INTERNET OF THINGS(Burning issue for SBI PO)

Internet of Things –
Internet of Thing is a popular term now a days. It is a network of connected objects which can collect and exchange data using embedded services. In simple terms, it refers to those things which has senses and which communicate with each other (Machine to machine communication) without any human interventions. IoT is far bigger than anyone realize. It can be say that it is a smart process which makes any object smart with the help of sensors. This object will in turn be able to connect, manage, monitor and inform about every situation where it has been applied.

Internet of Things are the biggest revolution in IT sector. For example- Car, Suppose you are travelling via car and it has a GPS which is connected to internet. Now unfortunately any accident occurs, Car can send signals to the hospital about the location to send an ambulance and police to come on the spot. So this car is not car, this is a smart car.

IOT means when machine is communicating with another machine to help human beings, E.g., Robot is communicating with a robot, Smart cars and smart roads are there to help in the traffic jams or in other situation, If any bridge is about to get damaged, it send senses to Highway authority to make it renovate, and suppose you left your home without closing the almirah or closing the door, doors get automatically closed and with the help of sensors, you get a message that doors has been closed and when you come back, it will be opened etc.

There are few disadvantage of this like it is a matter of safety and security, unmanned car has made their way but couldn’t avoid accident which laid to death of persons.

Now a days, IOT is applied everywhere. It will make the lives of people very easy. In recent survey, it was found that approx 80% of our human being lives has got dependent on these objects. Self driving cars, unmanned metros, smart roads are few of the thing which has already made their way in different countries and much more new is going to happen in future.

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