The Hindu editorial A mid-term referendum Summary

A Mid-term referendum
After 2014 parliamentary elections, BJP has came to a halfway of its term. Now elections are going to be held in 5 states, namely-UP, Punjab, Goa, Uttarakhand and Manipur. This will be a major turn for BJP. Mostly assembly elections are mostly influenced with regional issues but with Honorable PM Mr. Narendra modi is going to influence these elections as he has been in news as a Vote bagger, and with such subjects like demonetization, make good foreign relations, significant development. Opposition parties have raised an issue against budget presentation which has advanced to 1st feb from 28th feb. Oppositions want that budget presentation should be done after completion of elections because it may favor BJP, as Mr. Modi can allocate more funds and can make several development promise which can allude voters to pay vote to him. In U.P. all the three parties: BJP, BSP & SP are making their own way to win the elections. Mr. Akhilesh Yadav has sought to project himself who has sought development more above all the parties. Ms. Mayavati may have lose chunk among muslims after 2014 elections, but after forging Dalit-muslim alliance, it has fair chances too. This time in Goa and Punjab, AAP party is also making it way. These 5 states elections will have a significant effect at the national level.

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