English: Vocabulary Set 10

1. Cobble – to mend (shoes, boots, etc.); patch, to put together roughly or clumsily.

Synonyms: assemble, complete, construct, create, fabricate, mass-produce, synthesize, accomplish, carve, cast, compose, execute, fashion, forge, form,

Antonyms: break, demolish, destroy, divide, ruin, separate, abandon

Sentence Usage: BJP attempts to cobble up numbers

2. Nascent – beginning to exist or develop.

Synonyms: burgeoning, fledgling, growing, incipient, promising, beginning, blossoming, germinal

Antonyms: dying, shrinking, withering

Sentence Usage: That nascent republic is holding its first election this month.

3. Hipster – a usually young person who is trendy, stylish, or progressive in an unconventional way

Synonyms: beatnik, bohemian, free spirit, freethinker
Sentence Usage: Imagine a bearded, bespectacled hipster, sitting in a cafe, concentrating furiously as he pecks away at a typewriter.

4. Morass – any confusing or troublesome situation, especially one from which it is difficult to free oneself.

Synonyms: chaos, quagmire, tangle, confusion, fen, jam, jungle, knot, labyrinth, marsh

Antonyms: order, organization

Sentence Usage: Many students are lost in the morass of research due to lack of exposure and guidance.

5. Vehement – In an intense manner

Synonyms: angrily, boldly, brutally, ferociously, forcefully, frantically, furiously, madly, mightily

Antonyms: calmly, gently, kindly, mildly

Sentence Usage: Virat Kohli was vehement in his defence of the pitch here and the manner of victory over South Africa.

6. Underpin – to prop up or support from below; strengthen, as by reinforcing a foundation.

Synonyms: build, construct, depend, derive, establish, found, ground, hinge, locate, plant

Antonyms: demolish, destroy, disestablish, dismantle, leave, move

Sentence Usage: Three political calculations underpin the Centre’s, or rather the Congress’s, strategy.

7. Agog – Curious/eager to see or hear something

Synonyms: anxious, avid, breathless, eager, enthusiastic, excited, expectant

Antonyms: uninterested, incurious

Sentence usage: The city is agog over the new railway line

8. Raucous – Loud and unpleasant

Synonyms: discordant, harsh, loud, strident, absonant, acute, atonal, blaring

Antonyms: low, mild, soft, calm

Sentence Usage: The raucous laughter from the audience , tled the speaker

9. Quirky – Characterized by peculiar aspects/ Unusual in an attractive way

Synonyms: bizarre, idiosyncratic, odd, off-the-wall, peculiar, strange, unconventional

Antonyms: common, familiar, normal, regular, standard

Sentence Usage: The business idea of her is quirky

10. Commute – To travel some distance between one’s home and place of work on a regular basis

Synonyms: drive, go back and forth, take the bus/subway/train

Antonyms: increase, keep, lengthen

Sentence Usage: My new location will require that I commute an extra 45 km every day.

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