Discussion Zone – 05 February 2017

Hello Aspirants

This is a live quiz page. Discuss any of the topics below in the comment section:

  • Quantitative Aptitude
  • Reasoning
  • English
  • Banking Awareness
  • Current Awareness
  • Computer

Share the page with your friends too to take the full advantage. Group study will help you retain things in mind. Happy learning. 🙂

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  1. Purvi

    gud eve frnds 🙂

    1. ambika

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      ge 🙂


      gd evng maam:))

      1. ambika

        ge dear 🙂

        1. KALYAN ADHYA

          gd evng :)))))

  2. 1) If we are indeed a democracy /2) then politicians would do well /3) to remember that tolerance and free speech /4) is the hallmark of democracy. /5) No error

  3. In anyone want any other topic quiz, u can tell, we ll do that

  4. 1) These efforts will help bring /2) the people of the two countries /3) closer together paving the way /4) for greater people-to-people contact. /5) No error


      maam repeated question


    precis writing kaise practice karen???

    1. ambika

      for descriptive dear ??


        yes dear 🙂

        1. ambika

          practice karte rho 🙂 read completely the paragraph then note only important parts and avoid repeated sentences 🙂 baki meko jyada pta nhi hai

          1. KALYAN ADHYA

            ok… thank you for suggestion 🙂

    2. practice by writing points from articles

      Same as Ambika said

      1. Purvi

        mam iske liye plz kuch topic di jiye

        1. ambika

          descriptive kiske liye chahiye …..sbi ke liye kya??

          1. Purvi

            abhi to bahi aane wala hai to uske liye he

          2. KALYAN ADHYA

            usi ke liye bhi

          3. KALYAN ADHYA

            state staff selection ke liye

          4. ambika

            kis state se ??

          5. KALYAN ADHYA

            west bengal

        2. exams me unexpected topics aa jate hai
          Like last time SBI ne diya tha – Pokemon Go par

          1. we will provide later

            but try to read the current topics which remain much in news

          2. Purvi

            mam me yadi kuch likh ke post karu to
            kya aap check karke meri galtiya bataoge ki mujhe kaha improve karne ki jarurat hai

          3. yes yes sure

            doubts page pe kar dena post
            OR as u like

          4. Purvi

            ok mam
            tomorrow i will


        thank you maam .. state staff selection ke liye


      ok maam

  6. The truth in India-Pakistan relations is 1)/ not for golden tomorrows but 2)/ the ingested bitterness about 3)/ bloody and betrayed yesterdays 4)/ No error 5).

  7. This should be a relationship 1)/that is driven by neither 2)/ hawks nor doves but 3)/ with a clear charter of goals 4)/ No error 5).

        1. lonely little kid


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          1. lonely little kid

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  8. In times of emergency, as 1)/ we had learnt to do with responses 2)/to natural disasters, we must learn 3)/ to systematise our processes better 4)/ No error 5).

    1. lonely little kid


    2. lonely little kid

      gd eve mam

  9. It is a truth universally acknowledged 1)/that terror groups targeting India 2)/ continuing to operate with 3)/ impunity from Pakistani soil 4)/ No error 5).

    1. 3
      continuing => countinue

  10. But from the two World Wars 1)/ of the last century, the warring nations 2)/ involved moving to embrace 3)/ a situation of coexistence 4)/ No error 5).


        maam plzz explain..

        1. jo warring nations involved the
          they moved to embrace

          u got ?

          1. KALYAN ADHYA

            involved ke bad moved kaise??

          2. that is what i m saying
            involved k bad next phrase start ho rha hai

            jo warring nations involved the
            unhone move kiya to embrace …..

            read sentence again, might u get

            else ask again, i ll try to explain in diffrnt manner

          3. KALYAN ADHYA

            ok maam

          4. KALYAN ADHYA

            samajh gaye … but sentence ajib lag raha hai

          5. involved k bad next phrase is starting

          6. KALYAN ADHYA

            ty maam 🙂


    (A)The central bank’s entry into the currency futures market is bound to reduce excessive movements in the rupee

    (B)thanks to the Reserve Bank of India’s (RBI) decision to intervene in the currency futures

    (c)which these traders thrive on, besides narrowing the wide difference that the local unit trades at between the onshore and offshore,

    (d)or unregulated non-deliverable forwards market, say traders.

    (e)The thriving derivatives trading in the Indian Rupee suddenly faces an existential threat – not because of unnerving volatility, but probably due to likely reduction in it.

    1. see A sentence me:
      The central bank’s

      B me:
      Reserve Bank of India’s (RBI)

      so dont u think so, ki Reserve Bank of India’s (RBI) should come first, n then it will be said as central bank

  12. Sikkim was_______________seriously by the September 2011 earthquake, which measured 6.9 on the Richter___________.
    1) effected, range
    2) damaged, meter
    3) haunted, calibration
    4) affected, scale
    5) blemished, system

  13. India has a vibrant publishing scene, thanks to not only the big publishers but also a lot of quality-___________little publishing house that __________________it going.
    1) conscious, keep
    2) responsive, put
    3) apprised, retain
    4) mindful, retain
    5) cognisant, enjoy

    1. Purvi

      cognisant means

  14. The staunch proponents of economic liberalization have often________________that the relaxation of state______________will lead to phenomenal growth of industries spurred by FDI.
    1) contended, neglect
    2) jumped, inability
    3) hassled, domination
    4) crossed, dominion
    5) argued, control

  15. After a relationship____________over one-and-a-half centuries, on July 14, Kolkata bid an emotional________________to a mode of communication called the telegram.
    1) traversing, farewell
    2) extending, relation
    3) spanning, adieu
    4) ranging, goodbye
    5) covering, hello

  16. ______________the defeat of Tipu Sultan in the Fourth Anglo Mysore War (1798-99) in Srirangpatnam, the British army _____________itself in the vicinity of the old city area of Bangalore.
    1) By, opened
    2) With, garrisoned
    3) At, guarded
    4) On, armoured
    5) For, left

  17. He objected to the proposal because it was founded on a ________ principle and also was ________ at times.
    1) faulty — desirable
    2) imperative — reasonable
    3) wrong — inconvenient
    4) sound — acceptable
    5) conforming — deplorable

        1. alka singh

          good evening mam.:)))))

        2. alka singh

          mam plz jaise national park pe quiz provide ki hai waise hi other topic pe dijiye .

          1. I ll soon start adding quizzes that way 🙂

    1. 3) wrong — inconvenient

  18. The criterion for ________ a player should be based on his recent performance; but unfortunately, the journalists are ________ to be carried away by earlier successes.
    1) condemning — satisfying
    2) judging — prone
    3) revealing — reluctant
    4) eager — acclaiming
    5) criticising — clean

    1. 2) judging — prone

  19. For the last half century he ________ himself to public affairs ________ taking a holiday.
    1) by — committed
    2) after — offered
    3) devoted — without
    4) sacrificed — after
    5) prepared — before

    1. 3) devoted — without

  20. You will see signs of ________ everywhere, which speak well for the ________ of these people.
    1) decoration — senses
    2) clear — debris
    3) beauty — careful
    4) industry — prosperity
    5) repairs — extravaganza

    1. 4) industry — prosperity

  21. The police arrested Ramesh on a ________ of theft but for lack of evidence ________ him.
    1) crime — imprisoned
    2) punished — complaint
    3) left — condition
    4) tip — absconding
    5) charge — released

    1. 5) charge — released

  22. 1) Several time in the history /2) of the world, particular countries /3) and cities have attained /4) a high degree of civilisation. /5) No error

  23. 1) The opinions and comments of newspapers/ 2) can influence the life /3) of a nation only /4) when they are read by its people. /5) No error


        maam they nehi hoga na ??

          1. KALYAN ADHYA

            ok samajh gaye

  24. 1) The apathy of mostly state /2) in failing to tackle /3) the problem of adult literacy /4) is also to blame for this scenario. /5) No error

  25. 1) Progress in life /2) depends a good deal /3) on crossing one /4) threshold upon another. /5) No error


        ge mimi :))

      2. ambika

        hey mimi 🙂

    1. ambika

      44 after other

  26. 1) Ever since the dawn of civilisation /2) persons in power /3) have tried to always /4) supervise or control education. / 5) No error

      1. ambika

        always tried to

        1. MiMi

          sis ur saab kaise right hota hai???? mera to saab wrong hota hai?

          1. KALYAN ADHYA

            practice makes a woman perfect :)))

          2. MiMi

            he he yes bro u r rght

          3. KALYAN ADHYA


          4. ambika

            are esa kuch nhi hai dear 🙂 english samjhni hai to start thinking in english

    1. Purvi

      always tried to

    2. 3;

      have always tried to

  27. We have been retracing our steps to the log cabin ten minutes ago.

    1) will be retracing
    2) have to retrace
    3) had to retrace
    4) had retraced
    5) No improvement

        1. garima shah

          gud evng mam…

  28. I hope you will be able to steer ahead of the antisocial elements.
    steer clear
    steer free
    steer out
    steer behind
    No Improvement

    1. garima shah

      steer out?

    2. steer clear

      steer clear of – keep away from

  29. He bowed down at the altar.

    1) next to the altar
    2) No Improvement
    3) before the altar
    4) infront of the altar
    5) for the altar

      1. Purvi

        gud eve dear 🙂

  30. They were being commanded to wait till the signal was given.
    given command
    No Improvement
    taken command

  31. River Damodar in West Bengalcarry the effluents from the Durgapur Industrial complex for miles.
    1) No Improvement
    2) carries the effluents
    3) carries the effluence
    4) carried the effluents
    5) had carried the effluents

    1. 2) carries the effluents

  32. ____________by popular support, the Supreme Court of Pakistan is trying to____________its independence.
    1) empowered, sentence
    2) governed, stamp
    3) backed, assert
    4) marked, rebel
    5) geared, influence

  33. One lesson that must be drawn from the grisly ____________of fake encounter killings is the need to ____________the police from its political masters.
    1) incidence, govern
    2) episode, insulate
    3) crime, motivate
    4) theory, widen
    5) malaise, revolt

    1. garima shah


  34. MP’s should, by all means, take the government to____________when it fails in ____________its responsibilities.
    1) book, abdicating
    2) proceedings, depicting
    3) query, driving
    4) criticism, abiding
    5) task, discharging

  35. No political party can claim____________to the trend of holding up parliamentary____________on some pretext or the other.
    1) exception, proceedings
    2) emancipated, debates
    3) above, session
    4) freedom, functions
    5) supreme, dealings

    1. 1) exception, proceedings

  36. Purvi

    thanku mam
    bye frnds 🙂

    1. ambika

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      thanks maam ::)) bye

  37. It is pointless to legislate well-meaning laws if there is no fair and effective____________to ____________them.
    1) monitoring, realising
    2) transparency, forward
    3) methodology, sentencing
    4) mechanism, implement
    5) screening, process

    1. 4) mechanism, implement

  38. That s all for today :))
    Happy Learning 🙂
    Come at 10 PM 🙂

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