Static GK Quiz for Upcoming Exams Set 492

    Static GK Questions for SBI PO/Clerk, IBPS RRB, IBPS PO/Clerk, RBI Assistant, LIC, NIACL, OICL, NABARD, SEBI and other competitive exams

  1. Which city is situated on the bank of Saryu?
    A) Surat
    B) Srinagar
    C) Ayodhya
    D) Kannauj
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    Option C

  2. The Tulihal Airport is based in which state?
    A) Sikkim
    B) Tripura
    C) Arunachal Pradesh
    D) Manipur
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    Option D
    The Tulihal Airport or the Imphal Airport in Manipur is also called Bir Tikendrajit International Airport.

  3. Evergreen Revolution is related to _______?
    A) Agriculture
    B) Overall Production of Agriculture
    C) Potato Production
    D) Oil Seeds
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    Option B

  4. World Diabetes Day is held annually on _____?
    A) August 12
    B) September 5
    C) December 16
    D) November 14
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    Option D

  5. Where is the Wheeler Island present?
    A) Tamil Nadu
    B) Maharashtra
    C) Odisha
    D) Kerela
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    Option C

  6. Bandhavgarh National Park is located in which of the following states?
    A) Assam
    B) Madhya Pradesh
    C) Gujarat
    D) West Bengal
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    Option B

  7. Which of the following is a classical dance form of Assam?
    A) Sattriya
    B) Kuchipudi
    C) Mohiniyattam
    D) Kathak
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    Option A

  8. The Jindhagada Peak is the highest point in which of these mountain ranges?
    A) Himalayas
    B) Eastern Ghats
    C) Vindhya Range
    D) Aravalli Range
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    Option B

  9. Where is the headquarter of Canara Bank situated?
    A) Pune
    B) New Delhi
    C) Bengaluru
    D) Mangalore
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    Option C

  10. The Harry Vardon Trophy is related to which sports?
    A) Golf
    B) Cricket
    C) Hockey
    D) Badminton
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    Option A
    It is one of the oldest continuously awarded trophies in men’s professional golf since 1937.

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