SBI SO (IT) 2016 Exam Analysis

State Bank of India (SBI) conducted its SBI SO Exam on January 20, 2017 in two shifts. The overall exam was moderate. We are giving you the analysis of IT officer exam. There were 4 sections in SBI SO Exam as Quantitative Aptitude, Reasoning, English, Professional Knowledge. 90 minutes were given for the first 3 sections whereas 45 minutes were given for Professional Knowledge section. 

This time the first 3 sections i.e. Quantitative Aptitude, Reasoning and English are qualifying in nature, i.e there marks will not be counted for the selection for interview. So the whole selection now depends upon how aspirants performed in Professional Knowledge section.

The topics in different sections are as under:

Quantitative Aptitude:

The section was moderate. DI asked were calculative. Number series asked were moderate. The topics asked were:


The section was moderate containing 3 puzzles. The topics asked were:


The section was moderate. It had the old pattern questions and not like the ones introduced in SBI PO and IBPS PO this year. The topics asked were:

Professional Knowledge:

The level of questions were moderate. The questions were from topics – DBMS, Networking, Internet, Operating System, Data Warehouse, etc.

The questions were based on: Cryptography, Electronic data interchange (EDI), Time division multiplexing, Hierarchical database, RISC architecture (2Qs) – embedded system use which processor?, Wifi hotspot, Arp protocol, Concurrency control in database, Virtualization in operating system, CGI, Cold, Warm & Hot Site (2Qs), Data shadowing, Data mining, PAAS, SAAP, IAAS, RFID Chip, Full form of OLAP, OLTP, Hierarchical database, ‘Streaming’ definition, Trojan horse, worms, Data consistency & isolation, IP address, database administration, Review log, Data manipulation language, What is ingress filtering?, Metadata related questions, Issuer of PKI Certificate, Slicing & dicing, Brute force.

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