English: Vocabulary Set 8

1. Allure – to attract or tempt by something flattering or desirable.

Synonyms: attraction, charisma, charm, enticement, glamor

Antonyms: repulsion

Sentence Usage: Allure of monthly returns

2. Wrangling – to argue or dispute, especially in a noisy or angry manner.

Synonyms: bicker, disagree, quarrel, quibble, squabble, tangle, altercate

Antonyms: agree, concur, give in, make peace

Sentence Usage: the order saw a lot of legal and bureaucratic wrangling.

3. Abscond – to depart in a sudden and secret manner, especially to avoid capture and legal prosecution

Synonyms: bolt, break, decamp, disappear, escape, fade, flee, get, hightail
Antonyms: appear, arrive, come, continue, face
Sentence Usage: The greedy accountant was caught at the airport before he could abscond with the company’s profits.

4. Hoary – gray or white with age

Synonyms: age-old, antiquated, timeworn, aged, antique, elderly

Antonyms: new

Sentence Usage: political funding of parties is a hoary issue

5. Sly – stealthy, insidious, or secret , cunning or wily

Synonyms: canny, impish, ingenious, intriguing, mischievous, roguish, shrewd, smart, subtle

Antonyms: behaved, foolish, inept, stupid

Sentence Usage: The young suspect was very sly during the investigation.

6. Obsequious – characterized by or showing servile complaisance or deference; fawning

Synonyms: abject, beggarly, brownnosing, complacent, compliable, compliant, cringing, crouching, deferential

Antonyms: arrogant, assertive, brazen, confident

Sentence Usage: The princess had obsequious servants who showered her with attention.

7. Syncretism – the attempted reconciliation or union of different or opposing principles, practices, or parties, as in philosophy or religion.

Synonyms: amalgamation, alliance

Sentence usage: syncretism by the sea side

8. Ubiquitous – existing or being everywhere, especially at the same time; omnipresent

Synonyms: everywhere, omnipresent, pervasive, universal

Antonyms: rare, scarce

Sentence Usage: ubiquitous Chinese threat alongside an insurgency refuses to be quelled.

9. Penchant – a strong inclination, taste, or liking for something

Synonyms: affection, affinity, predilection, proclivity, propensity, taste

Antonyms: antipathy, disinclination, dislike, hate, hatred

Sentence Usage: He has a reputation for his penchant for concepts.

10. Eccentric – deviating from the recognized or customary character, practice, etc.; irregular; erratic; peculiar; odd, not situated in the center.

Synonyms: bizarre, curious, erratic, funny, idiosyncratic, kooky, nutty, odd, offbeat, outlandish, peculiar

Antonyms: common, conventional, familiar, normal, ordinary

Sentence Usage: Most geniuses come across as eccentric because they are very unique people.

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