Mixed English Questions Set 63 (New Pattern)

This set contains important New Pattern English Questions for SBI PO, IBPS PO Clerk, NIACL  and other upcoming exams. New Pattern English Questions on Odd Sentence and Word Usage. New pattern English Odd Sentence Word usage

Direction (1-5): Five statements are given below, labelled A, B, C, D and E. Among these, four statements are in logical order and form a coherent paragraph/passage. From the given options, choose the option that does not fit with the other statements in the passage.

  1. A)By 2017, this has reversed—the banks’ share has plummeted to around 26% and that of non-banks has risen to 74%.
    B)Something remarkable has happened in Indian banking over the last few years.Banks have lost a significant share of new credit to non-banks.
    C)Admittedly, this rise in non-bank lenders has occurred in the context of a general slowdown in credit growth and a deeply impaired banking sector with the non-performing assets overhang.
    D)Despite 25 years of liberalization, the Indian financial system is too bank-centric.
    E)For the financial year 2011, the share of bank loans in incremental credit was 72% and that of non-banks (commercial paper, corporate bonds and external commercial borrowing), 28%.
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    Option D
    : The correct sequence is: BEAC. The passage talks about the credit lending by banks and non-bank entity. Option D shifts away from this theme.
  2. A)For more than a century after the advent of commercial electrical power in the late 1800s, electricity use in the US rose and rose and rose.
    B)The corporate focus on costs has increasingly come to include energy costs, and parts of the corporate world have also reorganized themselves in ways that make saving energy more of a priority
    C)Electricity use in the US, meanwhile, is still below its 2007 level, and seemingly flatlining. The change is even more dramatic if you measure on a per-capita basis
    D)Sure, there were pauses during recessions, but the general trajectory was up. Until 2007, it appears:
    E)The initial drop in electricity use in 2008 and 2009 could be attributed partly to the economic downturn. But the economy grew again in 2010, and every year since.
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    Option B
    :The correct sequence is: ADEC. The passage is about electricity usage in The US.
  3. A)Moreover, their impoverished background means that domestic helps are either unaware of their rights or so short on money (often, they are both) they believe they have no other option but to quietly accept abuse.
    B)But while each of these measures should help put in place a legal framework for the protection of the rights of domestic workers, it will have little effect if not enforced by the Government.
    C)Following horrific reports of teenage maids being tortured and brutalised by their employers, the spotlight is once again on India’s vast but almost invisible workforce of domestic helps.
    D)Cleaners, cooks, nannies and drivers may be integral parts of the average Indian household, yet they function almost entirely outside of the purview of the law.
    E)This not only makes them susceptible to harassment and exploitation at the workplace but also allows them only limited recourse to justice.
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    Option B
    :The correct sequence is: CDEA. The passage is about the domestic helpers and their exploitation and the laws related to it. Option B talks about some measures, but no such measures have been mentioned in the passage.
  4. A)It is hardly surprising that wallowing in its malodorous mess, the railways will have neither the time nor the inclination to think of the safety and well-being of one of India’s finest and most majestic animals, the elephant.
    B)Another estimate puts the number of deaths at 10, besides as many seriously injured.
    C)Corruption has assumed gargantuan proportions, leading to the exit of a Minister in charge of it under less than edifying circumstances and a situation in which it could not for some time find an untainted incumbent for the post of the Chairman, Railway Board.
    D)Yet another instance of its apathy is provided by the accident in which the Jaipur-Guwahati Kabiguru Express ploughed into a herd of 40 elephants in West Bengal’s northern district of Jalpaiguri on Wednesday evening, killing, according to a West Bengal Forest Department official, at least five elephants, and a calf, on the spot.
    E)The actual figure may be known in a couple of days as some of the injured elephants may die in forested areas. But it is a national shame and tragedy even if the total is no more than 10.
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    Option C
    : The correct sequence is: ADBE
  5. A)Rapid urbanisation is causing unplanned expansion and facilitating the influx of people into fragile and less-resilient areas like the coastal regions, flood plains and earthquake-prone zones
    B)Consequently, the frequency of natural disasters is increasing alarmingly.
    C)This development is proving to be costly, as the environment is degraded and the delicate ecological balance disturbed, due to an unprecedented demand on precious and meagre natural resources.
    D) India’s rapidly growing young population can be a valuable asset.
    E)The number of human lives that are lost each time is also on the rise.
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    Option D
    :The correct sequence is: ACBE

Direction (6-10): In each of the following questions, a word has been used in sentences in four different ways. Choose the option corresponding to the sentence in which the usage of the word is INCORRECT or INAPPROPRIATE.

  1. Quick
    A)I was quick tempered when I was young.
    B)She made a quick adjustment to her new job.
    C) In the qualifying session he was two seconds quick than his teammate.
    D)A German proverb remarks that he who is quick to borrow is slow to pay.
    E) All are correct
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    Option C
    :in A) Quick- (of a person’s temper) easily roused.
    C) quick=>quicker
  2. Generation
    A) The same families have lived here for generations
    B)Culture has been described as social tradition that is passed on to future generations.
    C)Electricity generation is usually carried out at remote places to avoid pollution.
    D)As he generated his work his boss interrupted him.
    E)All are correct
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    Option D
    :D) generated doesnot gives any meaning here, initiated is a better word.
  3. Declare
    A) The mansion was declared a fire hazard
    B)The government explicitly declared its intention to lower taxes.
    C)Hopefully the warm bottle of milk will declare the crying baby.
    D)I advised the shy young man to declare his love for the beautiful girl.
    E)All are correct
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    Option C
    : A) declare- pronounce or assert (a person or thing) to be something specified.
    D) declare- express feelings of love to someone . Example: she waited in vain for him to declare himself
  4. Position
    A) The company’s financial position is grim.
    B) This development plan will position the city as a major economic force in the region.
    C) VIvek applied for the position, but he didn’t get it.
    D) I have never heard of someone in your position making an unofficial deal.
    E)All are correct
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    Option E
    :All are correct
  5. Understand
    A)He must understand what Vivek had been through.
    B)My mother, moreover, succeeded in making me understand a good deal.
    C) The thief understood the bank.
    D) He didn’t understand a word I said
    E)All are correct
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    Option C


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