Mixed English Questions Set 34 (New Pattern)

This set contains important New Pattern English questions for SBI PO, IBPS PO, Clerk , NIACL Assistant and other upcoming exams. New Pattern Odd Sentences and Odd Phrases.

Direction (1-5) : The following questions contain five sentences as options. Find one sentence which does not relate to the central theme of the passage made by remaining four sentences.

  1. A) Facebook’s proposition is simple: not enough people are aware of the internet or the benefits it can bring.
    B) So Facebook offers them a limited experience free of charge on their smartphones, which is where most new internet users come online.
    C) Facebook makes money by pairing user-generated content and personal information with advertising.
    D) If they like what they see, they can buy data packs from their mobile operators to surf the web.
    E) According to Mr Zuckerberg, half the people who used Facebook’s free service went on buy access to the wider internet.
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      Option C
    : The passage is about Facebook offering free internet. Option C talks about talks about advertisements.
  2. A) The scientific method is the best system we have for discerning reality, but its mortal adherents are not immune from making mistakes.
    B) Though scientists do their best to shirk off the flawed modes of thinking that plague humanity, they are not perfect.
    C) Throughout this scientific expansion, one aspect of the process has remained the same — the method.
    D) They make errors just like the rest of us.
    E) Such logical fallacies result in sloppy, substandard research, work that’s stamped with the seal of science, but ultimately does little to elucidate the true nature of things.
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      Option C
    : The passage revolves about the theme that scientist also make mistake.
  3. A) Social Media platform has always proved beneficial for people as it helps them in being in contact with their near and dear ones.
    B) Twitter was founded in 2006, two years after Facebook.
    C) The two social networks were once believed to have equally bright prospects, and some even thought Twitter could surpass Facebook in terms of revenues and users.
    D) Unlike Facebook, Twitter has always been strong on mobile, so it should have had an edge as users and advertisers started spending less time on desktop computers in favour of their mobile phones.
    E) Today Facebook has nearly 1.6 billion monthly active users, while Twitter claims only around 320m.
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      Option A
    : The passage is about the competition between Facebook and Twitter. So only Option A is out of context.
  4. A) LONDON may no longer be the capital city of the world’s biggest empire, and it may not be among the world’s foremost financial centres forever.
    B) But one area in which it still surpasses its rivals is the number of international visitors it receives: more than any other in the world in 2015.
    C) The stock market in London has seen a tremendous fluctuation in this week.
    D) And while the city has long been an attractive destination for leisure and business travellers, it is currently undergoing an almost unprecedented hotel building boom.
    E) The number of hotel rooms has risen from 129,000 in 2013 to 149,000 today, according to PwC, a consultancy, and may reach as many as 180,000 by 2018.
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    Option C
    : The passage is about how London has become a tourist place.
  5. A) APPLE is the most valuable listed company in the world. It has also become the most controversial.
    B) Tim Cook, Apple’s boss, is in a heated battle with America’s Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI), which wants the company to help it unlock a terrorist’s iPhone.
    C) Mr Cook says complying with the FBI’s request would have dangerous consequences, and is refusing to do so.
    D) Some 51% of Americans think Mr Cook should assist the FBI, according to a survey by Pew Research Centre, while only 38% side with Apple.
    E) The outcome of this case will be watched closely, and all the four firms will have a great deal at stake.
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    Option E
    : Option E mentions about four firms. However in the passage we get only Apple and FBI.

Directions (6-10): Which of the words/phrases (A), (B), (C) and (D) given below should replace the words/phrases given in bold in the following sentences to make it meaningful and grammatically correct. Mark (E) as the answer if the sentence is correct and ‘No correction is required’.

  1. As the BJP got a sweeping mandate with 312 seats in the recent conclude Uttar Pradesh Assembly elections, data analysis of election watchdog Association for Democratic Reforms shows that 80% of MLAs from the new Assembly are crorepatis.
    A) recent concluded, from elected, in the new Assembly
    B) recently concludes, of election, from the new Assembly
    C) recently concluded, by election, in the new Assembly
    D) recently concluded, from elected, among the new Assembly
    E) No correction required
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    Option C
  2. Scotland’s First Minister Nicola Sturgeon on Monday said that she will seeking the Scottish Parliament’s permission from holding a referendum on Scotland’s independence since the United Kingdom.
    A) will seek, to held a, from the
    B) will be seeking, to hold a, from the
    C) can seek, for holding, among the
    D) would seeks, for holding a, with the
    E) No correction required
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    Option B
  3. With manufacturing gradually picks up and several emerging sectors opening up new opportunities, the more than $18 billion Indian foundry or casting industry would looking to double growth rates.
    A) gradually picked up, opens up, was looking into
    B) gradual picks up, opens up, is looks to
    C) suddenly picking up, opening in, is looks to
    D) gradually picking up, opening up, is looking to
    E) No correction required
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    Option D
  4. After entering the consumer goods and power generation equipment market in India, Chinese firms are now eyeing the nascent transmission sector where multi-billion dollar contracts are up for grabs.
    A) Since eyeing, is now seeing, are up for grabs.

    B) After seeing, are now turning, are up to grab
    C) While entering, can now eye, are ready to check.
    D) After turning, can now verify, are up to grabs.
    E) No correction required
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    Option E
  5. German police said on Sunday they had release one of two men held over the terror attack threat that led authorities from shut down a major shopping mall in the central city of Essen.
    A) had released, held over a, to shut down
    B) has released, held over a, for shut down
    C) can release, holding over a, in shutting down
    D) have released, held over a, from shut down
    E) No correction required
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    Option A



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