Static GK Quiz for Upcoming Exams Set 35

Static GK Quiz for upcoming SBI PO, NIACL Assistant and NICL AO Exams.

  1. Where is K.D. Singh Babu Stadium situated?
    A) Ahmedabad
    B) Varanasi
    C) Raipur
    D) Shimla
    E) Lucknow
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      Option E
    Some Extra:

    The K. D. Singh Babu Stadium, Lucknow, UP formerly known as Central Sports Stadium, is a stadium named after the famous hockey player K. D. Singh.
  2. When is World Meterology day observed?
    A) June 14
    B) May 16
    C) May 20
    D) June 18
    E) July 24
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      Option C
  3. Where is the headquarters of International Council on monuments and Sites situated?
    A) Bangkok, Thailand
    B) Vientiane, Laos
    C) Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
    D) Paris, France
    E) Beijing, China
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      Option D
    Some Extra:
    The International Council on Monuments and Sites is a professional association that works for the conservation and protection of cultural heritage places around the world.
  4. ‘Ace Against Odds’ is the autobiography of which player?
    A) Kapil Dev
    B) Saina Nehwal
    C) Sunil Gawaskar
    D) Sania Mirza
    E) MS Dhoni
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      Option D
  5. Where is Laxmi Vilas Palace situated?
    A) Jaipur
    B) Mysore
    C) Gwalior
    D) Vadodara
    E) Hyderabad
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      Option D
  6. NIKKIE is the stock exchange in
    A) China
    B) London
    C) Bangkok
    D) France
    E) Tokyo
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      Option E
  7. Maanch is a folk dance of which state?
    A) Telangana
    B) Gujarat
    C) West Bengal
    D) Rajasthan
    E) Tamil Nadu
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      Option C
  8. Where is Banswara Thermal Power Station situated?
    A) Madhya Pradesh
    B) Odisha
    C) Gujarat
    D) Rajasthan
    E) Jharkhand
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      Option D
  9. Where is Bisalpur Dam located?
    A) Jharkhand
    B) Rajasthan
    C) Chhattisgarh
    D) Punjab
    E) Haryana
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      Option B
    Some Extra:
    Bisalpur Dam is a gravity dam on the Banas River in Rajasthan
  10. Where is Neora Valley National Park situated?
    A) West Bengal
    B) Maharashtra
    C) Jharkhand
    D) Madhya Pradesh
    E) Gujarat
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      Option A
  11. Nizamabad in Telangana is situated on banks of river
    A) Musi
    B) Kaveri
    C) Godavari
    D) Krishna
    E) Mahanadi
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      Option C
  12. Currency of Ghana is
    A) Dalasi
    B) Euro
    C) Cedi
    D) Lempira
    E) Franc
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      Option C
  13. Bamako is the capital city of
    A) Malta
    B) Lithuania
    C) Mongolia
    D) Mali
    E) Niger
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      Option D
  14. Where will the APEC summit 2017 take place?
    A) Laos
    B) Malaysia
    C) Brunei
    D) Vietnam
    E) Thailand
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      Option D
  15. Where is Hampi Temple situated?
    A) Odisha
    B) Bihar
    C) Gujarat
    D) Chhattisgarh
    E) Karnataka
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      Option E

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