Discussion Zone – 04 March 2017

Hello Aspirants This is a live quiz page. Discuss any of the topics below in the comment section:

  • Quantitative Aptitude
  • Reasoning
  • English
  • Banking Awareness
  • Current Awareness
  • Computer

Share the page with your friends too to take the full advantage. Group study will help you retain things in mind. Happy learning. πŸ™‚

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    1. Pheonix

      very good eve..:)

      1. Gusto

        GE paakhi
        guest nhi gusto πŸ˜›

        1. paakhi

          guest is ok:P

      1. Pheonix

        okk.. ma’am..:)

  1. Sophisticated recycling of steel, aluminum etc / would reduce the use of virgin materials, / thus reducing of the carbon / footprint of new vehicles meaningfully./

    1. Pheonix

      reduce the ..

    2. Gusto

      reducing the

  2. Some people cannot see the forest for the trees. And some people can. Zalmai Rassoul was one of them. He is a renowned medical doctor by profession and served as the foreign minister under Hamid Karzai, and he was in Copenhagen a few years ago. In a conference hall cramped by tight security and several diplomats from several countries, I snatched the opportunity to ask him one single question in that big gathering, β€œWhere is Osama Bin Laden?” Amid the laughter from the whole hall, he patiently answered. β€œNot in Afghanistan”. It turned out to be true. Osama Bin Laden was later caught and killed in Pakistan. ______________________ but one of the most important issues that might take a great deal of the attention of the coming President of the United States seems off the table.

    A) There are so many foreign policy issues being debated in the present presidential contest in the United States, like Iran, Syria, ISIS, Mexico, and China,

    B) Those who have been solely focusing on the stunning speech of Khizr Khan, who challenged Donald Trump by stating point blank that Trump has sacrificed nothing

    C) A tolerant version, according to which all previous Messiahs and gods of different religions are lined up as one or other kind of prophets

    1. paakhi

      many issues folloewd by ‘one of them’

    2. A) There are so many foreign policy issues being debated in the present presidential contest in the United States, like Iran, Syria, ISIS, Mexico, and China,

  3. Many believe that 1) / nothing could have 2)/ avoided the war 3)/ between America and Iraq. 4) / No error 5)

        1. ambika

          vge gusto ji :))

    1. ambika

      avoided is wrong i think

    2. 3); Substitute stopped or averted for avoided

  4. purvi

    ge frnds πŸ™‚

  5. USAGE of word in which sentence is not apt


    The mordant mother often used harsh words that made her son cry.

    When the mordant president entered the boardroom, all of his vice-presidents readied for his sarcastic attacks.

    The mordant news anchor lost his job after he made racist jokes on television.

    Before I face my mordant mother-in-law at dinner, I must brace myself for her abrasive comments about my cooking.

    Raymond received mordant criticism from everyone for his comments.

    1. Inaayat

      All seems right :-p

    2. Raymond received mordant criticism from everyone for his comments.

      Mordant – sarcastic
      so is sentence me mordant criticism is not apt – same meaning ho gya

      1. Gusto

        **Raymond ‘s ?

        1. no no

          raymond ne receive kiye

          Raymond ‘s received means ?

          1. Gusto

            yha par Raymond ‘s received koi appropriate meaning nhi baith rha

  6. A recent assignment to cover the Mussoorie/ Writers’ Mountain Festival at Woodstock /School, Landour, was a great / excuse for me visiting Kempty Falls./

      1. ambika

        an great ???

        1. paakhi

          excuse k liye an hi hoga na

          1. ambika

            haan but uske age to great hai na to an nhi ayega yhan

    1. Pheonix

      for my visiting??

  7. Pheonix

    last ques ans??.. use of mordant

  8. These photographs are about / ordinary folks and their ordinary pleasures/ β€” and how they relish /every moments of their lives./

    1. Myra

      every moment??

    2. Pheonix

      every moment..

  9. ambika

    home page to boht mast lag rha hai na :))

      1. ambika

        yes mam :)) calendar bhi achha lag rha hai

  10. Eng M AwesomE

    quiz k timing?

    1. ambika

      hi sumit sir :))

      1. Eng M AwesomE

        heloo mam..__/__

  11. It was a name i wasn’t/ familiar with, and i /wondered who the person is, and/ why i’d never met her./

    1. Pheonix

      person was??

  12. Where they live is either very far from where you live,/ or it’s in a part of town where the traffic is particular godawful,/ or parking is impossible, or some / damn thing or the other./

    1. ambika


    2. b

      particular => particularly


    (A) The problem is more pronounced with regard to business travellers β€” be they pinstriped professionals, conferencehoppers or intrepid entrepreneurs.

    (B) Compare this with China that has 10 times more, or the US that has 40 times more, and the figure shrinks into insignificance.

    (C) For a country that prides in according guests the status of God, India has not yet figured out a basic requisite of good hospitality β€” a welcoming place to stay.

    (D) There just isn’t enough room to host the increasing flow of inbound travellers, whose number rose by 13 per cent last year.

    (E) So, if we are really committed to serve our guests with due regard we have to improve the statistics of accommodation units first.

    (F) According to industry estimates, India has a total of about 110,000 registered hotel rooms.

    1. Eng M AwesomE


    2. ^^^Jaga^^^....

      first c??

  14. None of these issues arise with e-friends, who /you meet in the mutually convenient location of cyberspace, / at a time of your own choosing, and with no / obligation to provide them with food and drink.

    1. ^^^Jaga^^^....


    2. purvi

      33 – comma and dono ek sath ?

    3. Destiny : ultimate


    4. ^^^Jaga^^^....

      choosing thik hai yaha?

      1. purvi

        mam 3 me comma or and dono ek sath shi hai

        1. yes yes
          we use , and

          A, B, and C – its correct

  15. In the highly articulate circles of Swedish design,/ the IKEA mission statement is quoted often even by those/ who walk a very differentiate path/ from mass production and low prices./

    1. Destiny : ultimate


    2. purvi

      from ki jagha kuch or

    3. c

      differentiate => differentiated or different

  16. The most important programme of this /government is Clean India – not just of /corruption, and of the muck and filth that is/ taking over our rivers, our air and our cities.

    1. Gusto

      and– but

        1. Gusto

          / thik se dikh nhi rha

    2. Destiny : ultimate


    3. paakhi

      our kuch therk ni lg ra

    4. c

      and of the => but of the

      not just of corruption, but of the muck and filth

  17. Although the warning signs have been / billowed in the polluted air/ of urban India policymakers/ remain strangely apathetic. /

      1. Eng M AwesomE

        warning h isliye?

        1. ambika

          perfect continous hai na

      1. Gusto

        yes billowing

        1. Gusto

          have been ke baad verb ka 1st form +ing use hota hai

          1. paakhi

            third form b aata hai

          2. Gusto

            3rd form tab aata hai jab sentence passive voice me ho … ye sentence active voice me hai

        2. sentence present me hai

          present perfect continuous

  18. Fill in the sentence which is apt

    Although the warning signs have been billowing in the polluted air of urban India policymakers remain strangely apathetic. The contrast with China, which has been fighting air pollution in mission mode, is stark. As a result ozone-related early deaths in India are now 33% higher than those recorded for China. And while early deaths related to PM2.5 in China have increased 17.22% since 1990, they have burgeoned 48% in India. __________________We must make a priority out of fighting this explosive public health challenge.

    A) The above data is presented in the State of Global Air 2017 report released in Boston
    B) With air pollution causing 1.1 million premature deaths that year, India also needs to get into mission mode like China.
    C) Overall death toll due to air pollution still remains higher in China but while they are putting a lid on it, it’s spinning out of control in India.

    1. C) Overall death toll due to air pollution still remains higher in China but while they are putting a lid on it, it’s spinning out of control in India.

  19. None of the five players / who have been given / a chance to join this / team play confidently./

        1. MiMi

          heloo ambi sis kaisi ho?

          1. ambika

            good how is prep going :))

          2. MiMi

            bas chl raha hai..

      1. Eng M AwesomE


          1. Eng M AwesomE

            valo lglo…:P

          2. MiMi

            oh tumio?/////////great :)))

          3. Eng M AwesomE

            haa amio bong…:)

          4. Eng M AwesomE

            by d way mimi my fav..:P

          5. MiMi

            oh same…my name also mimi..

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          7. ambika

            my fav pc :))

      2. purvi

        ge dear πŸ™‚

    1. Destiny : ultimate


    2. No error

      who used for just preceding who

      yahn players who
      so players k sath have hi aaega

      and d me jo play use hua hai – vo none of the k liye hai

      1. Eng M AwesomE

        None of the …sig nhi hoga?

      2. Gusto

        none of the ke baad singular noun + plural verb ata hai ??

          1. sorry
            i mean

            5 players

  20. If Mahatma Gandhi was alive/ he would start weeping/ to see the present /condition of India.

    1. Destiny : ultimate


  21. Was she a bird she would / definitely fly to you / and say that she/ could not live without you./

    1. Eng M AwesomE


    2. Destiny : ultimate


  22. Not only the doctor but / also the nurses of this nursing / home is very kind and / helpful to the attendants. /

    1. ambika

      are very kind

    2. Destiny : ultimate


  23. Reena as well as some of her / friends have fallen in love with / Ram, who is the eldest son / of our Principal. /

    1. Destiny : ultimate


  24. Ever since elephants were ————-from circus, performers have been ————their lives in stunts.

    Banned, dodging
    Banned, plunging
    Banned, dying
    Banned, risking
    Banned, meeting

  25. Delhi is reeling under scorching heat coupled with acute ———-of water and power cuts that has ———–normal life out of gear.
    Normalcy, launched
    Rarity, chased
    Scarcity, thrown
    Plenty, created
    Vivacity, shunned

    1. Destiny : ultimate



    A. The employees worked very hard taking on all sorts of jobs and we established productivity records which are yet to be broken.
    B. They came round to my way of thinking, everyone gradually fell in line and the agitation petered out.
    C. My posting in Tinsukia gave me the opportunity to explore the lovely land of Assam.
    D. Some, however, started agitating for officiating allowance for doing a higher level job and work began suffering.
    E. It also provided me with valuable grass-root experience which today’s graduates miss, making them more dependent on jargon than on practical experience.
    F. I took a firm stand and refused to yield, as this was unjustified.

    1. Destiny : ultimate


  27. Thats all for today πŸ™‚
    GN πŸ™‚ TC πŸ™‚

    10 PM GK QUIZ

    1. Gusto

      thank u
      Gn :))

    2. Eng M AwesomE

      thax a lot
      CA quiz kb hota?

      1. 10 PM

        abi static GK chal rha hai, CA b tabi hta hai

        1. Eng M AwesomE

          okkk thax

    3. Destiny : ultimate

      thank u mam :))
      gn !!!

    4. MiMi

      gd nt mam tc:)))

    5. Myra

      mam, for niacl, cutoff will be state wise???

        1. Myra

          ok mam, thanku

      1. Gusto

        niacl asst ??

          1. Gusto

            iski cutoff state wise hoga bcs vac state wise hai … just like ibps clerk//rrb clerk//rbi asst

          2. Gusto

            not sure … bas clerk ki cutoff ke according bole hai … wait niacl ki prev yrs ki cutoff search kar rha hun

          3. Vacancies state wise hai. Then cutoff b hna chaiye

          4. Myra

            i was also thinking the same

    6. KING KONG

      thanku mam:)

  28. Vision

    hello guys !!

  29. Suraj

    Good Evening!!!!!
    Will start in 2 minutes!!!!!

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  30. Suraj

    Albania – currency??

    1. Eng M AwesomE

      bina optn?

      1. Suraj

        yes… aaj k topic kal h bata diye they,.. so that everyone learns it… isliye bina option

        1. Eng M AwesomE

          ohh okk

    2. Myra

      cur- lek

  31. Suraj

    National Ayurveda Day ????

    1. Destiny : ultimate

      28 oct

    2. Vision

      27 oct world polio day

      1. Vision

        24 oct hoga sry

  32. Suraj

    Azerbaijan – currency??

    1. purvi

      capit – baku

    2. Destiny : ultimate


  33. Suraj

    World Polio Day???

    1. Destiny : ultimate

      24 oct

  34. Suraj

    Andorra – currency??

    1. Destiny : ultimate


  35. Suraj

    International Day of Non-Violence???

    1. Destiny : ultimate

      2 oct

  36. Suraj

    Armenia – currency???

      1. Vision


    1. Destiny : ultimate


  37. Suraj

    World Savings Day

    1. Destiny : ultimate

      31 oct

  38. Suraj

    Australia – currency?????

    1. Destiny : ultimate


    2. Vision


    3. Suraj

      Australian Dollar

  39. Suraj

    World Teachers’ Day?????

      1. Vision

        5-SEP NATIONAL

    1. Destiny : ultimate

      8 oct

      1. Destiny : ultimate

        5 oct

  40. Suraj

    Angola – currency??

    1. Destiny : ultimate

      new kwanza

  41. Suraj

    World Student day?????

    1. Destiny : ultimate

      15 oct

  42. Suraj

    Algeria – currency??

    1. Destiny : ultimate


  43. Suraj

    World Osteoporosis Day?????

    1. Destiny : ultimate

      20 oct

  44. Suraj

    Argentina – currency????

    1. Destiny : ultimate


  45. Suraj

    World Mental Health Day????

    1. Destiny : ultimate

      10 oct

  46. Suraj

    Austria – currency????

    1. Destiny : ultimate


  47. Suraj

    World Nature Day?????

    1. Destiny : ultimate

      3 oct

  48. Suraj

    Antigua and Barbuda – currency???

    1. Suraj

      East Caribbean dollar

  49. Suraj

    World Animal Day ?????

    1. Destiny : ultimate

      4 oct

  50. Suraj

    Afghanistan – currency???

    1. Destiny : ultimate


  51. Suraj

    International Day of Older Persons ????

    1. Destiny : ultimate

      1 oct

  52. Suraj

    World Post Day????

    1. Destiny : ultimate

      9 oct

  53. Suraj

    National Post Office Day????

    1. Destiny : ultimate

      10 oct

  54. Suraj

    International Day for the Eradication of Poverty????

    1. Destiny : ultimate

      17 oct

  55. Suraj

    International Internet Day????

  56. Suraj

    United Nations Day????

    1. Destiny : ultimate

      24 oct

  57. Suraj

    International Day of Rural Women????

    1. Destiny : ultimate

      15 oct

  58. Suraj

    International Day of the Girl Child????

    1. Destiny : ultimate

      11 oct

  59. Suraj

    World Standards Day????

    1. Destiny : ultimate

      14 oct

  60. Suraj

    World Food Day????

    1. Destiny : ultimate

      16 oct

    2. Vision

      16 oct
      VRY ESY …P

  61. Suraj

    World Stroke Day?????

    1. Destiny : ultimate

      29 oct

  62. Suraj

    World Wildlife Day????

    1. Destiny : ultimate

      6 oct

    2. Suraj

      3 March

      World Wild animal Day – 6th October

  63. Suraj

    International Day for Disaster Reduction????

  64. Suraj

    Indian Air Force Day????

    1. Destiny : ultimate

      8 oct

  65. Suraj

    World Day for Audiovisual Heritage????

    1. Destiny : ultimate

      27 oct

  66. Gusto

    thank u sir
    Gn all :))

    1. Destiny : ultimate


  67. Suraj

    World Development Information Day???

  68. Suraj

    Police Commemoration Day?????

          1. optimistic

            How are you &preparation?

          2. ambika

            me good πŸ™‚ but preparation to mains ke baad se hui hi hi jyada bus result ka wait hai u tell ??

          3. optimistic

            Me too good and preparation so so ok atb tc

          4. ambika

            :)) thanku tc

    1. Destiny : ultimate

      21 0ct

  69. Suraj

    Topic For Tomorrow : Days in November + Capital and Currency of Countries with Name starting with alphabet B

    Thank You for Participating!!!!!
    Good Night!!!!! Keep Learning

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