English: Odd Words for upcoming Exam Set 8

Which of the words/phrases (A), (B), (C) and (D) given below should replace the words/phrases given in bold in the following sentences to make it meaningful and grammatically correct? If the sentence is correct as it is and ‘No improvement required’, mark (E) as the answer.

  1. The geopolitical tensions that sometimes play calm with the oil market are relatively absent this year, in part because OPEC has more or less renounced its quotas. That means disputes within the cartel that might once have led to the rift of production caps, such as the proxy war in Yemen between Saudi Arabia and Iran, scarcely stir prices.
    A) peace, rejected, violating, rarely
    B) havoc, abandoned, breaching, barely
    C) desolation, abdicated, appaling, rarely
    D) chaos, renounced, bettering, barely
    E) No correction required.
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      Option B
  2. Africa’s second disadvantage is, perversely, its barbarity of natural riches. Booming commodity prices over the past decade brought with them the “Dutch disease”: economies benefiting from decresed exports of oil and the like tend to see their exchange rates gone up, which then makes it cheaper to import goods such as cars and fridges, and harder to produce and repurchased locally manufactured goods.
    A) premium, hiked, gone, sell
    B) grant, inflated, induced, desseminated
    C) profusion, hiked, going, purchased
    D) bounty, increased, driven, export
    E) No correction required.
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      Option D
  3. There is little reason for Gulf countries to devalue if they can avoid it. Their main export is priced in dollars, so a devaluation would do little to boost competitiveness. De-pegging would lead to uncertainty about the exchange rate, which might discourage the diversification away from oil that Gulf governments are so desperate to foster.
    A) lower, advance, insecurity, forlorn
    B) debase, advance, interdeterminacy, desparate
    C) chepean, assist, insecurity, desparate
    D) disparage,  promote,  uncertainity, desparte
    E) No correction required.
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      Option E
  4. Collaboration agreements among terror frets are increasing, with signs of greater naivety in the means and methods to cease terror. Radicalisation via the Internet has attained a whole new dimension. Propaganda via the Internet today involves far more than mere recruitment radicals. Nevertheless, a far more dangerous aspect today is the arrival of ‘Internet-enabled’ terrorism.
    A) arrays, cultered, conserve, urgent,
    B) apparels,  involved, immortalize, urgent
    C) outfits, sophisticated, perpetuate, imperatives, urgent
    D) garbs, refined, sustain, urgent
    E) No correction required.
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      Option C
  5. A widely welcomed move to grant constitutional status to the National Commission for Backward Classes (NCBC) has also brought with it a whiff of controversy over whether it amounts to encroaching on the domain of the States. The Lok Sabha passed the Constitution (123rd Amendment) Bill, 2017, in April. In the Rajya Sabha, the Bill was referred to a select committee, whose report is expected in the monsoon session.
    A) hint, poaching, region, referred
    B) gist, violating, field, referred
    C) demagogue, ignoring, area, referred
    D) odor, intrusive, territory, referred
    E) No correction required.
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      Option E
  6. Cities can facilitate the access to urban spaces by having defined zones, similar to Pretoria and Beijing. Making an record of the available vacant open land within the city by community mapping or GIS-based data and by analysing its suitability for agriculture will be a good starting point for adverse access to land for urban farming. Giving short- or medium-term leases to organised groups of urban producers for gardening purposes can also help.
    A) restricted, list, becoming, landscaping
    B) denied, menu, advancing, gardening
    C) restricted, list, blooming, landscaping
    D) demarcated, inventory, enhancing, gardening
    E) No correction required
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      Option D
    demarcated – separate
  7. Defections thereafter reached such epidemic proportions that the stability of some state governments was always in question, entertaining from any perspective of good governance. The Tenth Schedule was offered as the solution to this issue. However, In its 32 years of existence, political parties and legislators have come up with creative ways of avoiding the wrath of the law.
    A) endemic, form, diverting,  harsh
    B) epidemic, semblance, distracting, rigours
    C) endemic, resemblance, diverting,  lenient
    D) epidemic, disguise, distracting, rigours
    E) No correction required.
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      Option B
    epidemic – a widespread occurrence of an infectious disease in a community at a particular time.
    endemic – (of a disease or condition) regularly found among particular people or in a certain area.
  8. Doctors in Srinagar feel a majority of the women who use drugs in Kashmir tend to get adhered to painkillers. “She was the first patient I scientifically detoxed. It took five days,” says Dr. Hussain. Soon, he saw another girl, a classmate, also a case of medicinal opioid abuse. The patients kept coming — sometimes he knew the person from school, sometimes they were friends he played cricket with, sometimes he was acquainted to the person.
    A) adhered, detoxed, opioid, resembled
    B) addicted, detoxed, opioid, related
    C) hooked,  detoxed, opioid, associated
    D) attached, detoxed, opioid, diverse
    E) No correction required.
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      Option B
  9. The use of science to prove faith is not exclusive to one religion. I find it amusing when my Muslim friends tell me the scientific benefits of fasting. During Ramzan, fasting is done not because it is scientifically proven to be good for the body, but because it is one of the pillars of faith in Islam.
    A) akin, astonishing, concluded, pillars
    B) adhered, bewildreing, concluded, pillars
    C) special, shocking, concluded, pillars
    D) particular, surprising, concluded, pillars
    E) No correction required.
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      Option E
  10. One big question is how quickly frackers would ramp up production again if oil prices rise. The International Energy Agency (IEA) is credulous. It argues that banks may be reluctant to fund more of their wells; staff will take longer to fragment after recent lay-offs; and other components will make shale-oil production “stickier” than boosters assume. 
    A) frackers, suspicious, circulate, causes
    B) frackers, incredulous, broadcast, constituents
    C) frackers, sceptical, mobilise, factors
    D) frackers, uncertain, distribute, ingredients
    E) No correction required.
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      Option C
    sceptical – not easily convinced; having doubts or reservations.
    mobilize – organize
    lay-off – give up

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