English: Cloze Test Set 14

Directions (1-5): Fill in the blanks with appropriate words:

Long ago there lived a merchant. He used to (1)_____in salt. He had a donkey to carry load. He used to sell his salt loaded on the donkey. He had to cross a stream to go to other village. Once his donkey fell into the stream and much of the salt was (2)______ in water. The donkey easily crossed the stream due to the light weight of salt on his back. The donkey was (3)______. The donkey on his next trip knowingly fell into the stream. The merchant suspected the animal’s intention. On the other day too the donkey intentionally repeated the same trick. His master was now sure about the animal’s (4)____intention.
The merchant next day loaded the donkey with a lot of cotton. The donkey once again repeated the same trick. He fell into the stream. This time his load became very heavy. The donkey carried the heavy load. It was very (5)_____ for him to move on. The donkey now realized his mistake. He stopped falling down into the stream any more. He thought that it was not good to play tricks. The merchant had taught the donkey a good lesson.

  1. A) sell
    B) business
    C) deal
    D) pact
    E) contract
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    Option C

  2. A) dissolved
    B) drowned
    C) displaced
    D) flux
    E) integrated
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    Option A

  3. A) sad
    B) sincere
    C) affected
    D) happy
    E) kind
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    Option D

  4. A) pure
    B) evil
    C) decent
    D) delightful
    E) injurious
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    Option B

  5. A) easy
    B) frustrating
    C) displeasing
    D) heavy
    E) tiring
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    Option E


Directions (6-10): Fill in the blanks with appropriate words:

Once an old lady lost her eyesight and became blind. She called a doctor and (6)_____ to pay him a very big amount if he cured her. But she will not give a single penny if she is not cured. Doctor daily came to her house for treatment. He started (7)____ lady’s furniture and other valuable things from the house. He took away everyday one thing from lady’s house. So he (8)_____curing the lady. He cured the lady after he had removed all the furniture and valuable articles from the lady’s house.
Now doctor demanded his fee from the lady. But she refused to pay the fees and said that she is not fully cured. Doctor registered a case against her in the court. On being asked by the judge why she was not paying the fee, she told the court that her eye sight is not fully (9)______. She could not see her furniture and other articles in the house. The judge was very clever. He understood the matter and (10)______ the doctor.

  1. A) permitted
    B) denied
    C) agreed
    D) ordered
    E) refused
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    Option C

  2. A) carrying
    B) stealing
    C) observing
    D) utilizing
    E) using
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    Option B

  3. A) avoided
    B) charged
    C) cursed
    D) forgot
    E) delayed
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    Option E

  4. A) restored
    B) replaced
    C) replenished
    D) right
    E) correct
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    Option A

  5. A) awarded
    B) bribed
    C) patted
    D) punished
    E) cheated
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    Option D

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