Discussion Zone – 27 November 2017

Hello Aspirants
This is a live quiz page. Discuss any of the topics below in the comment section:

  • Quantitative Aptitude
  • Reasoning
  • English
  • Banking Awareness
  • Current Awareness
  • Computer

Share the page with your friends too to take the full advantage. Group study will help you retain things in mind. Happy learning. ?

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412 Thoughts to “Discussion Zone – 27 November 2017”

  1. Good Evening Everyone:)

    Anyone had RBI Exam today ?

    1. gomathy priya

      ge mam:))

        1. gomathy priya

          didnt give

        1. gomathy priya

          ge das:)

    2. gomathy priya

      mam, eng quiz?

    3. Adi Nene

      From when will you conduct eng quiz mam?

      1. Today nobody was there at 8. So did not start.

        I can if people are here

        1. DAS

          mam me to reply kiya tha

          1. Yes you and priya only so did not

        2. Adi Nene

          Start now mam everyone lineup

        3. gomathy priya

          mam, start now

        4. Adi Nene

          Mam,on avg how many ibps clerk prelims mocks will be available for week in testzone

        5. Adi Nene

          Mam,how many ibps clerk prelims mocks will be provided per week in testzone ?

    4. STAR NEWS

      mam memory based question aj ka hai kya ://

        1. STAR NEWS

          Ty So Much __/__

        2. Jeevan

          Ibps Po mains memory based que paper
          Pls mam

  2. @【*

    Series Asked in RBI Assistant*
    Q1. : 4, 17, 40, 71, 108, ?
    Q2. : 24, 10, 8, 10, 18, ?
    Q3. : 6, 14, 45, 184, ?
    Q4. : 17, 38, 80, 164, ?
    Q5. : 5, 18, 57, 174, ?
    Q6. : 6, 5, 7, 12.5, 27,—–
    Q7. : 3, 18, 35, 56, 83,—–
    Q8. : 7, 6, 10, 27,——, 515
    Q9. : 45, 49, 40, 56, 31,——
    Q10. : 11, 29, 65, 137,——, 369
    Q11. : 7, 21, 5, 23, ?
    Q12. : 15, 22, 32, 46, 65, ?
    Q13. : 9, 10, 18, 27, 91, ?
    Q14. : 17, 23, 35, 59, ?, 203
    Q15. : 6, 7, 16, 51, 208, ?
    Q16. : 11, 12, 26, 81, 328, ?
    Q17. : 4, 11, 24, 44, 72, ?
    Q18. : 11, 12, 20, 29, 93, ?
    Q19. : 17, 25, 15, 27, 13, ?
    Q20. : 13, 21, 37, 69, ?, 261
    Q21. : 7, 16, 30, 49, 73, ?
    Q22. : 8, 7, 12, 33, 128, ?
    Q23. : 23, 29, 17, 35, 11, ?
    Q24. : 9, 11, 20, 48, ?, 239
    Q25. : 113, 116, 107, 134, 53 ?
    Q26. : 7, 12, 33, 128, 635, ?

    1. There can be only 20 questions
      4 shifts 5 question each

      1. @【*

        Dont know did copy paste frm another site

  3. Error Spotting

    Anil Madhav Dave, whose selection (1)/ as Environment Minister last July (2)/ surprised many, (3)/dies this morning. (4)

  4. NASA probes have spotted (1)/ a man-made barriers around the Earth (2)/ that prevents high-energy space (3)/ radiation from reaching the planet. (4)

    1. 2

      use of a and barriers together is wrong; either remove a; or use barrier.

  5. Sleepwalkers are often (1)/ found in a trance state (2)/ where they wander aimlessly (3)/ without conscious thought. (4)

  6. gomathy priya

    mam disqus link?

    1. Click on my DP. and then click view in discussion

      1. gomathy priya

        i got mam

        1. Ok. You can take from there
          or save that link, and change date in the URL

          1. gomathy priya

            ok mam

  7. For the second year in a row, (1)/ Flipkart and Amazon have emerged (2)/ as the most sought-after company (3)/ where Indian professionals want to work. (4)

    1. STAR NEWS


  8. Dave was supposed to (1)/ go to Coimbatore today to attend (2)/ a function but he complains of (3)/ uneasiness last night and had to be taken to AIIMS. (4)

  9. Kerala was one of the first states (1)/ in the country to develop a (2)/ transgender policy that aims to (3)/ bring it into the mainstream by offering jobs and reservations. (4)

    1. 4

      it=> them [them for transgender]

  10. Manpreet Singh has been named the captain (1)/ of the Indian hockey team that will leave (2)/ for Germany’s 3 Nations Invitational Tournament, (3)/ followed of England’s World League Semifinal. (4)

    1. 4

      followed of=> followed by

  11. WhatsApp suffered a (1)/ global outage on Wednesday, (2)/ by users reporting problems (3)/ accessing the app. (4)

    1. gomathy priya

      222 outrage?

  12. Those who have RBI Exam tomorrow, Error spotting asked was very easy. So read calmly, you will get sure answers .

    1. Adi Nene

      Mam you forgot to mention 1,2,3,4

        1. Adi Nene

          Just kidding mam,as u posted this inflow with error sentences,so I played little sense of humour

  13. Pushing the boundaries (1)/ for budget and time, solo travellers (2)/ today are more than willing (3)/ to explore and experiment. (4)

    1. 2

      for=> of [you push the boundary of something]

  14. At the inauguration of a hospital in Surat recently, (1)/ Prime Minister Narendra Modi announced his government’s (2)/ intend to bring in a law whereby doctors (3)/ will have to prescribe only generic medicines. (4)

      1. gomathy priya

        intention or bring out?

    1. 3

      intend=> intent ; intend is uses as verb; intent is noun. Here the word is used as a noun. So intent is correct.

      1. gomathy priya

        mam,intention also correct?

  15. Researchers have cracked the mystery of how (1)/ our body quickly prevents an infection from spread uncontrollably (2)/ during wound healing, an advance that may lead to (3)/ new ways to counteract harmful bacteria. (3)

  16. Property developer is liable for compensating the (1)/ homebuyer in any loss or damage caused due to false statement (2)/ made in the prospectus or notice of advertisement (3)/ or in relation to the model apartment. (4)

    1. 2

      in any loss=> for any loss. You compensate for a loss.

  17. This magazine article (1)/ gives some useful advice in (2)/ what to look for (3)/ when shopping for a used car. (4)

  18. The South African activism and a (1)/ successful anti-indenture movement made (2)/ Gandhi a special person amongst (3)/ the oppressed population for India. (4)

  19. Since 2014 India has been seen (1)/ a consistent attack on institutions (2)/and people who have spoken (3)/ against the government. (4)

    1. gomathy priya

      At the inauguration of a hospital in Surat recently, (1)/ Prime Minister Narendra Modi announced his government’s (2)/ intend to bring in a law whereby doctors (3)/ will have to prescribe only generic medicines.
      for this mam, intention also correct ?

      1. yes it can be used
        intent or intention

    2. gomathy priya

      1111 seeing

    3. 1

      seen=> seeing.. continuous tense

  20. The new ordinance that empowers RBI (1)/ to nudge banks in deal with stressed assets (2)/ will improve transparency (3)/ and provide higher assurance when dealing with bad loans. (4)

    1. 2

      banks in deal=> banks to deal.

  21. Fill in the blanks

    In terms of technology, the South Asia Communication Satellite, GSAT-9, launched last Friday, does not ______ much new______ .

    A) live, expectation
    B) break, ground
    C) appears, creativity
    D) finds path

    1. B

      break new ground- do something innovative and beneficial.

  22. In the ________ of the shootings at the school, many of the children experienced frequent, ______ nightmares.

    A) aftermath, terrible
    B) impact, trivial
    C) outcome, mean
    D) eventuality, stunning

    1. A

      aftermath- the consequences or after-effects of a significant unpleasant event.

  23. The ship was ______ ashore after being ________ by the waves for days on end.
    A) kept, thrashed
    B) drained, thrashed
    C) brought, hydrated
    D) washed, battered

    1. D

      battered- injured by repeated blows

  24. Students’ ________ for handing assignments in late range from the __________ to the hilarious.
    A) apology, funny
    B) excuse, damaging
    C) justifications, bizarre
    D) request, singular

    1. C

      bizzare- very strange or unusual.

  25. The body’s organs are ____ by blood, which ______ nutrients in exchange for waste products from cells.
    A) treated, charges
    B) fed, provides
    C) checked, absorbs
    D) affected, marks
    E) changed, stimulates

          1. Keep calm !!

            93 yaar 😐
            par hoga nhi I am damn sure

  26. While the impacts of air pollution on health have become a cause of growing _______to people all around the world, the actual mechanics of exactly how dirty air makes people sick are not clearly _______.
    A) reality, visible
    B) population, seen
    C) concern, understood
    D) worry, marked
    E) production, shown

  27. The unfortunate fact is that much of science reporting is a ______ of ideologically driven junk science, hyped research, or thick, technical jargon that almost no one can_______.
    A) representation, include
    B) game, create
    C) web, digest
    D) morass, understand
    E) place, comprehend

    1. D

      morass- a complicated or confused situation

  28. Each year, ______ Christmas trees are _____ with a bright, ornamental star meant to represent the Star of Bethlehem, the star that led the Three Wise Men to the birthplace of Jesus Christ.
    A) many, decorate
    B) numerous, completed
    C) decorated, hit
    D) lucky, tightened
    E) countless, topped

      1. gomathy priya

        111 if it are decorated

    1. E) countless, topped

      If it were A, it should have been decorated

  29. Thats all for today

    GN 🙂

    1. Adi Nene

      Ty mam gud night

    2. gomathy priya

      thank u mam:) gnt:))

    3. Keep calm !!

      ty mam 🙂

    4. Garima

      Thnq Mam
      Gudnyt :))


    Rs 10,000 invested in 2 parts. 1 part at 10% compound interest, 2nd part at 20% compound interest. Total amount received at the end of 2 years is given. Find the amount invested at 10% rate of interest.


    1. Keep calm !!

      star :)))

    2. Keep calm !!

      exam tha aj ??

      1. 【Acheiver】

        Good mng mam:)

        1. Keep calm !!

          gm harsh 🙂

          1. 【Acheiver】

            Kaisa hua rbi?

          2. Tumhari naaani !!

            tum btao

          3. 【Acheiver】

            Mera na tha

          4. Tumhari naaani !!

            kuch jyada hi easy tha 😐 hum to direct out ho gye isme bhi

          5. 【Acheiver】

            Kyuuuuuiii naaniji?

          6. Tumhari naaani !!

            alee bus 90+ hi ho paaye
            socha tha 100 krenge but huye nhi

          7. 【Acheiver】

            Omg or kya bachchr ki jaan lovge????

          8. Tumhari naaani !!

            boht easy tha na 😐
            100 krke bhi dar hi lgega

          9. 【Acheiver】

            Hahahha…sahi kiya maine na fill kiya

          10. Tumhari naaani !!

            logo ke kinne attempt huye btao to

          11. jyotika

            What about u ambika.

          12. Tumhari naaani !!

            what about me mam :))))

          13. jyotika

            Ambika yaar dont call me mam…when i was first time met u here ..u were mod here and u always be my best friend i srry for ur 93 attempt 🙁

          14. Tumhari naaani !!

            Ok no pblm dear :))
            And don’t be sorry,, main 2-3 ques me fas gyi thi to nhi ho paya achhe se 🙂 btw Good luck for u 🙂

          15. jyotika

            U have also nice attempt ambkia..but i think seat in punjab is quite low i think so keep faith in god and my best wishes for u .:)

          16. Tumhari naaani !!

            haan 7 only 🙂
            but never mind..I have bigger plans now :))

          17. 【Acheiver】

            Abhi kisi se pucha hi nhi bss tumse hi baat krta na..or kisi se nhi krta

          18. Tumhari naaani !!

            thankyou 😀

          19. 【Acheiver】

            Welcm .chalo ab so jao thak gaye hoge aaj.good nyt

          20. Tumhari naaani !!

            main thakne wale lazy logo me se nhi hun :))
            abhi bhi full energy me hun ..pdhenge ab next level ke liye ,,bank exam sab khatm aj ke baad 🙂

          21. 【Acheiver】

            Hahahhaha.gud gud….. Clerk not filled??

          22. Tumhari naaani !!

            naa ji 🙂

          23. 【Acheiver】

            Ohjj .aap to po bali mam ho .clerk to hmmm bachhon k liye hai

          24. Tumhari naaani !!

            are esa nhi hai 😐
            uss din main yhan CA quiz kra rhi thi or

          25. Tumhari naaani !!

            1 am pe pta chla ki last date nikl gyi payment krne ki 😛

          26. 【Acheiver】

            Or m pay ment krna bhul agyi ..hai na?

          27. Tumhari naaani !!

            hmmmm 🙂

          28. 【Acheiver】

            Okay bbye sanam bali mam..good nyt:))

    3. 【Acheiver】

      Ye kaisa ques h?

    4. STAR NEWS

      @Shubhra_AspirantsZone:disqus mam

      jara batayai yai question ://

      1. Keep calm !!

        ques complete nhi hai

    5. The question is not complete
      Total amount received at the end of 2 years is given. – Some value was given here
      Then you can solve

      1. Keep calm !!

        isme one amount given thi mam
        this is incomplete ques


    Rs X invested at 5% simple interest for 3 years. Total amount received given. If same amount X is invested at 4% simple interest for 4 years, find amount received.

    1. 【Acheiver】

      Ye bhi missing bala hai:|||

  32. Marry..

    108 litres pure milk in a can. 36 litres milk taken out, same amount of water added. Now 15 litres of mixture taken out, and 7 litres of water added. Water constitutes what % of the total mixture now?????/


    RBI assistant KO kaise tackle kare bata do
    Bhahut tension ho rahi

    1. Paladin

      araam se do bhaii….

  34. jyotika

    Paper was very easy did only 98 frm Up…any one from up plzz share ur attempt

    1. Tumhari naaani !!

      which shift ??

      1. jyotika

        Last shift..and urs..?.

        1. Tumhari naaani !!


          1. Paladin

            matalb tum bhi 98.. ya pure 100..?

          2. Tumhari naaani !!

            naa ji mere jraa kam hain inse 🙂

    2. STAR NEWS

      hai bagwan 2 kiskai liya bachaya

      1. Tumhari naaani !!

        oyee tum reply ni de rhe ???

        1. hapusingh

          hello akdu nanni !!!

          1. Paladin

            Network issue ….

          2. Tumhari naaani !!

            hi hapu singh :))

        2. STAR NEWS


          nahi dekha ji

          1. hapusingh

            hello madam

          2. STAR NEWS

            bhakkk paglet carlose

          3. hapusingh

            mane kya kha apko

          4. Tumhari naaani !!

            ambika here 🙂

      2. jyotika

        Time over…dear…28 ques of eng in last 12 min

        1. STAR NEWS

          error kaisa tha bata jaraa ://

          1. jyotika

            Very easy as compare to ibpsclerk or sbi clerk pre

          2. STAR NEWS

            ohhh not compare kya kya tha wo batawoo yrr L:///

          3. jyotika

            U means question

          4. Paladin

            Han unko pura qusn hi bata do…
            jo jo aayatha….

          5. jyotika

            Yes m trying to recall it wait @Star news

          6. Paladin

            Ty…. behalf of star news

          7. STAR NEWS


          8. jyotika

            RBI Assistant Questions Asked 1st Slots – English Language
            Reading Comprehension – Based on Moral Story of “a Boy & a Master”
            The Questions asked were:
            Q1) How was the behaviour of master.
            Q2) Which of the following is true in context of passage.
            Q3) When boy reached home, how was his feelings.
            Q4) What the synonyms of “Off”?
            Q5) What the synonyms of “Comment”?
            Q6) What the antonyms of “Capital”?
            RBI Assistant Questions Asked in 1st Slot- Numerical Ability
            Number Series – Find the next number in the given series.
            24, 10, 8, 10, 18, ? Ans – 43
            4, 17, 40, 71, 108, ? Ans – 149
            6, 14, 25, 184, ?
            17, 38, 80, 164, ?
            5, 18, 57, 174, ?
            Two taps can fill a tank in 10 & 20 hours respectively and one can empty in 40 hours. Total how much time will it take to fill up the tank, if all the taps are open.
            RBI Assistant Questions Asked 1st Slot – Reasoning Ability
            Alphabetical Series – ARC, GHR, UJI, KOI like this pattern was given and 5 questions were asked on it as mentioned below:

            If from given arrangement every consonant replaced with previous letter and vowels are changed with next letter then how many words will be there having at least 1 vowel?
            If S is added in front of all the word then how many can form a meaningful word?
            Number Series – only number series was given and it was asked

            How many 5’s are there which are immediately followed & preceded by whole square?
            How many 3’s are there which are preceded & followed by even number?
            Floor Puzzle – 8 person L,M, N, O, P, Q, R, S live on eight different floors from lower 1 to top 8. L lives on odd number floor but not 5 . There is one person live between L and R . R is below L. Three person live between Q and O . Q lives one floor above L as well as above O. S live one of floor above Q . Neither N nor Q lives in top floor. One person live between S and M.
            The Questions Asked were:

            Who lives on top floor?
            Who lives on bottom floor?
            Who lives immediate above of O floor?
            Who lives just below of R?
            Who lives on the floor just above of 3rd floor?
            Circular Arrangement – 8 persons sitting in a circle, all facing towards center.

            Syllogism – The Qs asked are:

            No papaya is coffee.
            No sweet is papaya.
            No coffee is sweet.
            All sweets are coffee.
            All story are awards.
            All rewards are story.
            All rewards are awards.
            All awards are story.
            Some peacock are plants.
            All bushes are plants.
            At Least some peacock are bushes.
            Some peacock are not bushes.
            All bogus are glasses.
            No cup is a glass.
            No bogus is a cup.
            At Least some glasses are bogus.
            All hills are doors.
            All entrances are windows.
            No gate is a door.
            At Least some hills are gates.
            No gate is an entrance.
            RBI Assistant Questions Asked in Prelims 2nd Slot – 27th November 2017

            #1. RBI Assistant Prelims Questions Asked 2nd Slot – English
            Reading Comprehension – Based on story of “Rickshaw man and his brother. “
            Antonyms & Synonyms – Wild, Mind, Straight
            #2. RBI Assistant Prelims Questions Asked 2nd Slot – Quant
            From 20 litre of pure milk, 8 litre is taken out and filled with same amount of water. Then again 8 litre is taken out from the mixer and filled with pure water. What is ratio of milk and water in final mixture?
            Number Series – Find the next number in the given series.
            6, 5, 7, 12.5, 27, ?
            3, 18, 35, 56, 83, ?
            7, 6, 10, 27, ?, 515
            45, 49, 40, 56, 31, ?
            11, 29, 65, 137,? , 369
            #3. RBI Assistant Prelims Questions Asked 2nd Slot – Reasoning
            Scheduling Puzzle – based on days (Mon to Sat).
            Linear Arrangement – People sitting in a row, all facing toward north.
            RBI Assistant Questions Asked in Prelims 3rd Slot – 27th November 2017

            #1. RBI Assistant Prelims Questions Asked 3rd Slot – English
            Reading Comprehension – Based on moral story of “A old woman & child”. It was lengthy & time consuming.
            Antonyms – “Late”
            Synonyms – “Well”
            #2. RBI Assistant Prelims Questions Asked 3rd Slot – Quant
            Number Series – Find the next number in the given series.
            134, 142, 115, 179, 54, ?
            7, 16, 30, 48, 69, ?
            5, 8, 14, 25, ?
            152, 76, 38, 19, ?, 27
            16, 33, 67, 135, ?, 543
            #3. RBI Assistant Prelims Questions Asked 3rd Slot – Reasoning
            Statement – All hotel are rooms. Some Rooms are floors.
            Conclusion: i) All hotel are floor.
            ii) No floor is hotel.
            Linear Arrangement – 7 People A, B, C, D, E, F, G are sitting in a single row, all facing north. B sits third from the left end. Only one person sits between B & L. Only 3 persons sits between C & A. E sits immediate right of A. As many right of E as left of F. D is second to the right of F.
            Scheduling Puzzle – 7 People, 7 Month based (Jan, Feb, March, April, Sep, Oct, Dec)

          9. STAR NEWS

            arai english error puca yarrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr

            kya kya tha

          10. jyotika

            Wo yaad nahi hai google kar lo…other wise ambika se puch lo she was in same shift ..

          11. hapusingh

            sbi me kitne baje branch bandh hota hai?

          12. jyotika

            Join tho karne do dear sab bata dungi 🙂

          13. hapusingh

            koi nahi mauj kijye

          14. jyotika

            I hope it help u @STAR NEWS..

          15. Paladin


          16. MERAKI

            eng was at its best..super easy…u can attempt all.

          17. Paladin

            kebe achhi exam tumara??

          18. Paladin

            bhala heachhi na?

          19. Paladin

            kan athi samstey.. sir /madam
            nahle bhaii bhaunaii daknti…

          20. MERAKI

            what’s ur name….now direct name..

    3. MERAKI

      mam ur an sbipo na…den why rbiasst ?

      1. Paladin

        Rbi has no public deal unlke SBI

      2. jyotika

        Don’t u think priyanka rbi is far better than sbi…even it is clerk.?

        1. MERAKI

          yeh bhi thik mam:)

    4. ครђ

      Wahh.. 😀 chaa gaye ji

      1. jyotika

        Ty ashu:) kaha they etne dino se paper kaisa rha …or inbox kiya tha tumko hang pe aao

        1. ครђ

          Was lil busy 🙂
          ok aata hun



    1. Paladin

      kemiti hela exam bhai??

      1. RaMpAgE

        Kau exam 2 ta hela

          1. Paladin

            auu 2 nd ta kan thila?

          2. RaMpAgE

            Ibps bro I can’t say about that 🙁

          3. Paladin

            ok… NP….

          4. hapusingh

            sect wise attempt?

          5. RaMpAgE

            Ibps or rbi??

          6. hapusingh

            both batao

          7. RaMpAgE

            Quant-21 (rbi)

          8. RaMpAgE

            Aur Ibps to pucho hi maat ma apko baad ma inbox kardunga attempts

          9. Paladin

            kan pura 110 karidelaki bhai??

          10. RaMpAgE

            Bhai pura bakwas heichi

          11. Paladin

            oh… ok…chaliba RBI is better than ibps…

  36. RaMpAgE

    Can I say 100 in rbi??

    1. Paladin

      yes, you can…

      1. RaMpAgE

        Lol I haven’t I was kidding :p

        1. Paladin

          aur me kya sachh bol rahha tha bhai…

          1. RaMpAgE

            Hehe mane to 98 dekha niche they should try for IMF or WB lol

          2. Paladin

            kichhi kuhani bhai… dara laguchhi suniki…


    No papaya is coffee.
    No sweet is papaya.
    No coffee is sweet.
    All sweets are coffee.

      1. Paladin

        happu bhaii Namastey

        1. hapusingh

          nmastey sir ,rbi kiasa gaya

          1. Paladin

            nahi tha bhaii….

        1. Tumhari naaani !!

          yaah 🙂

          1. Paladin

            kesa gya exam…?

          2. Tumhari naaani !!

            theek thak tha
            tough hoga to hum logo ka kuch ho bhi par jab itna easy ho to sabse jyada kabaada humara hota

          3. Paladin

            arey koina clear hojqyega..
            main ka dekhoo ab tum..

          4. Tumhari naaani !!

            7 seats hain yaar :((

          5. ครђ

            ro kyu rahi ho ek tumhare naam kardi jaao 😀

          6. Tumhari naaani !!


          7. Paladin

            Ruko danda lekar aata hun.. us urgit patel ko deta hun… ab…

          8. Tumhari naaani !!


          9. ครђ

            Nani ji maam maam 😀

          10. Tumhari naaani !!

            aleee maam maaam betaaa ashuuu 🙂
            jug jug jiyoo betaa :p

          11. ครђ

            Buddhi q bani hui ho aaj :p

          12. Tumhari naaani !!

            koi mast naam ni mil rha tha
            soch rhi hun lady deadshot ban jaaun ek hutiye ko gaali dene ka boht man hai mera 😛

          13. ครђ

            ohh to call pe dedo na… 😀

          14. Tumhari naaani !!

            khikhi 😛
            yhi krna pdega ab to wese bhi silently log dekhte hi rehte msg mil hi jayega usko

          15. ครђ

            oh hii Jyotuu :))
            wo baaki ke 2 ques kyu nahi kiye ? 😀

          16. Paladin

            RBI ki respect kiya…

          17. ครђ

            Haha haan :p

            Hum Boys bejjati karke aatey hain 😀

          18. jyotika

            Yaar eng main reh gaye …12 min only 28 so saddd 🙁

          19. Tumhari naaani !!

            mene 9 min me eng ki 😐
            bus quants weak mera:(

          20. ครђ

            tumse kisi ne pucha? :p

          21. Tumhari naaani !!

            depression me hun main aj 😛

          22. ครђ

            :p lolz tumne paper attempt to kiya kuch log to bechare centre tak hi nahi pahuch paye unka socho kya beet rahi hogi dil pe

          23. jyotika

            I think they don’t want to give exam lolzz

          24. Tumhari naaani !!


          25. jyotika

            Oooooooo plzz ashu leave it ..she is feeling not well today:l

          26. ครђ

            ok Jyotu :))

          27. jyotika

            Gud ambika ..wrk on ur quant
            I know u r d best among us:)

          28. ครђ

            haan soooooooooooooooooo sad 😀 tum girls ka yahi rehta hai 93 karo ya 98 so sad :/

          29. jyotika

            No really yaar time over 🙁

          30. ครђ

            koi nahi next tym 😀

          31. STAR NEWS

            Ditoo ://///////////////////////////////////

          32. STAR NEWS

            4th shift series and puzzle kisi ki pass..

    1. Paladin

      it’s punit…… not pooohnit… :d

      1. RaMpAgE

        Han bro I know but its according to his disqus id name :p

  38. Paladin

    Good Night All…… 🙂

    1. Tumhari naaani !!

      Gooood Night Sid……p

      1. Paladin

        han ab yahi style sabko sikhadena.. …

          1. Paladin

            ye kesa DP auur naam rakha he…

  39. jyotika

    @ashu plzz chek ur inbox dear:)

    1. STAR NEWS

      Erro yad aya kya kya tah exam mai

      1. Tumhari naaani !!

        tumhara exam kab hai star frnd 🙂

          1. Tumhari naaani !!

            to sad kyun ho 🙂
            achha hoga don’t worry ..and U forgot me ???

          2. STAR NEWS

            NO u nai name change ker liya ://

          3. Tumhari naaani !!

            to kya hua :))

            pehchan to sakte hi ho..pehle mujhe dhoondhte huye hi aate the idhar tum

        1. STAR NEWS

          Erro batao Na yr ://

          1. Tumhari naaani !!

            error only 5 hi the dear
            baaki sentence improvement the or boht easy the

      2. jyotika

        Apni id do main yaad aaya tho de dungi ..other wise ambika se puch lo …we are in same shift okuu:))

    2. ครђ

      sry hang hogaya tha lappy… wait

      1. jyotika

        Oteee…m waiting there


    A person covered some distance by car A at ‘X’ km/hr in ‘X’ minutes. He covered remaining part by car B at 23 km/hr in 15 hours. he covered total distance 480 km. Find X… (Note that X minutes is given here – convert to hours)

    1. RV@DON


  41. GujjU PoOH_N!T


      1. GujjU PoOH_N!T

        kitne kiye

        1. @【*

          Apka score kya h

          1. @【*

            AP GUJARAT HO NA

          2. @【*


          3. GujjU PoOH_N!T

            kuch jyada bol dia apne

    1. RaMpAgE

      bhai kal se dhund raha hun teko

      1. GujjU PoOH_N!T

        ohh kesa hua xam apka

  42. Always smile

    Hello..kausa hua sabka rbi

  43. RV@DON

    Sir quants and resonning quiz v karwaya karo please

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