Mixed Reasoning Questions – Set 37 (for Mains Exam)

  1. Ram have three chests infront of him.The first chest is labeled as “GOLD”,the second is labeled as “SILVER” and the third is labeled as “GOLD OR SILVER”.Ram have been told that all the labels are on the wrong chests and that one chest contains gold coins,one contain silver coins and one contain bronze coins.How many chests do Ram need to open to deduce which label goes on which chest?
    cannot deduce
    Option A
    Since all labels are wrong ,the box labeled GOLD OR SILVER would have neither gold nor silver.Thus,it would have bronze.Consequestly,the chest marked GOLD,would have silver in it and the chest marked SILVER would have gold in it.Thus.we do not need to open any chest in order to find out which chest has which coins.


  2. How many minutes before 12 noon is it when it is 27 minutes past 10 am?
    none of these
    Option B


  3. Complete the series : TBLD, VEPI, XHTN, ?
    None of these
    Option C


  4. All good athletes who want to win are disciplined and have a well balanced diet.Therefore,athletes who do not have well balanced diets are bad athletes. Based on the sentence above which of the statement below strongly supports the view.
    No bad athlete wants to win
    No athlete who does not eat a well balanced diet is a good athlete
    Every athlete who eats a well balanced diet is a good athlete
    All athletes who want to win are good athletes.
    none of these
    Option B


Directions (5-6): A, B, C, D, E sit on a long sofa. C does not sit next to A or E. A and E have three persons siting between them.

  1. Who is sitting in the middle of sofa?
    None of these
    Option B


  2. Who are sitting at extreme ends?
    None of these
    Cannot be determined
    Option A


    a)Some drivers are technicians.
    b)All technicians are engineers
    c)Some engineers are lectureres
    a)Some technicians are lecturers
    b)Some lecturers are drivers
    c)All engineers are technicians
    d)Some engineers are drivers

    only c follows
    only d follows
    only c and d follows
    none of the above
    none follows
    Option B


  4. Pointing to Riya, father of Priyanshi says “she is the daughter of the daughter of the wife of the only son of the grandfather of my sister.”How is Sushma related to Riya if sushma is the sister of Priyanshi?
    cannot be determined
    Option E


  5. Directions (9-10):
    Kavya is three times older than Manish, Nilesh is half the age of Supriya. Manish is older than Nilesh.

  6. Which of the following information will be sufficient to estimate Kavya’s age?
    Nilesh is 10 years old
    Both Manish and supriya are older than nilesh by the same number of years.
    Both a and b above
    Only a above
    None of these
    Option C


  7. Which of the following can be inferred?
    Manish is older than supriya
    Kavya is older than supriya
    Kavya may be younger than supriya
    None of the above
    All of the above can be inferred
    Option C



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    1. the walking dead

      Riya is Priyanshi’s mother’s grand daughter.And ,Priyanshi sister is sushma,it follows that riya might be the daughter of priyanshi or might be the daughter of sushma..so aunt or mother in each respective cases…I hope u got it:)

      1. jaga

        got it..thank u.

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