SBI PO Prelims 2017: Last Minute Tips

Hello Aspirants

So time has come to reap what you have sown. By this time you would have prepared what you could. So you just require some last minute tips to keep in mind and excel in exam.

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With few hours left for the SBI PO Prelims 2017 exam, the most aspired exam for a student preparing for bank exams, a lot of candidates must be in anxiety and tension. So here we are with few tips that will help you in giving your best in the examination.

Preliminary exams are based on three concepts i.e Speed, Accuracy and Time Management.  Always take any exam by keeping these three things in your mind and never neglect the accuracy factor. Always stay calm on the day of exam and during the exam. Don’t try to learn any new thing on the same day on which you have exam.

Remember that you are supposed to clear the cut-off in preliminary exam, as these marks are not added in final merit list. So here are some tips which you should follow to clear SBI PO Preliminary stage easily.

One thing that you should learn now is the way to attempt the whole exam in two parts/round. Where the first part contains questions which are easy or they are your strength and the second part contains questions which are time consuming. This will help you in maximizing your score.

First Round


Start with English Section, as it can fetch you more marks in less time. Keeping in mind the recent Preliminary exams expected questions in English are Cloze Test, Error Spotting and Reading Comprehension Passage. Cloze Test and Error Spotting if attempted with accuracy would be enough to clear the cutoff in this section, but you should try to gain maximum marks in every section.

  • Start with Either cloze test or Error and then move on to RC.
  • If questions in RC are direct and you feel you can attempt it, then start attempting it.
  • If the questions are indirect then attempt the synonym and antonym part and move forward to the next section.

We suggest you to take Reasoning because Quants section involves calculation and it can drain your mind. But the final decision is yours and attempt as per your strength.


In reasoning section, keeping in mind the recent PO level exams 4 puzzles are likely to come. Of these at least 1 puzzle will of easy level.

In reasoning section don’t start with puzzle, first attempt all other questions like syllogism, inequality, coding decoding, alphanumeric series, direction sense, blood relation etc. whatever is asked plus the easy puzzle (North South Linear Arrangement is expected to be easy).

By doing this much you can ensure that you can clear the sectional cutoff. Now move to the next section i.e Quants.


In quants, attempt all the word problem questions at the end. First complete Series, Simplification, quadratic equation etc. whichever asked. It will ensure cut-off marks. Now to gain more marks attempt Data Interpretation. Then do simple word problems which you find easy. Do not waste time on any question if you get struck, just move on to next question. Leave the difficult questions. And learn the use of Mark for Review Button. If there are some questions which you thing you can do, but will take time, mark them for review and solve them at the end.

Second Round

Now you have completed the first round and ensured your sectional cut-off now to ensure overall cutoff move back to the questions that you have left in the first round. i.e Puzzles in reasoning, RC in English and word problems in Quants.

Puzzles can fetch you more marks in less time if solved correctly, so based on your strength solve the puzzle. Between RC and quants, quants can be solved more accurately. But if in RC, questions are direct you can attempt that too.

These were just general guidelines that you can follow by making certain tweaks as per your requirement and your strategy.

Some more guidelines

  • Keep your mind cool; take few deep breaths before the start of the exam.
  • Don’t panic in any situation, even if you find the questions difficult, don’t panic, else you will end up spoiling even those questions which you can do easily.
  • Learn to pick questions. It is an art, which you can master by regular practice.
  • Pre is all about picking up the right set of Questions and leaving the time consuming, difficult question.
  • Never let your ego say that I have prepared this topic so well, how can I leave a question from this topic. Don’t leave it, but keep it for the last, if time remains then attempt tricky and lengthy questions.
  • Accuracy is above attempts.
  • It is true that number of attempts does matter, but if there is no accuracy then even high attempts are not of any use.
  • Attempting 60 questions with accuracy is better than attempting 70 with 10 wrong due to guess work.
  • Never try guess work, even if you feel that your attempts are not up to the mark.

Suppose you are in exam hall and able to attempt only 50 questions. DO not start taking risk and attempting those questions of which you are not 100% confident, just to increase your number of attempts from 50 to 60. These extra attempts will surely disqualify you.

Again choose questions which to attempt and which to leave and when to leave (i.e. when you get stuck in between)

All the Best. Do Well. Yes You Can.