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  • Banking Awareness
  • Current Awareness
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  3. Pakistan officially announced that it had successfully tested, for the first time, a nuclear-capable-submarine launched cruise missile (SLCM) – the Babur 3- from a submerged platform on Monday (Jan 9). This is a major techno-strategic achievement in the naval domain and has elicited considerable notice. __________________________
    Be that as it may, the official statement noted that the “Babur-3 SLCM in land-attack mode, is capable of delivering various types of payloads and will provide Pakistan with a credible second strike capability, augmenting deterrence.”

    A) It was also added that testing an SLCM of 450 km range was in keeping with Pakistan’s quest for ‘credible second-strike capability’ and ‘credible minimum deterrence.’
    B) Having acquired the land-based variant of the Babur , it was expected that the sea-based variant of the same would be soon unveiled
    C) However aspersions are being cast about the authenticity of this ‘success’ and the parentage of the missile.

    1. C) However aspersions are being cast about the authenticity of this ‘success’ and the parentage of the missile.

  4. REARRANGE and find odd sentence

    A) Besides, cash printing and its distribution is extremely expensive.

    B) Given that only a meagre percentage of our population pays taxes, the economy grows as more transactions come under banking and taxation system through digital payments.

    C) India is making an attempt to transition to a digital payment, less cash economy.

    D) Several incentives have been announced for consumers such as discounts in fuel purchase, insurance premiums, service tax waivers and cashbacks

    E) Corruption in public life and governance is oiled by cash, so as we move towards a less-cash society, this anonymity which the corrupt enjoy by using cash goes away.

    1. D) Several incentives have been announced for consumers such as discounts in fuel purchase, insurance premiums, service tax waivers and cashbacks


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            D is talking abt argumentation of digital cash by discounts so how this could be different ???

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  6. The world is suffering from chronic selfie-centeredness. So many people are dying from it that there is a word for that too now, killfie. In India the killfie has been shot in front of trains, on treacherous mountains and near the sea at high tide. To tackle this problem, no-selfie zones are being barricaded across the country.
    The latest to raise this barricade is Miranda House in Delhi University. __________________
    Meant for School of Open Learning students, the college notice on the matter reportedly says: “Many students have been seen clicking selfies, combing their hair and modelling… The college administration does not permit this. If any student is found wasting their time, then she will be suspended for the day and sent out of the campus.”

    A) But the college is fighting the notional rather than physical dangers of selfie-centeredness.
    B) Students also ‘waste’ time soaking up the sun on college lawns, playing badminton and cards, eating samosas in the canteen, watching movies in the hostel, singing in the corridors, laughing over their class notes etc.

    C) But really, the college is swimming against the tide of the times. More importantly, perhaps the college should be encouraging rather than discouraging self-love among its students.

    1. A) But the college is fighting the notional rather than physical dangers of selfie-centeredness.

  7. More than any year in the recent past, 2016 signified a metamorphosis of the global order itself. 2017 therefore becomes a very significant year as it brings together two unknowns for all of us to grapple with.
    First is the future of global economics and financial systems, which are yet to be adequately restructured following the crises of 2008. Second are the political questions raised by the happenings of the year gone by. __________________________
    Three, words must receive significant attention this year as we respond to the economic and political challenges that lie ahead: democracy, diversity and development.

    A) On the other hand, diversity itself is now being used as the basis to recruit and create small communities.
    B) Both of these will have to be addressed discretely and jointly, if gains of the post-war order are to be maintained and strengthened.
    C) This creates a basis of new exclusions, divisions and differences between those who may otherwise be in physical proximity.

    1. B) Both of these will have to be addressed discretely and jointly, if gains of the post-war order are to be maintained and strengthened.

  8. Find odd sentence

    Despite the urgency of the issue, the Parliamentary Standing Committee on Transport has been reviewing the Bill for almost five months now.

    Reducing road fatalities will require drastic action and concerted efforts.

    Every hour, there are 53 road accidents, killing 17, 10.5 per cent of whom are children.

    Of the 1.3 million traffic fatalities globally in 2015, India accounted for 1,48,707 persons; registering an increase of 5.1 per cent in accident fatalities between 2014 and 2015.

    India has committed under the Brasilia Declaration and the Sustainable Development Goals to halve the number of deaths and injuries from road traffic accidents by 2020.
    However, progress on the ground is negligible.

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    1. Despite the urgency of the issue, the Parliamentary Standing Committee on Transport has been reviewing the Bill for almost five months now.

    2. Despite the urgency of the issue, the Parliamentary Standing Committee on Transport has been reviewing the Bill for almost five months now.

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  9. The transaction cost of a credit or debit card has three elements: the fees charged respectively by the card-issuing bank, which stumps up the payment and charges it to the cardholder’s account, the card-acquiring bank, which deploys the card-swiping machine, receives the payment from the card issuing bank and remits it to the merchant’s account, and by Visa/MasterCard/Ru-Pay, which processes the transaction securely.
    All three elements of MDR can come down, now that volumes are poised to spike and with enhanced competition from the low-cost interchange offered by the National Payments Corporation of India.
    Even then, it would not come down to 0.1 per cent. _________________________

    A) The cost reduction on this head should be transferred to make up the MDR deficit.

    B) The government, too, stands to gain revenue-wise from greater transparency in payments, and should gladly suffer lower dividend receipts from the RBI.

    C) That gap can be bridged by outlays from the RBI, which stands to make substantial gains from reduced cash handling.

    1. C) That gap can be bridged by outlays from the RBI, which stands to make substantial gains from reduced cash handling.

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  11. The demonetisation decision may have its supporters and detractors, but no political leader or political party can convincingly speak about the need to eliminate corruption without resolving to pass the comprehensive electoral reforms bill that has been pending before Parliament for the last two decades. This is so because the pernicious nexus between politicians and political parties on the one hand, and black money on the other, is the principal cause of all corruption in India.
    If those who are supposed to make laws against corruption are themselves the products of a corrupt system, how can the rest of society be clean? __________________________When candidates illegally spend many times the prescribed limit on elections, their first priority is to milk the state to recoup their ‘investments’.

    A) When parties take money in cash from ‘unidentified’ donors, they work for tax evaders
    B) India scored zero out of hundred on implementation and disclosure of political party and candidate financing.
    C) The truth quite bluntly is that most political parties and politicians have no reason to change the current system because they are the biggest beneficiaries of it.

    1. A) When parties take money in cash from ‘unidentified’ donors, they work for tax evaders

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  13. Today it is difficult to escape the word ‘digital’ in any conversation, strategy or discourse. A number of studies indicate that everyone of the human domains is getting redesigned and redefined for digital, either to take advantage of the capabilities of ‘digital’ or due to the deep-seated influence of digital–things, artefacts and entities.
    Banks, especially the Indian ones, are at the absolute front line, weathering digital impact on their customers, business models and employees. Critical as it is, digital readiness needs to be understood properly and correctly. It is not unusual to see a great deal of confusion in defining digital. Some people define it based on strategy and others based on frameworks.
    For example, many believe that digital is about using digital technologies to do business. __________________The proponents of automation as proxy for digitisation think that once they are able to do in computers whatever they did manually, they had digitised. Some others believe that digitisation is a channel strategy.

    A) To this, a new addition is ‘I’ which stands for Internet of Things (IOT).
    B) The old methods of security governance, will be able to serve the new demands only partially.
    C) This approach suffers from an automation syndrome.

    1. C) This approach suffers from an automation syndrome.

  14. In a big development, the North African nation of Morocco has reportedly banned the import, manufacturing and marketing of the burqa. According to Moroccan news, burqa producers and retailers have been issued written warnings by the country’s interior ministry to cease making and selling the Islamic full veil. _______________________ Predictably, the decision has elicited mixed reactions in the Muslim-majority kingdom with some calling the move highhanded and others welcoming it on the ground that the burqa is alien to Moroccan culture.

    A) However, the reported Moroccan burqa ban needs to be seen in the right context.

    B) They have been further instructed to get rid of their burqa stock or convert it within 48 hours.

    C) And because of this Morocco has emerged as an island of stability in North Africa over the last few years.

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    1. B) They have been further instructed to get rid of their burqa stock or convert it within 48 hours.

  15. Compassion is larger than empathy — a state where we allow ourselves to feel the suffering of another person. The ultimate expression of compassion is the desire to relieve the root cause of suffering and not merely the symptoms such as pain, distress and hardship.
    Most faiths regard compassion as one of the greatest virtues. Gautama Buddha taught that to get enlightened, one must develop compassion and wisdom. Compassion is the basis for Ahimsa, or non-violence.
    Add self-control, charity and daya, suggest Hindu texts. In the Bible, compassion means to feel sympathy and to have mercy and pity. _________________________ .Islam teaches us love and compassion for every human being.

    A) This is because all living beings are interconnected. Being compassionate is to be fully human.
    B) Compassion is a cornerstone of Judaism and is regarded as a righteous responsibility than a voluntary action.
    C) Compassion follows the psychological law of reciprocity. Like mercy, compassion is twice blessed.

      1. MiMi

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        1. in para, various views are told – like of Hindu, Islam, Bible

          and B option tells about what is Judaism’s view, – so B option is apt here.

      2. in para, various views are told – like of Hindu, Islam, Bible

        and B option tells about what is Judaism’s view, – so B option is apt here

    1. B) Compassion is a cornerstone of Judaism and is regarded as a righteous responsibility than a voluntary action.


    A. The policy makers in most of the developing economies recognize this importance and have been implementing a host of programmes and measures to achieve rural development objectives.

    B. While some of these countries have achieved impressive results from those programmes and measures, others have failed to make a significant dent in the problem of persistent rural under development.

    C. The socio– economic disparities between rural and urban areas are widening and creating tremendous pressure on the social and economic fabric of many such developing economies.

    D. These factors, among many others, tend to highlight the importance of rural development

    E. Although millions of rural people have escaped poverty as a result of rural development in many Asian countries, a large majority of rural people continue to suffer from persistent poverty.

    1. Hemant ahuja?

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      1. in C

        of many such developing economies.

        which such ??

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      1. in C
        of many such developing economies.

        which such ?? – so cant be first

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          e first??

      1. in C
        of many such developing economies.

        which such ?? – so cant be first.

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      1. In A – recognize this importance

        which importance ?

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  17. Forest department officials said that when the elephants were made to …………… from their trucks they went straight to the spot where they had been ………….. during the camp.

    1. ^^^Jaga^^^....


    2. (a) jump, killed
      (b) alight, tied
      (c) enter, hurt
      (d) step, played
      (e) exit, enjoyed

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  18. Excise officials seized pouches of whisky …………… a bus travelling …………….. Maharashtra.

    (a) from, to
    (b) in, for
    (c) for, towards
    (d) inside, on
    (e) through, till

  19. The court ……………. revenue authorities and PCB officials to ……………. teams and visit pharma units

    (a) directed, form
    (b) announced, arrange
    (c) commanded display
    (d) ruled, make
    (e) told, carve

  20. A collision between two buses ………… six people dead, ……………. the driver of one the buses.

    (a) made, also
    (b) left, including
    (c) caused, combined
    (d) resulted, except
    (e) got, surpassing

  21. Organisations ………… for the victims ………………. the inhuman and unjust attitude of the government.

    (a) fighting, applauded
    (b) lobbying, supported
    (c) working condemned
    (d) stand, opposed
    (e) trying, spoke

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      or do after CA Quiz today

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  26. Suraj

    Will do Feb 1 to Feb 5 CA.. 30 Questions….

    1. Hemant ahuja?

      OK start

  27. Suraj

    1. Which country has been invited as the Guest of Honour for the 2017 St. Petersburg International Economic Forum ?

  28. Suraj

    2. Which of the following states have won the eGovernance awards for Excellence under the state category at the CSI -Nihilent eGovernance Award?
    A.Andhra Pradesh and Telangana
    B.Haryana and Nagaland
    C.Rajasthan and Telangana
    D.Haryana and Rajasthan

    1. Suraj

      C.Rajasthan and Telangana

  29. Suraj

    3. Which bollywood actress has been recently appointed as the brand ambassador of the campaign ‘Swacch Bharat Abhiyan’ by the Ministry of Urban Development (MoUD)?
    A.Priyanka Chopra
    B.Katrina Kaif
    C.Deepika Padukone
    D.Anushka Sharma

    1. Hemant ahuja?

      Suraj give only 10 sec for ans. Then post ur ans

    2. Purvi

      aaj pura feb ho rha

      1. Suraj

        nhi ,, 1 to 5
        30 ques

    3. Suraj

      D.Anushka Sharma

  30. Suraj

    4. What is India’s GDP Growth Rate prediction for 2016-17 as per the Economic Survey 2016-17?
    A) 7.6%
    B) 7.1%
    C) 7.3%
    D) 6.6%

  31. Suraj

    Important ques for Syndicate bank
    Pandit Dharmsheel Chaturvedi was a _________ ?

    1. Suraj

      Writer and jounalist

  32. Suraj

    5. Who has been appointed as the President of Table Tennis Federation of India (TTFI)?
    A) Dushyant Chautala
    B) Anurag Mishra
    C) Sanjeev Verma
    D) Rajeev Singh

    1. Suraj

      A) Dushyant Chautala

  33. Suraj

    6. Ministry of Defence will Set up Rs _______ Defence Unit in Madhya Pradesh.
    A) Rs 2500 Crore
    B) Rs 3500 Crore
    C) Rs 1500 Crore
    D) Rs 4500 Crore

    1. Suraj

      C) Rs 1500 Crore

  34. Suraj

    7. E. Ahamed who recently passed away(on 1 February 2017) was a/an ________ ?
    A) Actor
    B) Singer
    C) Politician
    D) Economist

    1. Hemant ahuja?

      CCC from kerela

  35. Suraj

    8. Who will head the Commission of Inquiry (CoI) formed by Tamil Nadu Government to probe into the case of Jallikattu violence.
    A) Justice Thottathil B. Radhakrishnan
    B) Justice J. Chelameswar
    C) Justice J.S Khehar
    D) Justice S. Rajeswaran

    1. Suraj

      D) Justice S. Rajeswaran

  36. Suraj

    9. Kodiveri Dam is located in _____ ?
    A) Andhra Pradesh
    B) Tamil Nadu
    C) Kerala
    D) Telangana

  37. Suraj

    10. Which Country is set to launch World’s first and largest nuclear icebreaker fleet for a vast arctic army?

    1. ᗩᙢᙖᓰḰᗩ


  38. Suraj

    11. Which Indian airline service has won the ‘Asia’s Greatest Brands – 2016’ award at the Asia One Awards held in Singapore?
    A.Air India Express
    C.Jet Airways
    D.AirAsia India

    1. ᗩᙢᙖᓰḰᗩ


  39. Suraj

    12. World Bank has signed a Financing Agreement with India worth $ _____ for the ‘Third Technical Education Quality Improvement Programme’ (TEQIP III).
    A) $ 203.50 Million
    B) $ 201.50 Million
    C) $ 202.50 Million
    D) $ 205.50 Million

    1. ᗩᙢᙖᓰḰᗩ


    2. Suraj

      B) $ 201.50 Million

  40. Suraj

    13. Tata Motors ltd. Launched a sub-brand named _____ with an aim to introduce new technology equipped vehicles faster to the market.
    A) TAMO
    B) NAMO
    C) TAIO
    D) NAIO

    1. ᗩᙢᙖᓰḰᗩ


  41. Suraj

    14. India has signed a MOU with which country to construct a new multi-ethnic tri-lingual secondary school in that country?
    A) Nepal
    B) Sri Lanka
    C) Bhutan
    D) Bangladesh

    1. ᗩᙢᙖᓰḰᗩ

      B BBBB

  42. Suraj

    15. Which singer has become first Indian female singer to collaborate with UN for women empowerment?
    A) Shreya Ghoshal
    B) Sunidhi Chauhan
    C) Kanika Kapoor
    D) Neeti Mohan

  43. Suraj

    16. The 21-days Bharat Rang Mahotsav 2017 began in which city on February 1, 2017?
    B.New Delhi

  44. Suraj

    17. The US has imposed sanctions on entities of which country after the country carried out ballistic missile test in violation of the UN Security Council Resolution 2231?
    A) Iraq
    B) Iran
    C) Syria
    D) Pakistan

  45. Suraj

    18. Which social media giant has launched two new tools named “polling day reminder” and ‘Share You Voted’ button to encourage voting in India?
    A) Google
    B) Twitter
    C) Facebook
    D) LinkedIn

  46. Suraj

    19. Which Indian state will host the film festival on disability “We Care Film Festival”?
    A) Telangana
    B) New Delhi
    C) Maharashtra
    D) Goa

    1. Hemant ahuja?

      Goa panji

  47. Suraj

    20. Who has been awarded with Hind Ratna and NRI of the Year awards ?
    A) Simmarpal Singh
    B) Sukhinder Singh Cassidy
    C) Doddi Venkatagiri
    D) Suma Chakrabarti

      1. Hemant ahuja?

        D lg Rha

    1. '''Mission 2017'''


    2. Suraj

      C) Doddi Venkatagiri

  48. Suraj

    21. Asim Basu who passed away recently was a/an _____ ?
    A) Politician
    B) Journalist
    C) Theatre Personality
    D) Cricketer

      1. Hemant ahuja?

        Late ho gya

        1. '''Mission 2017'''


    1. Suraj

      C) Theatre Personality

  49. Suraj

    22. Which company has topped the World’s most valuable brand as per Brand Finance?
    A) Google
    B) Apple
    C) Lego
    D) Amazon

      1. Hemant ahuja?

        Brand pucha hai not company

  50. Suraj

    23. Which brand has topped the World’s most powerful brand as per Brand Finance?
    A) Google
    B) Walmart
    C) Lego
    D) Walt Disney

    1. '''Mission 2017'''


  51. Suraj

    24. Who has been appointed as the head of the six-member committee formed to review the Supreme Courts subsidy abolition matter to the pilgrims of Haj?
    A.Afzal Amanullah
    B.SS Parkar
    C.Kamal Faruqui
    D.Michael Mascarenhas

    1. Suraj

      A.Afzal Amanullah

  52. Suraj

    25. 14th edition of Bio Asia 2017 will be held at which of the following place?
    A) Hyderabad
    B) Mumbai
    C) New Delhi
    D) Bengaluru

    1. '''Mission 2017'''


  53. Suraj

    26. RBI has decided that till March 3, 2017, banks shall not levy any charges on customers for transactions up to Rs._____ settled on IMPS, USSD and UPI?
    A) Rs 1000
    B)Rs 2000
    C)Rs 3000
    D)Rs 4000

      1. Hemant ahuja?

        Ussd *99#

  54. Hemant ahuja?

    Ussd full form

    1. Myra

      unstructered supplementary service data

    2. ^^^Jaga^^^....

      Unstructured supplementary service data

  55. Suraj

    27. Who has been selected as the new MD and CEO of National Stock Exchange (NSE)?
    A) Siddhartha Murarka
    B) Rajeev Singh
    C) Chitra Ramkrishna
    D) Vikram Limaye

    1. Suraj

      D) Vikram Limaye

  56. Suraj

    28. Pathani Patnaik who passed away recently was a/an ______ ?
    A) Politician
    B) Litterateur
    C) Journalist
    D) Hockey Player

  57. Suraj

    29. Joginder Singh whi passed away recently was the former Director of ____ .
    A) IB
    B) CBI
    C) RAW
    D) BCCI

    1. '''Mission 2017'''


  58. Suraj

    30. Examination board of which state has become the first to that will conduct the exams for the transgender category in 2017?
    A) Maharashtra
    B) Andhra Pradesh
    C) Bihar
    D) Haryana

  59. Hemant ahuja?

    29 min 30 ques that the quiz great suraj

  60. Suraj

    31. Who has won the 29th Indian National Snooker Championship?
    A) Sundeep Gulati
    B) Pankaj Advani
    C) Malkeet Singh
    D) Arvind Kumar

    1. '''Mission 2017'''


      1. Hemant ahuja?

        Iske baad tu continue krna yha

        1. '''Mission 2017'''

          konsi month

          1. Hemant ahuja?


  61. Suraj

    Kal CA quiz kare ya Budget quiz??

    1. Hemant ahuja?

      Budget and static

    2. '''Mission 2017'''


  62. Hemant ahuja?

    Mission static ya banking karwa de

  63. Suraj

    Good Night!!!! Keep Learning!!!!

    Download this Budget One Liner Questions PDF : it contains 101 questions important for exams

    Union Budget 2017 One Liner Capsule PDF : http://aspirantszone.com/union-budget-2017-questions-answers-pdf/

    Practise Set for Upcoming Exams

    Quantitative Aptitude: Data Interpretation Set 11 (Missing DI) : http://aspirantszone.com/quantitative-aptitude-data-interpretation-set-11-missing-di/

    Mixed English Questions Set 21 (New Pattern) : http://aspirantszone.com/new-pattern-english-for-sbi-po-set-21/

    Banking Awareness for Upcoming Exams Set 6 (Payments Bank) : http://aspirantszone.com/banking-awareness-upcoming-exams-set-6/

    Static GK Quiz for Upcoming Exams Set 16 : http://aspirantszone.com/static-gk-quiz-upcoming-exams-set-16/

    Static Current Affairs: February 2017 Week 3 : http://aspirantszone.com/static-current-affairs-february-2017-week-3/

    Current Affairs Quiz: February 22, 2017 : http://aspirantszone.com/current-affairs-quiz-february-22-2017/

    Union Budget 2017 One Liner Capsule PDF : http://aspirantszone.com/union-budget-2017-questions-answers-pdf/

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  65. '''Mission 2017'''

    When is the World Tourism Day observed?

    September 29
    September 26
    September 27
    September 28
    None of these

  66. '''Mission 2017'''

    What is the name of central bank of United Kingdom?

    Central Bank of UK
    Bank of England
    Central Bank of England
    Federal Bank of UK
    None of these

  67. '''Mission 2017'''

    What is the capital of Spain?

    None of these

  68. '''Mission 2017'''

    Tony Tan Keng Yam is the President of which country?

    Sierra Leone
    None of these

  69. '''Mission 2017'''

    Who is India’s present Minister of Panchayati Raj?

    Narendra Singh Tomar
    Chaudhary Birender Singh
    Anant Geete
    Harsimrat Kaur Badal
    None of these

  70. '''Mission 2017'''

    A term “Gambit” is associated with which of the following?

    Table Tennis
    None of these

      1. Hemant ahuja?

        Behti Ganga main haath do le tu bhi

  71. '''Mission 2017'''

    Who is the current governor of Bihar?

    Ram Naresh Yadav
    J.P. Rajkhowa
    Ram Nath Kovind
    N. N. Vohra
    None of these

  72. '''Mission 2017'''

    Sawai Mansingh International Cricket Stadium is located in which city?

    None of these

      1. Hemant ahuja?

        Ek baari main de

  73. '''Mission 2017'''

    Where is the headquarter of International Atomic Energy Agency?

    Paris, France
    London, UK
    Vienna, Austria
    Jakarta, Indonesia
    None of these

    1. '''Mission 2017'''

      gn 🙂

  74. '''Mission 2017'''

    Ukai Dam is built over which river?


  75. '''Mission 2017'''

    Tirathgarh Falls situated in which of the following Indian state?

    (A) Chhattisgarh
    (B) Madhya Pradesh
    (C) Karnataka
    (D) Karnataka
    (E) Jharkhand

  76. '''Mission 2017'''

    Black Necked Crane is a state bird of which state?

    (A) Himachal Pradesh
    (B) Gujarat
    (C) Karnataka
    (D) Jammu & Kashmir
    (E) None of these

    1. '''Mission 2017'''

      my state jk:)

      1. Hemant ahuja?

        Kaun sa animal hai

        1. '''Mission 2017'''

          kashmir me hota ye

          1. Hemant ahuja?

            Lion hai dogi hai

          2. Hemant ahuja?

            OK means sparrow

  77. '''Mission 2017'''

    Hattari is a Folk Dance of which state?

    (A) Mizoram
    (B) Bihar
    (C) Assam
    (D) Tamil Nadu
    (E) Karnataka

  78. '''Mission 2017'''

    Kalinga Prize is given in which field?

    (A) Arts
    (B) Sports
    (C) Science and technology
    (D) Literature
    (E) Cinema

  79. '''Mission 2017'''

    Mukandra Hills tiger reserve Located in which state?

    (A) Haryana
    (B) Punjab
    (C) Gujarat
    (D) Rajasthan
    (E) Maharashtra

  80. '''Mission 2017'''

    Foundation year of Life Insurance Corporation (LIC) ________?

    (A) 1976
    (B) 1966
    (C) 1958
    (D) 1956
    (E) 1957

  81. '''Mission 2017'''

    According to National census 2011, least Populous State/UT of the Country ________?

    (A) D & N Haveli
    (B) Daman & Diu
    (C) Lakshadweep
    (D) Goa
    (E) Sikkim

        1. M@st@n!

          ji sir bula liya kro yar

          1. Hemant ahuja?

            Jab bulata Hu aati nhi phir. Mera mood nhi krta aise bolti hai

          2. M@st@n!

            ter ja ja ja

          3. Hemant ahuja?

            Purvi ko bol?

      1. M@st@n!

        state sikim
        ut lakswadeep

  82. '''Mission 2017'''

    Chemicals and Fertilizers, Parliamentary Affairs Minister is__________?

    (A) Kalraj Mishra
    (B) Ravi Shankar Prasad
    (C) Anant Geete
    (D) Jagat Prakash Nadda
    (E) Ananthkumar

    1. '''Mission 2017'''


  83. '''Mission 2017'''

    Who is a father of Agriculture?

    (A) Imhotep
    (B) James Naismith
    (C) Dr.Norman Borlaug
    (D) Benjamin Franklin
    (E) Aristotle

  84. '''Mission 2017'''

    Mudumalai National Park located at _________?

    (A) Bihar
    (B) Madhya Pradesh
    (C) Andhra Pradesh
    (D) Tamil Nadu
    (E) Gujarat

    1. ^^^Jaga^^^....


    2. Hemant ahuja?

      TN Park hai ya koi dish

  85. '''Mission 2017'''

    Currency of Iceland ____________?

    (A) Euro
    (B) dinar
    (C) Won
    (D) Krona
    (E) Peso

    1. ^^^Jaga^^^....


  86. Purvi

    thanku mission

    1. '''Mission 2017'''


  87. '''Mission 2017'''

    Navegaon National Park located at ___________?

    (A) Kerala
    (B) Karnataka
    (C) Tamil Nadu
    (D) Maharashtra
    (E) Orissa

  88. '''Mission 2017'''

    Kranti maidan Located at _____________?

    (A) Kanpur
    (B) Indore
    (C) Mumbai
    (D) Chennai
    (E) Kolkata

    1. ^^^Jaga^^^....


    2. Hemant ahuja?

      Skip yha kha se laya quz

    3. '''Mission 2017'''


  89. '''Mission 2017'''

    Bhadra Tiger Reserve at ________?

    (A) Karnataka
    (B) Goa
    (C) Pondicherry
    (D) Maharashtra
    (E) West Bengal

    1. ^^^Jaga^^^....


  90. '''Mission 2017'''

    Head of Andhra Bank?

    (A) P. S. Jayakumar
    (B) Shri Suresh N Patel
    (C) Arun shrivastava
    (D) Rakesh Sharma
    (E) None of these

  91. '''Mission 2017'''

    CMD of Indian Overseas Bank?

    (A) Shri Rajeev Rishi
    (B) Shri S. R. Bansal
    (C) T M Bhasin
    (D) Shri R. Koteeswaran
    (E) None of these

  92. M@st@n!

    ye sab yaad kaise h sabko?

    1. Hemant ahuja?

      Bus memory

      1. M@st@n!

        bhut memory h yr

  93. '''Mission 2017'''

    Gorumara National Park situated at which place?

    (A) Punjab
    (B) Gujarat
    (C) Rajasthan
    (D) West Bengal
    (E) None of these

  94. '''Mission 2017'''

    Which is the Folk Dance of Tripura?

    (A) Lambad
    (B) Hojagiri
    (C) Devarattam
    (D) Nongkrem
    (E) None of these

  95. '''Mission 2017'''

    Currency of Fiji?

    (A) Euro
    (B) Dollar
    (C) Peso
    (D) Dinar
    (E) None of these

  96. Hemant ahuja?

    Lgta sab thak gye

    1. '''Mission 2017'''


  97. '''Mission 2017'''

    Capital of Indonesia is?

    (A) Jakarta
    (B) Banjul
    (C) Dublin
    (D) Dhaka
    (E) Kuala Lumpur

    1. M@st@n!

      banjul kiska h?

  98. '''Mission 2017'''

    Who is the president of Chile?

    (A) Mulatu Teshome
    (B) Nicos Anastasiads
    (C) Kolinda Grabar
    (D) Paul Biya
    (E) Michelle Bachelet

  99. Hemant ahuja?

    Currency of Fiji?

    (A) Euro
    (B) Dollar
    (C) Peso
    (D) Dinar
    (E) None of these

  100. '''Mission 2017'''

    One Family One Bank” is a tagline of which bank?

    (A) Bank of Maharashtra
    (B) Corporation Bank
    (C) Oriental Bank of Commerce
    (D) Punjab National Bank
    (E) None of these