Mixed English Questions Set 90

Directions (1-5): In each of the following questions a short passage is given with one of the lines in the passage missing and represented by a blank. Select the best out of the five answer choices given, to make the passage complete and coherent.

  1. In an interview published in Mint earlier this month, Indian cricket team captain Virat Kohli said that his fitness philosophy is increasingly shaping his thinking on brand endorsements. He revealed that his team is “on the cusp of making some big changes on that front”. Since then, it has been widely speculated that Kohli was talking of his association with Pepsi, one of the biggest global brands in carbonated soft drinks. If Kohli decides against renewing his Pepsi contract, he will join Pullela Gopi Chand, the former badminton great, ___________________________.
    A. Who had allegedly not met the promises it had made to home-buyers.
    B. was blamed because Amrapali Group, a Noida-based builder the wicketkeeper-batsman had endorsed, had allegedly not met the promises it had made to home-buyers.
    C. who had long ago decided not to endorse carbonated soft drinks owing to their deleterious health effects.
    D. have asked for a complete ban on advertisements of fairness creams, if not the creams themselves,
    E. None of these.
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    Option C

    If Kohli decides against renewing his Pepsi contract, he will join Pullela Gopi Chand, the former badminton great – Implies that pullela gopichand must has done something in the past relating to advertisements
    In A , It is used there so human being can’t be addressed as this pronoun so eliminate it.
    In B , something is being said about wicketkeeper- batsman but pullela gopichand as stated above is a former badminton player so eliminate it too.
    In D, fairness creams are not talked about in the paragraph so it can’t be our answer.
    So we are left with C and it also matches up with the context perfectly ..so C is the right choice.
  2. Employee engagement does not mean employee happiness. ______________________________________. While company game rooms, free massages and Friday keg parties are fun–and may be beneficial for other reasons–making employees happy is different from making them engaged.
    A. Engaged employees lead to better business outcomes.
    B. Someone might be happy at work, but that doesn’t necessarily mean they are working hard, productively on behalf of the organization.
    C. This emotional commitment means engaged employees actually care about their work and their company.
    D. How does employee engagement lead to higher stock prices? The ROI of engagement comes from what I call the Engagement-Profit Chain.
    E. None of these.
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    Option B

    The first sentence tells that employee is engaged but it doesn’t mean mandatorily that he/she is happy in the job .
    A. option is not relevant and saying completely different from what is said in the starting sentence so eliminated.
    C. This emotional commitment??? Well there is nowhere in the passage any commitment talked about.
    D. Again not fitting in the context and going on a different level. So can’t be the answer.
    B is the correct answer.
  3. The beneficial effects of music have been reported in many areas such as enhancing cognitive recovery following a stroke , alleviating anxiety, depression and pain and improving general cognitive functioning ._____________________________, the positive effect of music preference was not observed in the more common and realistic scenario of listening to music at the same time as task performance.
    A. However, despite research demonstrating that listening to liked music prior to commencing a task can increase performance
    B. suggests limitations on the beneficial effects that music preference may have on cognitive performance
    C. However, it would then be predicted that performance would be better, or at least equal to, the quiet condition rather than the observed finding of significantly poorer.
    D. When hearing a piece of music that is liked,arousal is raised and performance increases compared to listening to a piece of music that is less liked.
    E. None of these.
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    Option A

    As we can see, the First sentence of the paragraph is explaining the positive effects of music in different areas and the sentence after the blank is giving some view on relation between task performance and music so the blank must have some mixed statement .
    In B , Firstly , If we see carefully , The sentence is starting with verb without any subject and the preceding sentence is complete therefore it can’t be our answer if we do it by logic and secondly , it is talking about cognitive performance which is not suitable here as the next sentence is relating task performance with music.
    C. mostly irrelevant here.
    D, seems like it is close but can’t fit correctly in the paragraph.
    Therfore A is the right answer.
  4. To most people a drone is one of two very different kinds of pilotless aircraft: a toy or a weapon. It is either a small, insect-like device that can sometimes be seen buzzing around in parks or on beaches, or a large military aircraft that deals death from the skies, allowing operators in Nevada to fire missiles at terrorist suspects in Syria._______________________________. The second category, military drones, account for the vast majority (nearly 90%) of worldwide spending on drones.
    A. In essence, all the commercial applications being pursued today use drones to gather data.
    B. A pivotal year for the civilian drone industry, an interesting space is now opening up.
    C. The first category, recreational drones aimed at consumers, are the more numerous by far; around 2m were sold around the world last year.
    D. Agriculture, and measuring the health of crops in particular, was identified early on as a promising market for commercial drones.
    E. None of these.
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    Option C

    The paragraph is telling about two uses of drones, first as a toy and second as a weapon in military operations. And the sentence after the blank starts with words, The second category, which is the hint that prior sentence is telling about the first category so we can chose the option C straightaway as it fits well in the context too.
  5. ______________________________________________ Internet companies across the world that we have forgotten the ten others that failed — that had mostly the same user proposition and business model as the one that is worth hundreds of billions of dollars today.
    In the US, the dotcom bust of 2000 served as an education in business models, rational valuations and a check against irrationality in the future. The 2000s then resulted in the growth of hugely successful Internet businesses such as Amazon, Google and Facebook that are today standard-bearers of the consumer Internet economy globally.
    A. The most glaring one seems to be the belief that no segment in India is ‘winner-takes all’ and that the
    B. Look at multiple segments of the digital economy: travel, ecommerce, food, services. It might not be winner-takes-all, but
    C. Yes, startups fail. Large corporations fail, everywhere in the world. It seems we are so obsessed with the hugely successful consumer
    D. A figure that would be surprising for many is the mortality rate of startups in India.
    E. None of these.
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    Option C

    The sentence after the blank is giving the idea that we have forgotten the companies that have failed in the past and option A seems to fit in the blank at the first glance but it is not completing the latter part of the sentence in a meaningful way.
    B . Same with B too, it is not fitting into the sentence .
    D. Totally out of the scope. The paragraph is not talking about the mortality rate of startups.
    C is correctly fitting here. It says that startups fail , also big institutions fail all around the world and we seem to be so obsessed with a few successful internet companies that we have forgotten all others which have failed badly and were of same model and infrastructure as these successful ones.

Directions (6-10): In each of the following questions, two sentences are given. Each sentence has blank in it. Five words A),(B), (C) , (D) and (E) are suggested. Out of these, only one fits at both the places in context of each sentence. Number of that word is the answer.

  1. i. His boss’s criticism left him feeling rather _____.
    ii. They sat around and listened with ______ smiles as Carlo Marx read them his apocalyptic, mad poetry.
    A. Undaunted
    B. Abashed
    C. Abdicate
    D. Abated
    E. None of these.
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    Option B

    Abashed- embarrassed or ashamed
    Undaunted – bold or vibrant
    Abdicate- to step down from a position of power or responsibility
    Abated – to subside or reduce
  2. i. Here half a dozen hotels soon sprang up along with a _______of other shops, booths, and taverns.
    ii. Across the country, recycling programs for plastic bottles are a _________ each and does its own thing.
    A. Hodgepodge
    B. Abate
    C. Extol
    D. paradigm
    E. None of these.
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    Option A

    hodgepodge – jumble, mixture
    Extol – glorify or praise
    Paradigm – epitome
  3. i. Cops can _____________ anyone who goes over the speed limit.
    ii. Stewart is going to ___________ the restaurant for poor customer service.
    A. Acclaim
    B. Extol
    C. Endorse
    D. Admonish
    E. None of these.
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    Option D

    Acclaim – approve
    Extol – praise
    Admonish – warn or criticize
    Endorse- recommend or approve
  4. i. Handsome, intelligent, and kind, Trent is the ___________ of the perfect man.
    ii. Even though Liza is an unconventional teacher, she still supports the educational _____________ that is used by most of the veteran teachers at her school.
    A. Paradigm
    B. endear
    C. abnegate
    D. Quality
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    Option A

    Paradigm – epitome or ideal/prototype
    Endear – captivate or charm
    Abnegate – reject or renounce
  5. i. The ______ countries are having difficulties funding the war.
    ii. The boys found it hard to get along with Tom, because he always said some very ________ things.
    A. Pacifying
    B. belligerent
    C. Morsel
    D. peaceful
    E. None of these.
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    Option B

    Pacifying – soothe or placate
    Belligerent – aggressive or quarrelsome
    Morsel – fraction

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