Computer Basics Set 4

  1. Which of the following is not a temporary storage memory in computer?
    A) Clipboard
    B) Cache
    C) RAM
    D) ALU
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    Option D

  2. What is the correct definition of bandwidth?
    A) The amount of distortion that occurs in a medium per unit of time.
    B) The amount of data that a medium can carry in per unit of time.
    C) The total amount of data that a medium can handle in its life cycle.
    D) All of these
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    Option B

  3. A computer which provides its services to other computer on a network is termed as?
    A) Backend system
    B) Client
    C) Server
    D) Gateway
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    Option C

  4. Data stored in computer is in which form?
    A) Binary
    B) Octal
    C) Decimal
    D) Either A or C
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    Option A

  5. Which of the following is not an extension of image file in windows system?
    A) GIF
    B) PNG
    C) BMP
    D) PSD
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    Option D

  6. The image or text verification used by computer systems to distinguish between human and bots/spam inputs is known as?
    A) Capthca
    B) tele-verification
    C) group policy
    D) firewall
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    Option A

  7. Which of the following can be used for android app development?
    A) C
    B) PHP
    C) Java
    D) ASP.NET
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    Option C

  8. The startup check by a computer to ensure the proper working of all attached device is known as?
    A) BIOS
    B) POST
    C) CMOS
    D) SMPS
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    Option B

    POST – Power On Self Test
  9. The transaction processing system in which the transaction is processed immediately without accumulation of transaction is known as?
    A) Batch processing
    B) OLTP
    C) Universal processing
    D) Operational processing
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    Option B

    OLTP – online transaction processing (real-time processing system)
  10. Which of the following is an example of decentralized, distributed database that maintains a continuously-growing list of ordered records and a link to a previous record?
    A) Relational Database
    B) Blockchain
    C) LTE Database
    D) Procedural Database
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    Option B

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