch rha

          8. •?((¯°·._.• ค๓๒เкค •._.·°¯))؟•

            esi hi thi but ye to nhi thi pdf dekho mam ne diya hai jo


          9. Hemant ahuja?

            Memory based hai ye kya

          10. •?((¯°·._.• ค๓๒เкค •._.·°¯))؟•


          11. Hemant ahuja?


          12. Hemant ahuja?

            Ek linear Wali thi. Age dekhni thi uska bhi possibly ban rahi thi kucj main

          13. •?((¯°·._.• ค๓๒เкค •._.·°¯))؟•

            hmmm iss puzzle ko rehne do dusri fllor wali easy hai wo kar lena

          14. Hemant ahuja?

            G is born in even no year, but not born in the year, which does not divisible by 4.?? Means

          15. •?((¯°·._.• ค๓๒เкค •._.·°¯))؟•

            means even no ke jo years hain jese 2000 ,1978 ese ….G inme se ek main born hai par jo 4 se divide hain only usme hi …iske liye last 2 digit dekho even no ke year main se agar last 2 digit 4 se divide honge matlb wo 4se divisible hai warna nhi hai ….chaho to 4 se divide karke hi dekh lo

          16. Hemant ahuja?

            Phir to 2000 and 1972 ho rha divide

          17. •?((¯°·._.• ค๓๒เкค •._.·°¯))؟•

            hmmm unme se ek hoga

          18. Hemant ahuja?

            Math Ka bhi hai memory based

          19. •?((¯°·._.• ค๓๒เкค •._.·°¯))؟•

            abhi aya nhi hai …wait kro abhi de denge night tak

          20. Hemant ahuja?

            Aur kitni nyt chaiye

          21. •?((¯°·._.• ค๓๒เкค •._.·°¯))؟•

            de denge wait kar lo… time lagta hai na collect karne main pdf bnane main

          22. Hemant ahuja?

            Ab adhi raat ko kru kya. Swere swere exam hai

          23. •?((¯°·._.• ค๓๒เкค •._.·°¯))؟•

            mera bhi subah hi hai ..itna to adjust karna pdega exam to hume karna hai mam ko to nhi karna na

          24. Hemant ahuja?

            First puzzle bhi nhi bni mere se

          25. •?((¯°·._.• ค๓๒เкค •._.·°¯))؟•

            first line se nhi last line se karna start kro

          26. Hemant ahuja?

            Hun eh vi panga. Last to dekho.

          27. •?((¯°·._.• ค๓๒เкค •._.·°¯))؟•

            hehehe first vi dekho te last line da vi dhyan rkho fer jyada options bnan di lod ni pendi

          28. Hemant ahuja?

            Easy puzzle Kaun si hai whi karuga main..

          29. •?((¯°·._.• ค๓๒เкค •._.·°¯))؟•

            first bhi easy hai or last bhi floor puzzle isme 10-12 min se jyada ni lagne chahiye

          30. Hemant ahuja?

            First skip nhi bni

          31. •?((¯°·._.• ค๓๒เкค •._.·°¯))؟•

            hmm last karke dekho

          32. Hemant ahuja?

            So ja ab. Take rest mind fresh

          33. Hemant ahuja?

            14 ques btana math ka

          34. •?((¯°·._.• ค๓๒เкค •._.·°¯))؟•

            dekhti hun

          35. •?((¯°·._.• ค๓๒เкค •._.·°¯))؟•

            suppose A:B:C = 300:400:500

            ab A ne 4 month se baad B or C ke total >> 500+400 = 900 ka 1/12 nikal liya >> 75

            A ne 4 month use kiyaa 300 so 300*4 + 225*8 : 400*12 : 500*12

            solve kro 5:8:10
            >> 5/23*9600 = 2100appx = A’s share

          36. Hemant ahuja?

            A ne 225 k use kiya. 375 hna chaiye

          37. •?((¯°·._.• ค๓๒เкค •._.·°¯))؟•

            375 nhi hoga 225 hoga nikala hai usne 75 ko 4 mnth ke baad

          38. •?((¯°·._.• ค๓๒เкค •._.·°¯))؟•

            all the best !!

          39. Hemant ahuja?


          40. Hemant ahuja?

            OK word prob btana mere ko. Aaj watchwomen ban tu

          41. •?((¯°·._.• ค๓๒เкค •._.·°¯))؟•

            hmm btao

          42. •?((¯°·._.• ค๓๒เкค •._.·°¯))؟•

            kyaa btana hai ??

          43. Hemant ahuja?

            G wala btana tha dekh liya


            Atb sir

          45. Hemant ahuja?

            Chatting padh rha hamari tu?


            Me to ur chatting roz padta punjab police hu na phr

          47. Hemant ahuja?

            Punjab police hta to yha na hta. Rest kr rha hta

          48. •?((¯°·._.• ค๓๒เкค •._.·°¯))؟•

            hmm dekhlo btaya hai abhi

          49. Hemant ahuja?

            Apni samne Wali ladki Ka name??

          50. •?((¯°·._.• ค๓๒เкค •._.·°¯))؟•



    puzzle jan lewa bemari :////////////////

    1. Sanguine

      very true :/


    There are seven persons P, Q, R, S, T, U and V who were born
    on the same day of the same month of different year i.e.
    1984, 1946, 1967, 1972, 1982, 1989 and 1992 but not
    necessarily in the same order.
    Note: Their age are considered as on the same month and
    day of 2017 as their date of births.
    The difference between the ages of Q and R is twice the
    square root of the age of one of the any seven persons.
    Difference between the ages of R and S is the same as the
    number obtained by dividing ages of any of the other five
    persons. Age of P is greatest amongst those whose age is a
    multiple of five. T is older than V who is not the youngest. Q
    is not youngest person.

    1. •?((¯°·._.• ค๓๒เкค •._.·°¯))؟•

      age nikalo 2017 tak sabki…only one hi perfect square hoga 25 uska root 5 uska double 10 jo ki difference hai Q and R ka

      or isme se bhi 2 hi possibilty hain yaa to 1972 or 1982 ka pair yaa fir 1982 and 1992 ka

    2. •?((¯°·._.• ค๓๒เкค •._.·°¯))؟•

      ye exam main thi kyaa ???

      1. yes same type asked in exam

        seen the English and Reasoning Memory based on AZ ??

        1. •?((¯°·._.• ค๓๒เкค •._.·°¯))؟•

          but mam ye to boht hi tough hai na ..i ll skip this …wo puzzles mene dekhe pdf main wo to doable hain

          1. yes yes skip this one
            no need to do
            Even 1 puzzle is enough to have total 20 attempts in Reasoning

          2. •?((¯°·._.• ค๓๒เкค •._.·°¯))؟•

            ji mam..give your blessings to me :))

          3. NIMBU PANI

            MELEKO BHI

          4. •?((¯°·._.• ค๓๒เкค •._.·°¯))؟•

            mam to de den pehle half half baant lege hum dono bachhe :))

          5. NIMBU PANI

            AGAR QUANT ME 70% APKA

          6. •?((¯°·._.• ค๓๒เкค •._.·°¯))؟•

            hehehe okk :)) done dnaa dan

          7. NIMBU PANI


          8. •?((¯°·._.• ค๓๒เкค •._.·°¯))؟•

            mam ne de to diyaa …ab kyaa tumko.. dhee cheeni khilake jayen mam 😀

          9. NIMBU PANI


          10. •?((¯°·._.• ค๓๒เкค •._.·°¯))؟•

            hmm de do :))

          11. NIMBU PANI

            WAIT 2 MIN YEHI REHNA

          12. •?((¯°·._.• ค๓๒เкค •._.·°¯))؟•


          13. •?((¯°·._.• ค๓๒เкค •._.·°¯))؟•

            thankyou mam 🙂

        2. STAR NEWS

          bahut tuff hai mam yai puzzle 🙁

          1. •?((¯°·._.• ค๓๒เкค •._.·°¯))؟•

            kal hai exam urs……. star ????

          2. •?((¯°·._.• ค๓๒เкค •._.·°¯))؟•

            all the best dear !! do well :))

          3. skip this one in exam. no need to do
            Even 1 puzzle is enough to have total 20 attempts in Reasoning

    3. STAR NEWS

      bahut tuff hai yar 🙁

  5. Pradeep Narayan

    bro.and sis,mam ki di gyi cloze tests zarur practice kr lena for english…:)

  6. Pradeep Narayan

    atb for aspirants jinka exam kl heeee…:)

  7. Goutham :|

    @Shubhra_AspirantsZone:disqus mam
    tc 🙂

    1. •?((¯°·._.• ค๓๒เкค •._.·°¯))؟•

      lolzzz :p u ki id again deleted and created

      1. Pradeep Narayan

        mam…..aap yha hh..:)

        1. •?((¯°·._.• ค๓๒เкค •._.·°¯))؟•

          jiii sir :)))

          1. Pradeep Narayan

            okkzzzzzzz………kl h na ppr atb..:)

          2. •?((¯°·._.• ค๓๒เкค •._.·°¯))؟•

            thanku so much bro :))

          3. Pradeep Narayan

            di kri…:)

          4. •?((¯°·._.• ค๓๒เкค •._.·°¯))؟•

            kon si di :???

          5. Pradeep Narayan

            male female wali..:)

          6. •?((¯°·._.• ค๓๒เкค •._.·°¯))؟•

            mene dekhi nhi DI to

          7. Pradeep Narayan

            okkzzzzz…wase wali di trend mn rhka h sbi ne…:)

          8. •?((¯°·._.• ค๓๒เкค •._.·°¯))؟•

            hehehe koi baat nhi main kar leti hun wo DI wese

          9. Pradeep Narayan


          1. Pradeep Narayan

            hiii,,nimbu pani….how r uu kaise h aap..:)

          2. NIMBU PANI


          3. Pradeep Narayan

            hhehehehehehehehehehehehee yaaaa…brother sada fullo fallo….dear..:)

          4. Pradeep Narayan

            ppr kb h aapka..:)

      2. Goutham :|

        @Shubhra_AspirantsZone:disqus mam ko wish karne ke liye jaaruri padi 😐

        1. •?((¯°·._.• ค๓๒เкค •._.·°¯))؟•

          hehehe :)) goood !!


      TC 🙂

      1. •?((¯°·._.• ค๓๒เкค •._.·°¯))؟•

        khud ka original hai ???? dusro ka copy karte bus

        1. NIMBU PANI

          KYA ORIGNAL

          1. •?((¯°·._.• ค๓๒เкค •._.·°¯))؟•


          2. NIMBU PANI


          3. •?((¯°·._.• ค๓๒เкค •._.·°¯))؟•


      2. Pradeep Narayan

        copy cat mam kaa hehehhehehehee..:)

          1. Pradeep Narayan

            bhai engineer ho..:)

          2. NIMBU PANI


          3. Pradeep Narayan

            becoz copy shabd se engineers ko bht pyar h naa isly bki sb type krte aap ne copy hi kr lia…:)

          4. NIMBU PANI



          5. Pradeep Narayan


  8. Pradeep Narayan

    gud nyt swt drmz frnzzzzz…::)


      GNT SIR

      1. Pradeep Narayan

        same to u ,,,,bro…swt drmz gdnt..:)

        1. NIMBU PANI


          1. Pradeep Narayan

            hhhehehehehe ofcourse bro……..:)

    2. ? Lovely (star) ???

      gn pradeep 🙂

      1. Pradeep Narayan

        gud nyt swt drms….@lovely star…..:)

        1. ? Lovely (star) ???

          ur exams?



          2. ? Lovely (star) ???

            nxt week h mera


            🙂 ji

          4. ? Lovely (star) ???

            apka po kis bank mei hua?


            Mera nhi hua mam kuch bhi abhi

          6. ? Lovely (star) ???

            oh kahi kisine bola tho puchi sorry any way all the best for sbipo u will rock sir 🙂



          8. ? Lovely (star) ???


          9. Pradeep Narayan

            yes over today..;)

          10. ? Lovely (star) ???

            oh ok 🙂

          11. Pradeep Narayan

            …:) atbb;)




    1. ? Lovely (star) ???

      gn arya :_)

    2. •?((¯°·._.• ค๓๒เкค •._.·°¯))؟•

      ATB my friend !! GN :)))

      1. Pradeep Narayan

        mam..ppr ho gya aapka hw the exp..;)

        1. •?((¯°·._.• ค๓๒เкค •._.·°¯))؟•

          hmmm fine :))

  10. ? Lovely (star) ???

    There are seven persons P, Q, R, S, T, U and V who were born
    on the same day of the same month of different year i.e.
    1984, 1946, 1967, 1972, 1982, 1989 and 1992 but not
    necessarily in the same order.
    Note: Their age are considered as on the same month and
    day of 2017 as their date of births.
    The difference between the ages of Q and R is twice the
    square root of the age of one of the any seven persons.
    Difference between the ages of R and S is the same as the
    number obtained by dividing ages of any of the other five
    persons. Age of P is greatest amongst those whose age is a
    multiple of five. T is older than V who is not the youngest. Q
    is not youngest person.

    1. ? Lovely (star) ???

      mera sab solve hogaya S and U ka nae hora

    2. ? Lovely (star) ???

      Difference between the ages of R and S is the same as the
      number obtained by dividing ages of any of the other five


        Hmm yehi to locha h mam

        1. ? Lovely (star) ???

          sab kuch hogaya ye ek point samj nae aya


            Ji mam gnt 🙂

          2. ? Lovely (star) ???

            ji sir gn 🙂

    3. salini joshi

      iska solution h kya

  11. We will share QUANT MEMORY BASED in some time. Do see that

    1. ? Lovely (star) ???

      ok mam thanks 🙂

      1. No need to solve the below given puzzle
        skip that

        1. ? Lovely (star) ???

          yes mam jst trying seeing question i will skip in exam 🙂

          1. Pradeep Narayan

            skip mt krye…:) skip krna h to resoning skip kregya..:)

          2. ? Lovely (star) ???

            wat abt eng new kuch h? maths tho easy h

          3. Pradeep Narayan

            nhi maths sb mn easy nhi h kuch mn word problems ka weigtage jayada h eng easy h pssage thoda tricky h bt agr tym zyada ho to vlogic crack ho skta h pasge ka..:)

          4. ? Lovely (star) ???

            oh ok ok safe attempt with good accuracy will be 65 ?

          5. Pradeep Narayan

            yesss….anything above 60+ with gud accurracy is eneough…..:)

          6. ? Lovely (star) ???

            thank you very much pradeep 🙂

          7. Pradeep Narayan

            becoz 60 -65 k bch hi ho payenge as tym consuming word problem will b there …and yu have to attempt with no choice..:)

          8. Pradeep Narayan

            this is my exp…bt may b u can attempt more if u hav better command on the sever time of sbi clock i thing it is running so fast as compared to other onlyn pprs…..:)hehhehehehehehehehehe

          9. ? Lovely (star) ???

            ya exam mei yese hi lagta h 😛
            st se ibps valoka clock little fast h mene bh feel kiya h 😛

          10. Pradeep Narayan

            nhi ibps ka sever clock brbr match krta h calculation ki spd se bt sbi to mental maths b kro tb bhi fast h yrrr,,,,:)))

          11. ? Lovely (star) ???

            ohh apka maths bht acha sayad 🙂
            fir tho 60 is good attempt

          12. Pradeep Narayan

            aapko pta h mn jb inequality solve kr rha tha reasoning ki bht simple tha dek ki ans nikl jaayega us pach question mn mind mn hi calculate kr lia utne me 8 min nikl gye….:lolzzz;;)

          13. ? Lovely (star) ???

            😛 happence sometime

          14. Pradeep Narayan

            haaa mn pre mn ek hi funda use krta hu less kro but exact kro…

          15. ? Lovely (star) ???

            ok ok nice logic ore nikal janese matlab h 🙂

          16. Pradeep Narayan

            bas whi only qualify not want to top amongst all heheheheheheheheeh..becz mains sb k liye brabr hi rhti h…:)

          17. ? Lovely (star) ???

            hA 🙂

          18. ? Lovely (star) ???

            vese attempts kitane kiye apne ?

          19. Pradeep Narayan


          20. ? Lovely (star) ???

            WOW gud attempt 🙂

          21. Pradeep Narayan

            yaaaa…….bs utna hi mind mn leke rhka ta ki 60 krne h then 4 mins reh gya ta to ek di aur bna li…:)

          22. ? Lovely (star) ???

            gud 🙂 u r in

          23. Pradeep Narayan

            genral category

          24. ? Lovely (star) ???

            but still i think u r in

          25. Pradeep Narayan

            maths reasoning all correct h becz mn cross chek b kr leta hu bki english ki bt to errors to bht hi simple the wo wle jo bold lines mn aate h wo usme to logic lg jta h ki isme koi problem bki mn to pta hi nhi chlta ….to errors shi h…fillers mns cloz test mne mam wali kl rkhi thi jisme side blank mn words diye hote h uski meaning ya opposite jo b wha shi use mn aaye wo rkna hota h wo b shi h fr pasage thoda triccky tha mere pass 6 mins jisse hota nhi wo to mne scha maths hi kr leta hu agr shi hue to kuch milega to 4 min mn di bna li fr do mins mn 1 ki meaning pucha tha to bna lia fr ek dominant word tha usko opposite pucha tha jldbazi mn meaning lik di uski to wo ek glt ho gya mera this the summary bki sb bhagwan ji ki leela h….hope for the best..:)

          26. ? Lovely (star) ???

            O_0 itana type kiya. eng sec ka cutt of kam hoga and if reasoning aur maths mei ccuracy h to i think no need to worry .. hope for best 🙂

          27. Pradeep Narayan


          28. Pradeep Narayan

            mein breief explainer hu….isly…..maths b aise hi loooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooong method se krta hu……hehehehehehehehehehehehehehe;)

          29. ? Lovely (star) ???

            haha 😛 ya samj agaya 😛

          30. ? Lovely (star) ???

            hmm i wil try to give my best rest i left to god 🙂

          31. 60 with good accuracy will be enough

          32. Pradeep Narayan

            yaa mam bt mujhe lgta h sbi ki server clock mn kuch lafda h…:))hehhehehehe

          33. ? Lovely (star) ???

            ya mam thanks :))

          34. Pradeep Narayan

            reasoning mn kuch questionss h jisse aap skip kr skti h..:)

          35. ? Lovely (star) ???

            ya thanks


      Tq mam

      1. ****RANI******

        sir aapne accept nai kiya ?? maine send ki thi ???????


          Ky mam ??? Samjha nhi mail?

          1. ****RANI******

            hang per sir :((


            Kk aj dekhuga mam kam use kr rha kuch days se


      Mam jaldu krna mera takde exam hai jaldi jana ghar se so

      1. yes 10 mins more

        All the best 🙂

      2. !!angry bird !!

        konsa paper h nibu pani??


          Jo sabka tha kal

          1. !!angry bird !!

            konsa ? sbi vo to ho gaya aapka ?




    ATB friend :))


      Tq .mam apko bhi



    2. ? Lovely (star) ???

      atb star for tommorow exam 🙂
      shine like a star :))) do well

      1. STAR NEWS

        🙂 ATB:)

        1. ? Lovely (star) ???

          🙂 ty

  13. Naan Ne Naam

    Any chance for sbi clerical recruitment this year?

      1. Naan Ne Naam

        Thanks friend

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