Computer Basics Set 13

  1. Android Operating System is based on _____ ?
    A) Windows Kernel
    B) Linux Kernel
    C) Java Kernel
    D) Symbian Kernel
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    Option B

    Android is an Operating System developed by Google based on linux kernel.
  2. A website for discussion or an informational site published on the world wide web is known as ___?
    A) Blog
    B) Calloc
    C) Home Page
    D) Instant Messenger
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    Option A

    Blog is website created for some specific purpose like providing information on a particular thing or sharing the thought of the writer.
  3. _____ is a region of a physical memory storage used to temporarily store data while it is being moved from one place to another.
    A) Motherboard
    B) Circuit
    C) Buffer
    D) ROM
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    Option C

    Buffer serves this purpose of temporary storage
  4. The medium used for communication in in a network is also known as ___ ?
    A) Channel
    B) Bandwidth
    C) Frequency
    D) Attenuation
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    Option A

    The medium is also called channel. Ex : coaxial cable is a medium and it is used as a channel for communication.
  5. In respect to display technology what does “F” stands for in TFT?
    A) File
    B) Form
    C) Film
    D) Future
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    Option C

    TFT- Thin Film Transistor
  6. The process of encoding an information in such a way that it cannot be read without proper authorization is known as ___?
    A) Encapsulation
    B) Encryption
    C) Decryption
    D) Abstraction
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    Option B

    Encryption is used to code a piece of information so that only authorized user can read it. For this the information must be first decoded and this process is known as Decryption
  7. FAT in computer, is related to?
    A) RAM
    B) Hard Disk
    C) Monitor
    D) CPU
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    Option B

    An operating system saves any file in pieces (on the hard disk) i.e one part of a single file at one location and another file at another location. This is called fragmentations of file. And to maintain a record of all the bits and pieces of the file the OS maintains another file known as FAT – File Allocation Table.
  8. Flash Memory is a types of ___ ?
    A) Volatile memory
    B) Non Volatile memory
    C) RAM memory
    D) ROM memory
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    Option B

  9. The statement “If you feed wrong data to the computer, it will give you the wrong output” is best described in?
    A) FILO
    B) GIGO
    C) LIFO
    D) LILO
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    Option B

    GIGO – Garbage In Garbage Out. Means if you give wrong input (for computer wrong input is equivalent to garbage) to the computer it will return you wrong output.
  10. Which of the following is not a programming language?
    A) LISP
    B) MIPS
    C) SQL
    D) Java Script
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    Option B

    MIPS – Million of Instruction Per Second
    LISP – List Processing – is a programming language
    SQL- Structured Query Language.

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