Computer Basics Set 24

  1. If you want a hardcopy of a document you can take a _______ of the document.
    A) Submission
    B) Printout
    C) Snapshot
    D) Copy
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    Option B

    Hardcopy means the printed version of a document.
  2. If you make a mistake in a document you will ___ your document to correct it.
    A) Copy
    B) paste
    C) edit
    D) renew
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    Option C

    Editing a document means to make some changes in the document.
  3. In MS Word, if you want to a new line without starting a new paragraph you will press ____ key.
    A) Enter
    B) Shift + Enter
    C) Ctrl + Enter
    D) Alt + Enter
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    Option B
  4. Starting from Microsoft Office Package ______ , Microsoft replaced the Menu bar with ribbons.
    A) 2003
    B) 2007
    C) 2010
    D) 2013
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    Option B

  5. The automatic addition of names and addresses from a database to letters and envelopes in order to facilitate sending mail, especially advertising, to many addresses is known as _____?
    A) Mail Sender
    B) Email Merger
    C) Mail Merge
    D) Word Mail
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    Option C

    Mail merge is a process to create personalized letters and pre-addressed envelopes or mailing labels for mass mailings from a form letter.
  6. Which of the following file is used to open MS Word?
    A) msword.exe
    B) mswinword.exe
    C) winword.exe
    D) word.exe
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    Option C

    winword.exe is the main executable for Microsoft Word
  7. When you cut/copy a content the content is temporarily stored in ________ ?
    A) Cache Memory
    B) RAM
    C) Clipboard
    D) Buffer Memory
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    Option C

  8. Any function in MS Excel should be preceded with ____ sign.
    A) –
    B) =
    C) #
    D) ^
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    Option B

  9. The mouse technique to access the property of any object in Windows Operating System is _____?
    A) Left Mouse Click
    B) Drag and Drop
    C) Right Mouse Click
    D) Light Mouse
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    Option C

    We right click an object to access its property.
  10. To make a bullet list in HTML we use ____ tag.
    A) <ol>
    B) <ul>
    C) <list>
    D) <bl>
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    Option B

    <ul>- unordered list like bullets.
    <ol>- ordered list like numbers

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