A2Z Night Mixed Section Quiz 4

Aspirants Zone Presents special Night Mixed Sectional Quiz for its readers to practice all the sections in one go. 

Direction (1-5): Puzzle

There are eight male persons named Mayank, Awanish, Sagar, Kushal, Shahbaz, Somanath, Shubham and Ashish attended a party with their wives and children. Their wives named are Neha, Deepika, Vidushi, Pooja, Vinita, Radhika, Sonal and Ritu, but not necessarily in the same order. The eight children named are Golu, Molu, Sonu, Monu, Tony, Sam, Viru and Shinu.

Somanath comes with his wife Radhika and child Sam in the party. Neither Golu nor Tony is the child of Kushal. Awanish’s wife name is Deepika and child’s name is Molu. Viru is the child of Shubham. Ritu’s child name is Shinu. Sagar’s child name is Sonu. Ritu and Vidushi are the wives of Ashish and Sagar, but not necessary in the same order. Sonal and Neha are not the wives of Kushal and Shahbaz. Vinita is the mother of Tony.

  1. Who among the following are the parents of Shinu?
    A) Ashish-Vidushi
    B) Ashish-Ritu
    C) Sagar-Ritu
    D) Sagar-Vidushi
    E) Cannot be determined
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    Option B
    : Ashish-Ritu
  2. If Neha is the wife of Shubham, then who is the wife of Mayank?
    A) Deepika
    B) Vidushi
    C) Radhika
    D) Sonal
    E) Cannot be determined
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    Option D
    : Sonal
  3. Who is the husband of Vidyushi?
    A) Ashish
    B) Shubahm
    C) Sagar
    D) Kushal
    E) None of these
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    Option C
    : Sagar
  4. Who is the husband of Pooja?
    A) Awanish
    B) Shahbaz
    C) Somanath
    D) Shubham
    E) None of these
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    Option E
    : Kushal
  5. Find the odd one out
    A) Mayank- Neha-Molu
    B) Sagar-Ritu-Shinu
    C) Awanish- Deepika- Molu
    D) Ashish- Sonal-Viru
    E) Shahbaz-Vinita-Sam
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    Option C
    : Only C) is correct family combination rest all are incorrect

Direction (6-10): Quants Word Problems

  1. A boy started his journey at some point of time. Till 9am on 21st January he had covered 3/4th of the journey and on the same day till 6pm he had covered 4/5th of the remaining journey. He started his journey at?
    A) 19 January : 12 PM
    B) 19 January : 11:45 AM
    C) 20 January : 12 PM
    D) 19 January: 11:15 PM
    E) 20 January 11:15 AM
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    Option D
    : Completed journey as on 21 Jan 9 AM =3/4
    Remaining Journey= ¼
    Of this 4/5 is completed in 9 hour i.e ¼*4/5 =1/5 of the total journey is completed in 9 hour.
    Hence the time for starting ¾ of the journey can be found out.
    1/5 in 9*60 mins
    means 3/4 in 60*9*3*5/4 = 2025 minutes = 33 hour 45 minutes.
    Reduce this much time from 9 AM of 21 January.
    We get: 19 January 11:15 PM
  2. Two trains of equal length of 500 meters are running on a parallel track in same direction. The slower train covers 12 Km less than the faster train in 20 minutes. In how much time would the faster train completely cross the slower train when running in same direction?
    A) 30 sec
    B) 50 sec
    C) 90 sec
    D) 100 sec
    E) Cannot be determined
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    Option D
    : Faster train covers 12 Km more than slower train in 20 minutes
    => it covers 36 km more than slower train in 1 hour. This is the relative speed
    i.e. S(faster)-S(slower)=36kmph = 10 m/s
    time = distance/speed = (500+500)/10=100 sec
  3. A can do a work in 15 days, B can do the work in 20 days. They both worked for 5 days and the rest of the work was completed by C in 5 days. If they get a wage of Rs 5400 for the total work. Then by what amount the wage of C is more than the wage of B?
    A) Rs 600
    B) Rs 450
    C) Rs 900
    D) Rs 1200
    E) None of these
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    Option C
    : Let C takes x days to complete the work
    5/15 + 5/20 +5/x=1
    Work done by A,B,C is in the ratio 5/15 : 5/20 :5/12 = 1/3 : 1/4 : 5/12
    Ratio of Wage= 4:3:5
    difference=2/12*5400= Rs 900
  4. In a mixture containing milk and water, the quantity of milk if 5 Litre more than water. If 3 litre of this mixture is taken out and 1 Litre of water is added, the ratio of Milk and Water become 8:5. Find the initial quality of mixture.
    A) 25 L
    B) 45 L
    C) 35 L
    D) 15 L
    E) None of these
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    Option D
    : This ques can be done by option or by conventional method. Conventional method is given below
    Let water=x ; Hence milk=x+5 > Total mixture = 2x+5
    Water/ Milk = {x – 3x/(2x+5) + 1]/ (x+5)-3(x+5)/(2x+5) = 5/8
    solve this quadratic equation and get 3x2 – 14x -5 = 0
    hence total quantity=2x+5=15 L
  5. A trader bought 80 bats at Rs 210 each. But later he found that 10% of the bats were fully defective and could not be sold and 5% of the total bats were semi-defective and could be sold at half of the cost price but for this the trader has to get these semi defective bats repaired and the person who repairs them takes Rs 50 for each such semi-defective bats. Find the profit % that the trader incurs by selling the good bats and semi defective bats, if he sells the good bats at Rs 300 each.
    A) 21.42%
    B) 23.92%
    C) 20%
    D) 22.47%
    E) None of these
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    Option D
    : Total bat=80
    Fully defective bats=8
    Good bats=80-8-4=68
    Total CP= Cost of bats + Cost of repairing the semi defective bats
    =80*210 + 4*50= Rs 17,000
    SP= 68*300 + 105*4 [semi defective bats are sold at half the CP]
    = Rs 20820
    % P = 22.47%

Direction (11-15): English Cloze Test

CHINESE parents (11)______ themselves on the importance they attach to education; it is, they say, the most important gift they can bestow on the next generation. That makes them all the more willing to (12)_____ out, if they can afford it, on expensive boarding schools which they believe will enable their children to concentrate fully on their studies. Poor families in the countryside pack their children off to board, too. But that is because they have no choice: daily (13)________ would be too expensive or arduous. In the cities, boarding schools are usually far grander. (14)_______ them is more a badge of (15)________ than evidence of pragmatism.

  1. A) disgrace
    B) pride
    C) obtrude
    D) concord
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    Option B
    : pride
  2. A) pod
    B) middle
    C) shell
    D) take
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    Option C
    : shell out: to pay or give money for something
  3. A) studying
    B) riding
    C) commuting
    D) reorganizing
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    Option C
    : commuting: travel some distance between one’s home and place of work on a regular basis.
  4. A) Attending
    B) Visiting
    C) Organising
    D) Computing
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    Option A
    : Attending
  5. A) detriment
    B) attitude
    C) refusal
    D) privilege
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    Option D
    : privilege


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