Paytm Prize Based Quiz Day 1

Hello Aspirants

Welcome to the Paytm prize based Quiz at

The quiz will start from February 1, 2017 and will end on February 7, 2017. It will start at 10 PM on each day.

About the Quiz:

A question will be posted in the disqus comment section below. The first one to answer the question correct will be given 3 points and the second one to give the correct answer will be given 2 points.

A total of 25 questions will be posted on each day:

  • 10 questions from English Section
  • 5 questions from Quantitative Aptitude Section
  • 5 questions from Reasoning Section
  • 5 questions from Current Affairs, static GK and Computer Sections.

At the end of quiz, the person who will get the maximum points will be declared first for the particular day. 3 winners will be announced each day like this and rewards will be like:

  • The first one will get prize money of Rs 50
  • The second one will get prize money of Rs 30
  • The third one will get prize money of Rs 20

The prize money will be transferred to the person’s Paytm Account. We will ask you the details by mail.

Share the page with your friends also. It’s the time for earning while learning. Happy learning πŸ™‚

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392 Thoughts to “Paytm Prize Based Quiz Day 1”

  1. Suraj

    Good Evening!!!!!
    Will start the Paytm Reward Based quiz in 5 minutes!!!!!

    1. Purvi

      gud eve sir πŸ™‚

  2. Suraj

    Note :Only the first answer given by a candidate will be considered. No change of answer allowed

  3. Suraj

    Be ready question will post the question in next 1 minute.

  4. Suraj

    a) With English still most
    b) important global language, learn
    c) English with this app and get
    d) a passport to a better life!
    e) No Error

    1. ambika

      the most important

    2. Suraj

      Answer : a) still the most

  5. Suraj

    a) The President along with her
    b) senate ministers were
    c) sentenced to three years imprisonment
    d) and a fine of 50000 US dollars
    e) No Error

    1. Suraj

      Answer : b) were=>was

  6. Suraj

    a) The only way in which this problem
    b) can be solved is by making artificial
    c) blood which has remained
    d) a distant dream for science.
    e) No Error

  7. Suraj

    a) A growing problem however is
    b) that the requirement for safe blood is
    c) increasing whereas the amount
    d) of donors is decreasing.
    e) No Error

      1. ambika

        use of amount is wrong for number of donors

    1. Suraj

      c) amount=>number; amount for uncountable.

  8. Suraj

    a) During an economic decline,
    b) high yield stocks such as financial services,
    c) pharmaceuticals, and tobacco
    d) tend to hold down better
    e) No Error

    1. Suraj

      Ans : d) hold down=>hold up; hold up means to remain strong, hold down means to keep within limits.

  9. paul

    thnx suraj πŸ™‚
    kch kaam h jaana h πŸ™

  10. Suraj

    Most small to big dams in the state are either closed to the full capacity marked or are filled to capacity.

    a) Neither closed to the fully capacity marks
    b) Either close to the full capacity mark
    c) Either close to the fully capacity marked
    d) Neither close to the fully capacity mark
    e) No correction required

  11. Suraj

    Anyone who brings motorcycles inside the campus will be asked to park them at the designated space near the main gate.

    a) Anyone which brings motorcycles inside
    b) Anyhow who bring motorcycles inside
    c) One which brought motorcycles inside
    d) Anything that bring motorcycles inside
    e) No correction required

    1. STAR NEWS

      b) Anyhow who bring motorcycles inside

  12. Suraj

    Orphan children should not feel that there is no one to looks after them after their parents are no more.

    a) No one to look at them
    b) No one to look into them
    c) No one to look after them
    d) No one to look beyond them
    e) No correction required

    1. STAR NEWS

      c) No one to look after them

  13. Suraj

    There is no water __________ for agriculture through the year and we are able to farm for just one season, for paddy.

    a) imperishable
    b) scattered
    c) possible
    d) available
    e) vacant

    1. STAR NEWS

      d) available

    2. Suraj


      Very good..All correct πŸ˜€

  14. Suraj

    Jewellery manufacturers have started designing custom-made animal-themed jewelleryβ€”β€”β€”β€”β€”β€”by animal lovers .

    a) enforced
    b) ordered
    c) systematized
    d) subordinate
    e) mocked

      1. Hemant ahuja?

        Ab Wrng ho gya me also

    1. STAR NEWS

      c) systematized

  15. Suraj

    Be ready with a pen and paper.. Will do 5 quants and 5 reasoning.. starts in 2 minutes

  16. Hemant ahuja?

    Ind won the match☺

      1. Hemant ahuja?

        Itne din aayi nhi

    1. ambika

      achha match kidhr ho rha tha :O

      1. Hemant ahuja?

        Don’t disturb


    India won by 75 runs

  18. Suraj

    Be Ready……….

  19. Suraj

    The denominator of two fractions are 5 and 7. The sum of these fractions is 41/35 and after interchanging the numerator of these fractions their sum becomes 43/35, the fractions are-

    a) 3/5, 4/7
    b) 2/5, 4/7
    c) 4/7,2/7
    d) 3/5,5/7

    1. STAR NEWS

      eetna fast


      1. Hemant ahuja?

        By option kro

      2. MiMi

        try to solve by option

    2. Suraj

      Answer :a) can do by options

  20. Suraj

    #12 : Find ?
    40% of 240 + ?% of 600 = 50% of 3840

    a) 350
    b) 340
    c) 380
    d) 308
    e) None of these

    1. STAR NEWS

      e) None of these


      1. Hemant ahuja?

        Yhi hai bongi ans

        1. T@Ni

          tu na bhag ja yha se ….tu bonga

  21. Suraj

    The ratio of present ages of father and son is 5:1. After 17 years, the ratio of their ages will be 3:1. What is the son’s present age?

    a) 18 years
    b) 15 years
    c) 16 years
    d) 17 years
    e) None of these

    1. STAR NEWS

      d) 17 years


      17*1==17 year

      1. T@Ni

        star news channel ….budget ki headlines dena bnd karo ab … πŸ˜›

        1. STAR NEWS


          TRP Badana hai ……..

    2. Suraj

      Answer : d) 17 years

  22. Suraj

    The area of a square garden is 2.25 km2. What wil be the time taken by a person to make a complete revolution around the garden walking at the speed of 5 km./hr.?

    a) 1 hour 20 minutes
    b) 1 hour 24 minutes
    c) 1 hour 12 minutes
    d) 1 hour 21 minutes
    e) None of these

      1. ambika

        main to fail ho gyi aj :((

        1. MiMi

          me too itna jaldi me saab wrong ho gaya mera :((((

    1. STAR NEWS


      1 hour 15 minutes

      1. ambika

        1/5 of hour 12 mint hoga na ?? to 15 min kese

      2. ambika

        1 hr 10 min nhi hoga ??

    2. Suraj

      Ans : c) side=1.5 km ; perimeter=6 km; time=6/5=1 hr 12 min

    1. ambika

      hmm refresh kro

  23. Suraj

    #15 : Series
    19 , 28 , ? , 42 , 44 , 38

    a) 32
    b) 36
    c) 34
    d) 30
    e) None of these

    1. Hemant ahuja?

      Skip honest boy I am

      1. T@Ni

        bada aaea honest ….:P

        1. Hemant ahuja?

          Chowk tak to

          1. T@Ni

            mtlb kabhi bhi mata ati hai na teko….hheheh

    2. Suraj

      Answer : b) 36 ;
      *2 -10, *2-20,*2-30,*2-40

  24. Suraj

    Some stamp are map.
    Some map are measure.
    All measure are seal.
    Some seal are varnish.
    I. Some map are seal.
    II. Some seal being stamp is a possibility.
    III. All stamp being varnish is a possibility.
    a) Only I and II follow.
    b) Only I and III follow.
    c) Only II and III follow.
    d) All I, II and III follow.
    e) None of these

    1. Suraj

      Ans : d) All I, II and III follow.

  25. Suraj

    Read the five sets of numbers given below and answer the questions.
    137 , 462 , 793 , 532 , 607
    If in each number, the digits are arranged in ascending order, what will be sum of middle digits of each of the numbers?

    a) 11
    b) 18
    c) 28
    d) 23
    e) None of these

    1. ambika

      ye to cheating hai suraj :(( meko dikha ni tha

        1. ambika

          abhi to kar liya late hoga par

  26. Suraj

    How many pairs of letters are there in the word ‘RAGISTARCOURT’ which have as many letters between them in the word from left to right as they have in english alphabet?

    a) One
    b) Two
    c) Three
    d) Four
    e) None of these

    1. Suraj

      d) four—- I-O, S-T,A-C,R-U

      1. Goutham :|

        thats why i didnt ans πŸ™‚

      1. Purvi

        oohh noooo
        phir mar gaya ye πŸ™


    kuch disqus problem hai kyaa???

    1. Purvi

      mujhe bhi yesa he lag rha hai

  28. Suraj

    If the letters of the word “FOUNDATION” are rearranged as they appear in the English alphabet, the position of how many letters will remain unchanged after such rearrangement?

    a) One
    b) Two
    c) Three
    d) Four
    e) None of these

    1. STAR NEWS

      e) None of these

  29. Suraj

    Some super are good.
    All good are people.
    All old are gentle.
    Some gentle are super.

    I. Some super are people.
    II. Some good are old.
    III. Some gentle not being good is a possibility.

    a) None follows.
    b) Only I follows.
    c) Only II follows.
    d) Only III follows.
    e) Only I and III follow.

    1. Suraj

      Ans : e) Only I and III follow.

      1. Hemant ahuja?

        Only 1 hga follow

      2. Purvi

        only 1 hona chaheye na

      3. Goutham :|

        yes yes crt

        1. Purvi

          but jo dikhta hai vo possibility me false hota hai na

          1. Goutham :|

            Some gentle being good is not a possibility– this is wrong
            Some gentle not being good is a possibility.– ryt
            Some gentle being good is a possibility.— ryt

          2. Purvi

            first 2 me confusion ho rha hai yr πŸ™

          3. Goutham :|

            Hmmmm 😐

          4. Purvi

            mtlb yahi na ki some wala me not false hoga
            but some not true hoga

          5. Goutham :|

            muje and my aisa nhi karta diagram draw karta hu , then conclusion ke saath dekta hu

    2. STAR NEWS

      e) Only I and III follow.

  30. Suraj

    Which of the following language use interpreter?

    a) C++
    b) COBOL
    c) BASIC
    d) All of the above
    e) None of these

      1. Hemant ahuja?

        C program Lang hai

        1. ambika

          to kya hua :)) mere bhi apne rules hain :pp

        2. Suraj

          sab hi programming language hai,, but run karne k liye they all use interprter

      1. ambika

        mela tukka theek ho gya :))

  31. Suraj

    Who has been appointed as the CEO of Flipkart?
    a) Krishna Kalyanaraman
    b) Kalyanraman Murthy
    c) Kalyan Krishnamurthy
    d) Krishna Venkatamurthy
    e) Venkata Krishnamurthy

    1. STAR NEWS

      c) Kalyan Krishnamurthy

    2. Suraj

      Ans : c) Kalyan Krishnamurthy

  32. Suraj

    Which of the following concept is not related to Object Oriented Programming?
    a) Overloading
    b) Encapsulation
    c) Delegation
    d) Objects
    e) All are related

    1. STAR NEWS

      e) All are related

    2. STAR NEWS

      c) Delegation

    3. Hemant ahuja?


    4. Suraj

      Ans :e) All are related

      Delegation is also a concept of OOPs

  33. Suraj

    20th National Conference on e-Governance held at ____?
    a) Ahmedabad
    b) Gandhinagar
    c) Visakhapatnam
    d) Mumbai
    e) New Delhi

    1. STAR NEWS

      c) Visakhapatnam

  34. Suraj

    Last question for the day coming up…..

  35. Suraj

    Which of the following currency is not a part of SDR basket of IMF?

    i) Japanese Yen
    ii) Swiss Franc
    iii) Canadian Dollar
    iv) Rand

    a) Both (ii) and (iii)
    b) Both (i) and (iii)
    c) (ii), (iii) and (iv)
    d) None is part of SDR
    e) (i),(iii) and (iv)

      1. Hemant ahuja?

        Dollar to hai padhi

        1. ambika

          but wo canadian nhihai na???

    1. Hemant ahuja?

      Dollar hai yuan bhi hai

    2. Suraj

      Ans :c) SDR basket includes : US Dollar, Chinese Renminbi, Euro, Japanese Yen and Pound Sterling

    3. STAR NEWS

      a) Both (ii) and (iii)

  36. Purvi

    thanku sir
    gud night πŸ™‚

  37. Suraj

    Time for declaration of result. πŸ˜€

    1. ambika

      main chalti hun :)) iss baar main fail ho gyi

      1. MiMi

        u always frst sis

        1. ambika

          but not this time πŸ™

    2. Hemant ahuja?

      OK Kaise count hga ye sab

  38. MiMi

    me last se first :)))))))))))

    1. Hemant ahuja?

      Jitne ques correct Utne rs

        1. Hemant ahuja?

          Itne din kha thi.

    2. Hemant ahuja?

      Negative marks bhi hai kya

  39. Suraj

    Winners of Day 1
    TOP – ambika – 37 points
    2nd – * Rani * – 28 points
    3rd – Purvi – 10 points

    Winners will receive a mail regarding their reward!!!!!
    Everyone did very well!!!!

    Keep participating
    Regular Quiz at 8 PM
    Paytm Reward Quiz at 10 PM

    1. T@Ni

      ohhh esa hai ………

    2. MiMi

      congo ambika rani nd purvi

      1. * Rani *

        thanku mimi πŸ™‚

    3. Hemant ahuja?

      Ye Kaise count kiye sir

    4. STAR NEWS

      Mera MArks ???

    5. ambika

      thankoooooooo sir :)) i want to thank my family my friends my dad who gave me birth and also my grandmom :pp lol

      1. Goutham :|


      2. Hemant ahuja?

        Ye kya tha

        1. ambika

          pagal ho award nhi dekhte :pp speech thi

          1. Hemant ahuja?

            Punjabi main aisa hta hai. Sab nu sasriya kal. Sab mere yaara karke hoyaa.

          2. ambika

            hehehehe :))

      3. Purvi

        tum speech bhi prepare karke aayi thi

          1. Purvi

            congo dear πŸ™‚

          2. ambika

            thanku sweety :))

    6. Hemant ahuja?

      Ambika ki Sarkar ban gyi

    7. Purvi

      mera bhi naam aa gaya
      discuss prblm ke baad bhi

  40. Goutham :|

    woww 50/- OMG
    just now read the above msg

    1. ambika

      hey bro :)) how r u ??

      1. Goutham :|

        Fine Fine, no tensions, like my dp :p

  41. Hemant ahuja?

    Ye Kaise count kiye

  42. Suraj

    Criteria for marks calculation is : the first one to give the correct answer gets 3 point, and the second one gets 2 point.

    1. Hemant ahuja?

      Means jo jaldi dega usko point

      1. Suraj

        yesss.. rules are given in introduction

        1. Hemant ahuja?

          I can’t see

        2. Hemant ahuja?

          Dubara post kr do

          1. ambika

            are yaar main page pe dekho na

          2. posted above, see the post

    2. Hemant ahuja?

      Phir to Mera net hi slow hai

  43. Hemant ahuja?

    Mera to phir koi point nhi banega net hi slow hai☺☺

    1. Goutham :|

      Koi na bro πŸ™‚

  44. Hemant ahuja?

    Eng main to kbhi first na aayu main

    1. ambika

      :)) achha to aj to koi ca nhi hai na to main padh lun ab

  45. Hemant ahuja?

    OK frends

  46. Purvi

    aaj silent readers bhi violent ho he gaye the

  47. Hemant ahuja?

    Shubra mam.

  48. Hemant ahuja?

    Shubra mam. Budget ki pdf kb aayegi

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