Computer Basics Set 12

  1. A _____ is a software component that lets the operating system and a device communicate with each other by specifying the computer’s operating system exactly how to work with that hardware.
    A) mediator
    B) driver
    C) BUS
    D) utility
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    Option B

    Device Driver is a software which fulfills this purpose
  2. The pattern in which nodes as connected in a network is known as?
    A) Network Connectivity
    B) Network Methodology
    C) Network Alignment
    D) Network Topology
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    Option D

    A network topology is the pattern in which computers/nodes are connected in a network.
  3. Web Address is also known as?
    A) IP Address
    B) URL
    C) Web Page
    D) Home Page
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    Option B

    URL – Uniform Resource Locator is the technical term for web address. For example: URL of this site is
  4. What does C stands for in ASCII ?
    A) Code
    B) Coding
    C) Covert
    D) Computer
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    Option A

    American Standard Code for Information Interchange(ASCII), an encoding system for converting keyboard characters and instructions into the binary number code that the computer understands.
  5. Find the Odd one out.
    A) MS Word : Text
    B) MS PowerPoint : Presentation
    C) MS FrontPage : Web Site
    D) Firefox : Web Site
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    Option D

    We create Text document in MS Word. We create presentation in Power Point. We create website in Frontpage. But we do not create website in Firefox, we just view website in firefox. Hence its odd one out.
  6. A computer on the network that utilizes the service of server computer is known as?
    A) Client
    B) Liveware
    C) Bot
    D) Serverware
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    Option A

    In a Server-Client architecture, client computer utilizes the feature of server.
  7. The pre-defined configuration or setting of a system or an application is known as ?
    A) dynamic setting
    B) pre-customed setting
    C) customized setting
    D) default setting
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    Option D

  8. A text-based expression of emotion created from ASCII characters that mimics a facial expression is known as?
    A) Smiler
    B) Expressor
    C) Emoticon
    D) Emofier
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    Option C

  9. Which of the following term would best define an Operating System?
    A) Utility
    B) Motherboard
    C) Platform
    D) Play-and-Play
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    Option C

  10. _____ is a type of challenge-response test used in computing to distinguish between a human and bots.
    A) Password
    C) API
    D) HTTP
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    Option B

    Completely Automated Public Turing test to tell Computers and Humans Apart(CAPTCHA)

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