Mixed English Questions Set 25 (New Pattern)

This set contains New Pattern English Questions for various upcoming exams like SBI PO, IBPS PO, Clerk and insurance exams. Questions from Odd Sentence and Fill in the Blank.

Direction (1-5) : The following questions contain five sentences as options. Find one sentence which does not relate to the central theme of the passage made by remaining four sentences.

  1. A) Instagram, the mobile photo-sharing service which was acquired by Facebook earlier this year, has been trading blows with Twitter.
    B) Instagram used to play nicely with Twitter. But hostilities broke out in July after Instagram was bought by Facebook.
    C) The scuffle between the two social networks has intensified as both Twitter and Instagram have adjusted their policies and released new versions of their smartphone apps.
    D) That, however, will do little to stop the Twitter and Instagram detectives from trying to sniff out any news.
    E) This prompted Twitter to disable a feature which let Instagram users import their lists of friends from Twitter; this was, in effect, importing Twitter friendships into the Facebook universe.
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      Option D
    : Passage is about rivalry between Instagram and Twitter which started after Facebook acquired Instagram. Option D talks about detectives, which is not clearly mentioned in the passage .
  2. A) THE kilogram, the scientific unit of mass, is defined by a cylindrical lump of platinum and iridium, made in 1879 and stored in Paris.
    B) There are also around 40 copies of it in scientific establishments around the world.
    C) Hence, all objects measured in kilograms, whether a bag of sugar or an aircraft carrier, are defined by Le Grand K’s mass.
    D) When these copies are compared, however, as they are from time to time, it is apparent that they are changing weight relative to each other, and most of the copies seem to be getting gradually heavier relative to the original.
    E) The amount is tiny: just tens of micrograms, which are millionths of a gram, over more than a century.
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      Option C
    : The passage is about how a standard kilogram is gaining some weight.
  3. A) There have been various proposals to change the way the date of Easter is calculated.
    B) Carterton has become one of the first councils in the country to allow trading on Easter Sunday
    C) At a meeting held in Aleppo in 1997, representatives of several churches proposed that a new system be adopted from 2001, relying on actual astronomical observations rather than tables to define the dates of the vernal equinox and the full moon.
    D) This would have ensured that Easter occurred on the same day for both branches of the church.
    E) In 1928 Britain’s parliament passed a law, which has not been implemented, that would define Easter as the Sunday after the second Saturday in April.
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      Option B
    : The passage is about the exact date of Easter.
  4. A) The world may not often be very interested in Greenland but it is fascinated by what lies beneath it.
    B) As the country’s ice cap melts, hidden mineral wealth is coming tantalisingly within reach.
    C) The country’s riches include “rare earth” metals that are essential in the production of many electronic devices, from electric-car batteries to television screens.
    D) In recent years China has restricted its exports of rare earths, citing environmental concerns.
    E) Metals such as cerium (used in glass manufacturing) and yttrium (which goes into electronic displays) are among those that are hidden under the ice.
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      Option D
    : Option D, does not match with other statements.
  5. A) Radar, which is an abbreviation of “radio detection and ranging”, detects distant objects by bouncing radio waves off them.
    B) The resulting image is expected appear as a ring around a black blob, though the Doppler effect will make it appear to us as a crescent.
    C) In a conventional radar system, these radio waves are emitted by a rotating antenna that sends out radio pulses and listens out for reflected signals that have bounced off aircraft.
    D) The time delay between emitting the pulse and detecting its reflection allows the aircraft’s distance to be determined.
    E) Its speed and direction can also be calculated, because the aircraft’s motion causes a slight shift in the frequency of the reflected signal due to the Doppler effect
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      Option B
    : The passage is about tracking airplane using RADAR.

Directions (6-10) : In each of the questions below three sentences are given with a blank in each. Each question has 5 options. You have to find the word which can fill all the blanks or maximum blank and mark it as your answer.

  1. (i) This computer system can ______ automatically with the reservation system of the hotel.
    (ii) A new ______ system allowed three paralyzed individuals to type words up to four times faster than the speed that had been demonstrated in earlier studies
    (iii) You will _____ with the best talents from across the world at the meeting next month.
    A) connect
    B) interface
    C) synchronise
    D) meet
    E) guide
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    Option B
    : (i) interface – connect ; (ii) interface – device or program enabling a user to communicate with a computer ; (iii) interface – interact
  2. (i) A group of tourists from China has a desire to _____ city’s charms
    (ii) He risked his whole fortune to _______ new oil fields.
    (iii) The more you study, the more you ______ your ignorance.
    A) finding
    B) make
    C) identity
    D) discover
    E) transfer
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    Option D
  3. (i) This platform can ____ a maximum weight of 740 kgs.
    (ii) Their views still seem to ____ up extremely well.
    (iii) Will you please ___ my drink so that I can tie my shoe lace.
    A) bear
    B) hold
    C) attain
    D) show
    E) take
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    Option B
    : (i) hold – bear (ii) hold up – be logical and convincing
  4. (i) 250 companies have appeared in the biding process to _____ the new technology.
    (ii) A boss should never ____ his juniors as this will reduce efficiency.
    (iii) By hiding her money in a foreign bank, Megan hopes to ______ the country’s low tax rates.
    A) give
    B) underestimate
    C) bid
    D) utilize
    E) exploit
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    Option E
    : (i) exploit – to make full use of a resource (ii) and (iii) exploit – make use of a situation in a way considered unfair or underhand
  5. (i) The bench said that the two are _____ issues.
    (ii) They went their ______ ways.
    (iii) I keep this bottle ______ from all the others.
    A) similar
    B) predictable
    C) separate
    D) own
    E) hidden
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    Option C


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  1. Adorable Princess

    nice questions…….tq..:)

  2. Shreya

    admonishing the union gov. for delaying the appointment of a lokpal.the supreme court has sent across a timely message that efforts to cleanse the economy must be matched by equally strong measures to cleanse public life too.

    1) in..
    2) by…
    3) for…

    in this can’t we make sentence like this- for admonishing the union for delaying the appointments…..

    1. Suraj

      admonishing means to scold.. here by admonishing is correct..
      try to convert in hindi.. FOr admonishing will means that.. union govt ko scold krne k liye.. (jo msg diya hai wo scold krne k liye nhi diya hai,, wo msg to instruction hai… )
      by admonishing … union givt ko scold krte hue supreme court me msg diya hai…

      1. Shreya

        thanks a lot sir.. got it..

  3. robin

    thank u so much

  4. sachin shukla@ my turn 2017


  5. Aakanksha Berwal

    In question 4, I suppose option E is out of context. It is talking about laws amd illegality of mining. Showing no resemblance to the theme!.

    1. Suraj

      see the passage is about the minerals hidden below the ice.. … and not the ice .. D) talks about how fast the ice is melting, rest all statement talks about the minerals. ..
      To solve such question, solve them like sentence arrangement, here sentence are already arranged. .. first find the theme, then start arranging, you will get one such sentence that will not get arranged, that is the answer,, you can find such examples in our newer posts…

      1. Aakanksha Berwal

        Look! A says people are interested in something that lies below Greenland, B says as ice melts mineral is coming within reach, but some factors makes this estimation difficult of how fast they are melting (D) followed by their essentiality (C); I agree E too talks about mineral, but it is more inclined towards the fact that it’s illegal! Which I believe isn’t apt!!.

        1. Suraj

          Yes this is also correct, I will edit this question so that only one definite answer follows. ThankYou

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