The Miracle Morning

In our life, sometimes we know that where we want to go, what we want from our life, our destiny is in front of us, but our efforts what we make doesn’t give the same result as we expect. This leads to frustration and we lose confidence in ourselves. I am also a banking aspirant like you, just searching my destiny and making efforts as much as I can to get my dreams come true, but as we plan, nothing happens in the same way.

Every day we are in hurry, we awake, think like- I need to do this, do that, check mobile and then reply to friends on whats app and facebook, Like this, we start our day. Today I was going through one book and thought to share the summary of that book here.

The Miracle Morning, a book written by Mr. Hal Erod. This book is great to read and work on. Let me summarize it here for all of you. The miracle morning, as the name alludes, this book is all about the benefits of getting up earlier and conquers the best part of the day. This book suggests 6 life SAVERS, to work on to get succeed in your life or in any work which you have started.

Let me tell you the 6 life SAVERS which this book suggests who aspires to be something in his life. SAVERS- it is acronyms for S-Silence, A-Affirmations, V-Visualization, E-Exercise, R-Reading & S-Scribe. Now let me explain how one can apply these and get the best of his day,

1) Silence- After waking up, Just keep your mind control and do not let it think for extra stuff. Here you can do meditation for 5 to 10 minutes or pray or show gratitude towards the thing which counts In your life. Meditation is not very easy to do. I also can’t do it, but what I do is, I close my eyes and say that I love myself and focus on this line and take deep breaths. Try this.

2) AFFIRMATIONS – Here spend 5 minutes.
— Write down your goals what you want to achieve.
–write down why you want to achieve these goals. Why gives you clarity of your goals.
–Write down the hurdles because of that you are not able to achieve that goal & how you can work on those to remove them.
–and, last is that, What you will commit yourself and make plan every day to achieve those goals.

#Writing down your goals will make you more enthusiastic towards your dream and make efforts to achieve that.

3) Visualization – Do you all know that how our mind works? Our mind works on visualization. Have you ever feel?
When we visualize things, for example-You want to become SBI PO in 2017 itself. Set your deadline, visualize that how you would look like when you become PO.
Visualize that how you are studying smartly and hardly to become PO.
Visualize that how much you will study today to get yourself prepare for your exam.

Visualization means you are rehearsing and creating your mind to work for your dream. Here law of attraction also comes, you must have listen it many times: “Agar kisi chiz ko dil se chaho to puri kayanat bhi tumhe ussse milane main lag jati hai”
Visualization is the main part of life SAVERS plan.

4) Exercise – It is the main part of your life. I am bit lazy and every makes excuse for not to do exercise. But after reading this book, I felt that how exercise helps you rejuvenate and energize you for the whole day. It helps you to concentrate and enables you to think better. Give 10-15 minutes every day for this.

5) R-Reading – Reading makes you learn more about life and helps you in personal development. While reading You learn from others experiences. Many successful persons like Steve Job, Bill Gates, they all spend at least two hours a day for reading any self-development book. Make a target to read at least 3-4 pages. I have started it from the book- You can win by Shiv Khera.

6) Scribing – It is like writing a journal. Divide it into two parts- 1st write the commitment in morning, and in evening, Write the down how much you have achieved, write down the lessons you have learned today.

Awake early at least before 8 am and get the best of the day. Affirmation and visualization both will play a very vital role, Affirmation gives you clarity of goals and visualization makes you work on those. E.g. You want to learn Guitar-imagine kariye kese ap Guitar baja rahe hai, imagine kariye kaise ap Guitar ke wire touch kar rahe hai, imagine kariye songs sings karte hue kud ko….

Apply these and feel the change in your life….!!

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