Mixed English Questions for upcoming exams — Set 94

Question (1-5) : The following questions contain five sentences as options. Find one sentence which does not relate to the central theme of the passage made by remaining four sentences.

  1. A) This upgradation will make commuting to a neighbouring village unnecessary, thereby protecting girls from harassment.
    B) Authorities have been ready to accept the demand, which is hardly surprising. It is a lot easier to add two higher secondary classes than to control harassment on rural tracks.
    C) This division has exacerbated caste, class and gender gaps. Families that cannot afford to place both sons and daughters in a private school leave the latter in government school.
    D) Whether the upgraded schools will get adequate number of qualified teachers for +2 level optionals is, of course, a different matter.
    E) In recent times, school girls have been making news in many parts of rural Haryana. They have been demanding the addition of two years to their schools which currently run up to Class X.
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    Option C
    Explanation :

    EABD is the correct sequence. The paragraph is telling about the demand made by girls in haryana and acceptance of the same by the governent. But C is talking about some divison which is not relevant to the context.
  2. A) An asteroid strike on the Earth is just a matter of time and such events could destroy major cities, experts warn.
    B) It is important to know that scientists and engineers have made great strides in detecting Near-Earth Asteroids and understanding the threat posed by them.
    C) On that day in 1908, a small asteroid exploded over Tunguska in Siberia and devastated over 2,000 square kilometres. This year, discussions and presentations will be streamed live from Luxembourg on 30 June.
    D)According to Alan Fitzsimmons from Queen’s University Belfast in the UK, it is a case of when an asteroid collision will happen, rather than if it will happen. The warning comes ahead of the upcoming Asteroid Day on 30 June.
    E) Experts including Apollo 9 astronaut Rusty Schweickart and International Space Station astronaut Nicole Stott will answer questions from social media followers. Fitzsimmons warns that a similar unexpected strike in today’s world could easily destroy a major city and a larger asteroid could be more dangerous.
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    Option B
    Explanation :

    The correct sequence is ADCE. The main idea here is about asteroids and live straming that has to take place on 30th june – the Asteroid day .
  3. A) The government has sought investment and job creation details from iPhone maker Apple in order to facilitate setting up its proposed manufacturing facility in India.
    B) Departments including revenue, electronics and information technology, and industry are deliberating upon the Cupertino-based technology major’s proposal to set up smartphone manufacturing facility in India.
    C)Apple sells its products through company-owned retail stores in countries like China, Germany, the US, the UK and France, among others.
    D )A view on Apple’s application for tax concessions would be taken up after considering the levels of investments and the benefits that are likely to accrue to the Indian economy, person privy to the development said.
    E) Earlier, Apple Inc had indicated to the government that it is ready with a blueprint to begin manufacturing iPhones in India, but wants fiscal concessions, including customs duty exemptions, duty waiver on import of components, permission to repair and re-export smartphones and continuation of certain tax incentives after implementation of Goods and Services Tax (GST).
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    Option C
    Explanation :

    The correct sequence is ADBE. The paragraph is saying about the application made by apple to open a manufacturing facility in india and its consideration by the relevant departments. C is saying about the selling trends of the company hence not relevant.
  4. A) We need to move beyond well-meaning but scattered advocacy and toward helping countries to build strong education systems that deliver quality education to all students.
    B) This includes eliminating harmful practices such as child marriage, female genital mutilation and all forms of physical, sexual and psychological violence. Girls and women must have access to quality affordable health care and education.
    C) Despite tremendous progress, girls are still not receiving the same opportunities as boys.
    D) At both the global and national level, legislation and policies must be put in place to support women and girls.
    E) However, to achieve any of this, we must change attitudes about the value and rights of women and remove genderbased barriers and discrimination.
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    Option A
    Explanation :

    CDBE is the correct sequence. The mains idea is the empowerment of girls and women at every level . A is only talking about education system so not relevant.
  5. A)A far more effective but disruptive option, would be to create mega-PSBs by consolidating entities into three or four players. While this would enhance their performance, it would be extremely challenging to implement.
    B) One option could be to continue the status quo, where the 21 PSBs (after the merger of State Bank of India with its associates and Bharatiya Mahila Bank) operate as before, but with greater autonomy for their boards.
    C) PSB reform is a complex issue and there could be several paths to building a robust industry structure.
    D) This option will have limited impact on improving the stability and performance of the system.
    E) Capital infusion to address stressed assets challenges, building a motivated and capable leadership team to ensure successful integration, and forging strategic partnerships to build new capabilities are crucial for success.
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    Option E
    Explanation :

    CBDA is the correct sequence. The option E is not fitting in the context well.
    The main theme of discussion is PSB reform and different options that can be taken for that.

Directions(6-10) : In each question below there are four statements. Each statement has pairs of words/phrases that are highlighted. From the highlighted word(s)/phrase(s), select the most appropriate word(s)/phrase(s) to form correct sentences. Then choose the best option.

  1. (i) The crowd was small, scattered, and seemingly uninterested (A)/ disinterested (B) .
    (ii) Posey doesn’t like surprise parties as a matter of principle (A) / principal (B).
    (iii) I breathe (A) / breath(B)  heavily after running.

    (iv) I used old clothes  (A) /cloths (B)  to clean the car.
    A) AAAA
    B) BAAA
    C) AAAB
    D) BABA
    E) BAAB
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    Option C
    Explanation :

    Uninterested means having no interest in something while disinterested is used for unbaisedness.
    A principal is the first or foremost and principle – a basic truth, law, or assumption.
    Breath is air that you take in ; Breathe is the action of taking in air.
    Clothes means garments and cloths are pieces of fabric.
  2. (i) My conscience(A) / conscious (B)  told me not to steal that candy bar, but I was hungry and took it anyway.
    (ii) The hurricane blew along the predicted coarse (A)/course  (B).
    (iii) Who’s (A)/Whose (B)  bag is that?

    (iv) Chester inferred (A)/  implied(B)  that Posey was in trouble, but he wouldn’t tell her why.
    A) ABBB
    B) ABBB
    C) BBBA
    D) BBBB
    E) AAAA
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    Option B
    Explanation :

    Conscience is your inner, moral guide and Conscious means aware or awake.
    Coarse means rough while course is path/direction.
    Who’s is the contraction for who is ; Whose is the possessive form of the pronoun who and which.
    Imply means to hint at something without saying it directly but Infer means to deduce something that hasn’t been stated directly.
  3. (i) That is not quite(A) / quiet (B) the right thing to do.
    (ii) By the end of the concert, the people in the theater were dancing in the isle (A)/aisles (B) .
    (iii) If we don’t do something now, the forests may disappear altogether (A) / all together (B) .
    (iv) let me appraise (A) /apprise (B) you of the current situation
    B) ABBB
    C) AAAB
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    Option E
    Explanation :

    Quiet means an absence of noise and quite means completely .
    Aisle – a passage between rows of seats and isle – an island
    all together – all in one place, all at once but Altogether – completely; on the whole
    appraise – to assess ; apprise – to inform someone
  4. (i)  She recognized the brooch(A)/ broach (B)  as the one she had lost a few months before.
    (ii) Shortland and Grant build to a climactic (A)/climatic (B) final act that’s almost unbearably intense.
    (iii)  Smoke began to fully envelop (A) / envelope(B)  the home.
    (iv) The movement existed to exercise (A)/ exorcise (B) the people from their tyrannical government.
    A) ABBB
    B) AABB
    C) BAAB
    D) AAAB
    E) ABAB
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    Option D
    Explanation :

    broach – to raise a subject for discussion and brooch – a piece of jewellery
    Climactic – forming a climax ; climatic – relating to climate
    envelop – to cover or surround and envelope – a paper container for a letter
    exercise – physical activity; to do physical activity ; exorcise – to drive out an evil spirit
  5. (i) He was floundering (A) / foundering (B)  about in the shallow offshore waters.
    (ii) The aroma through the hind palate(A)/ palette (B)  tingled the nose delightfully.
    (iii) I cry every time I read a sad  story (A) / storey (B).
    (iv) The route is remote and tortuous (A)/ torturous (B).
    A) AAAA

    B) BBAA
    C) ABAA
    D) BAAA
    E) BAAB
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    Option A
    Explanation :

    flounder – to move clumsily; to have difficulty doing something while founder – fail
    palate – the roof of the mouth and palette – a board for mixing colours
    tortuous- full of twists; complex but torturous- full of pain or suffering

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