Editorials English Vocabulary Words Set 18

The following vocabulary words are taken from The Editorials of Newspapers like The Hindu, The Economist, Indian Express, etc. which are important for the upcoming exams. Add some more words to your English vocabulary list.

  1. Cohort – a group of people with a shared characteristic.

    • Synonyms: companion, comrade, disciple, follower, accomplice, adherent
    • Antonyms: enemy, foe, opponent, adversary
    • Usage: 104-million-strong cohort continues to expand at an accelerating pace.
  2. Sporadic – occurring at irregular intervals or only in a few places; scattered or isolated.

    • Synonyms: desultory, fitful, infrequent, intermittent, irregular, isolated
    • Antonyms: common, constant, frequent, systematic
    • Usage: Since my father left my mother and me twenty years ago, he has made sporadic appearances in my life.
  3. Emblematic – serving as a symbol of a particular quality or concept; symbolic.

    • Synonyms: representative, demonstrative, suggestive, symptomatic, indicative
    • Antonyms: actual, literal, nonsymbolic
    • Usage: Waving to someone is an emblematic way to say goodbye.
  4. Sluggish – slow-moving or inactive.

    • Synonyms: heavy, inactive, lethargic, listless, slack, stagnant
    • Antonyms: active, alert, energetic, lively
    • Usage: The game is similar to previous one, though it is sometimes sluggish due to hardware restrictions.
  5. Skulduggery – underhand, unscrupulous, or dishonest behaviour or activities.

    • Synonyms: sharp practice, underhandedness, chicanery
    • Antonyms: artlessness, forthrightness, guilelessness, ingenuousness
    • Usage: The people will not believe him, they will always suspect skullduggery.
  6. Attune – make receptive or aware.

    • Synonyms: accommodate, accustom, adapt, conform, acclimatize
    • Antonyms: disarrange, disagree, refuse
    • Usage: He must have been attuned to the signs.
  7. Lucrative – producing a great deal of profit.

    • Synonyms: advantageous, gainful, remunerative, bankable
    • Antonyms: poorly paid, unprofitable
    • Usage: While my mother’s bakery has not been profitable this year, it was quite lucrative last year.
  8. Incarcerate – the state of being confined in prison; imprisonment.

    • Synonyms: captivity, confinement, restraint
    • Antonyms: freedom
    • Usage: The police are going to incarcerate the teen who keeps committing acts of violence.
  9. Avarice – extreme greed for wealth or material gain.

    • Synonyms: avidity, covetousness, cupidity, frugality, greediness
    • Antonyms: generosity, philanthropy
    • Usage: Motivated by avarice, the employee stole thousands of dollars from the company vault.
  10. Arraign – call or bring (someone) before a court to answer a criminal charge.

    • Synonyms: incriminate, indict, summon, criminate, inculpate, prosecute
    • Antonyms: exculpate, exonerate, discharge
    • Usage: His lawyer was not present when the suspect was set to arraign.

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