Discussion Zone – 01 February 2017

Hello Aspirants

This is a live quiz page. Discuss any of the topics below in the comment section:

  • Quantitative Aptitude
  • Reasoning
  • English
  • Banking Awareness
  • Current Awareness
  • Computer

Share the page with your friends too to take the full advantage. Group study will help you retain things in mind. Happy learning. 🙂

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219 Thoughts to “Discussion Zone – 01 February 2017”

  1. Purvi


    ”इंसान ने वक़्त से पूछा…
    “मै हार क्यूं जाता हूँ ?”
    वक़्त ने कहा..
    धूप हो या छाँव हो,
    काली रात हो या बरसात हो,
    चाहे कितने भी बुरे हालात हो,
    मै हर वक़्त चलता रहता हूँ,
    इसीलिये मैं जीत जाता हूँ,
    तू भी मेरे साथ चल,
    कभी नहीं हारेगा………….”
    gud eve frnds 🙂

      1. Purvi

        gud eve mam 🙂

  2. Reasonable opportunity ________ be given to the CEO of SAHARA group to explain his position in cases ________failure to meet the expectation of the board of directors.
    (1) Should, involving
    (2) Shall, Involving
    (3) Could, including
    (4) Would, including
    (5) Shall, including

        1. Purvi

          gud eve dear :))

      1. Purvi

        gud eve dear 🙂

  3. MiMi

    mam 8;30 se quiz start ho sakhta hai kya?if possible

    1. if its fyn for all others too, no problem then

      1. Purvi

        mam i can not attend quiz after 9

        1. MiMi

          oh den 8:30 se problm..its ok sis no issue

  4. The H1N1 flu, a viral _______ , is quite common among people aged between 30 to 40 __________ winters.
    (1) Disease, in
    (2) Illness, during
    (3) Fever, at
    (4) Problem, on
    (5) Illness, in

  5. The barriers of copyright have been pulled ______, and free encyclopedia proving information worldwide is on the _________.
    (1) Up, cards
    (2) In, anvil
    (3) Down, anvil
    (4) Out, cards
    (5) Down, books

        1. ambika

          vge siso :))

  6. Citizens are _______ to pay more for the services offerred by the Government and there is a _________ need to regulate these government bodies.
    (1) Ready, important
    (2) Wanting, dire
    (3) Sure, urgent
    (4) Willing, dire
    (5) Willing, important

  7. The ________ have plethora of bird population ranging from four ________ five millions.
    (1) Forests, on
    (2) Sanctuaries, too
    (3) Forests, at
    (4) Sanctuaries, to
    (5) Forests, and

  8. The Indian economy,whose size is now a bit more than 2 trillion dollar,recorded a growth rate of 7.3% in 2014-15.
    1.a bit higher than
    2.a little more than
    3.little more than
    4.many more than
    5.No correction

  9. He will avail the opportunity.
    1.avial of the opportunity
    2.avial himself the opportunity
    3.avail himself of the opportunity
    4.avial an opportunity
    5.No correction

      1. MiMi

        sis saab kaise right hota hai ur ansr???????

        1. ambika

          i read a lot in english usse jyada kbhi kuch ni kiya mene 🙂

          1. ambika

            anything u like dear i read bollywood news :pp

    1. 3.avail himself of the opportunity

  10. When the next round of reforms begin to kick off and rural India starts benefitting more from the India growth story, change will be nothing short of transformational.
    1.begins to kick off
    2.begin to kick out
    3.begins to kick in
    4.begin to kick in
    5.No correction

      1. begin round k liye use hua hai not for reforms

  11. Let Juhi and I go in the garden.
    1.me go into the garden
    2.me go about the garden
    3.I go to the garden
    4.I go at the garden
    5.No correction

    1. 1.me go into the garden

  12. Our success has come from firm belief that our brands and operations must touch and impact positively every single Indian across the socio-economic gradient.
    1.impact positively all single
    2.positively impact every single
    3.positively impact all single
    4.positively impact only single
    5.No correction

    1. 2.positively impact every single


    A.For the balance of power and for the staggered development of the world , it is very important to stop the phenomena of brain-drain.
    B.For this purpose , developed nations should help developing countries with necessary money and resourses.
    C.Ultimately , this will also ensure that each and every nation will have the ability to introduce itself as a developed nation.
    D.This will help a particular country to use all skilled citizens for development and proliferation.
    E.This will ensure that each and every individual on this planet can have a good standard of living.
    F.But to build these skilled workers at their native places , it is also important to provide them enough work opportunities and living facilities.

      1. MiMi


  14. The robbers, who robbed the central bank of USA have left some lose and that have been intriguing investigators probing the case.
    a) left some loosened endings
    b) been leaving some loosening ends
    c) leave some lose ends
    d) left some loose ends
    e) No correction required

    1. d) left some loose ends

  15. According to the auditors, the fund used in the scheme was the one who was kept by the PM of our country for.
    a) are those ones which
    b) was the one that
    c) which one
    d) is ones that
    e) No correction required

  16. The corruption comes at a time when the unregulated Stock Market is facing a crisis on its way of high number of IPO’s and FPO’s.
    a) because manner of
    b) since ways are
    c) by way of
    d) in the way of
    e) No correction required

  17. Prima facie evidence revealed that the teen had committed suicide on account of her failed attempt to enter the College.
    a) in place of
    b) being depressed of
    c) in belief of
    d) reason being
    e) No correction required

    1. e) No correction required

  18. Frustrated families of the missing people have sought access to all documents and data retained by the police administration.
    a) have sought accessing
    b) in seeking access
    c) are seeking access
    d) has sought accesses
    e) No correction required

    1. ambika


      1. oh yes, option mistyped

  19. 1) A person moves to/ 2) the next higher level of/ 3) the hierarchy only when/ 4) the lowest need is satisfied./ 5) No error.

    1. optimistic


    2. 4; lowest => lower

      higher level so followed by lower

  20. 1) When people feel that/ 2) they are not likely/ 3) to loose their jobs/ 4) they may become complacent./ 5) No error.

    1. ambika


  21. 1) A good leader allows not only his followers/ 2) to ventilate their feelings and disagreement/ 3) but also persuades them/ 4) by giving suitable clarifications./ 5) No error.

    1. ambika

      not only allows

    2. MiMi

      aa not only allows

  22. 1) Orientation means introducing the selected employee/ 2) to other employees and/ 3) familiarize him with the rules/ 4) and policies of the organisation./ 5) No error.

    1. ambika


    2. 3 familiarise => familiarising

  23. ambika

    bye bye all see u at 10 pm :))

  24. 1) In business, work can be performed/ 2) more efficiently so it/ 3) is divided into specialized task/ 4) each performed by a specialist./ 5) No error.

  25. The recent lion dispersal does not have more to do for the increase in predator density within the park.
    1) more to do in
    2) much to do with
    3) mere to do for
    4) anything in doing for
    5) NO correction required

  26. Women activists are justifying euphoric about most of what the government has done on the Justice Verma report.
    1) justified euphoria about
    2) justifying euphoric from
    3) justifiably euphoric about
    4) euphoric just on
    5) No correction required

    1. 3) justifiably euphoric about

  27. Purvi

    euphoric means

  28. This was not the first occasion when the two head of state has met.
    1) had met
    2) had been met
    3) would meet
    4) would have met
    5) No correction required


    The episode has been followed by many more attacks, albeit of lesser savagery, in quite a few towns.
    1) much more
    2) many a
    3) many many
    4) maximum
    5) No correction required

      1. 5) No correction required

    1. 5) No correction required.

  30. GD NT :))

    Come at 10 PM for prize based quiz at new post. :))

    1. Purvi

      ok mam
      thanku mam 🙂

    2. MiMi

      ty mam fr good initiative :))

    3. ^^^Jaga^^^....

      good night mam

        1. ^^^Jaga^^^....

          yes 🙂

          1. ambika

            hehe 2 saal se bhi purana hai wo :pp

          2. MiMi

            he he he…sis u abhi ac pe ho?

          3. ambika

            yes dear 🙂 main mobile pe use ni karti internet

          4. ambika

            2-3 sites :pp

          5. ambika

            disqus to bus az or ac vese saaath main videos bhi 🙂 geometry

          6. MiMi

            great ho sis tm..muje bhi apna jaise banao plss

          7. ambika

            u r already very good dear 🙂 don’t try to be like someone else …..be urself and u r good :)) bus improve karte rho

          8. MiMi

            nhi yaar muje to kuch nhi aata hai :(((( bas try karti hu ..

          9. ambika

            its ok dear … kitne time se kar rhe ho ??

          10. ambika

            but aj udhar kuch ho ni rha ac pe

          11. ^^^Jaga^^^....

            1.5 yr hua 🙂

          12. ambika

            ohhh :)) exam hai parson tumhara

          13. ^^^Jaga^^^....

            no banking preparation.

          14. ambika

            to fir mere jese sanyasi ban gye ??

      1. Purvi

        silent reader

        1. lonely little kid


  31. ^^^Jaga^^^....

    good nite .tc

    1. MiMi

      good nit jaga ji ..daily try to come here.mam.suraj sir nd ambika sis se bohat kuch sikhne ko milta hai..

      1. ^^^Jaga^^^....



    phirr katam aaj


    Sachhi batana mod mam ur OLd name in BA Didqus

    1. lonely little kid

      gd eve mam

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