English: Cloze Test for upcoming exams – Set 76

Fill in the blanks choosing the word that is most appropriate in the context of the passage

Plenty of other European banks—in far better nick than poor old Monte dei Paschi, which is overloaded with bad loans—are ___(1)___ that they too may eventually have to find more capital. They have spent years plumping up ___(2)___ that the financial crisis showed to be worryingly thin, but fear that proposed adjustments to Basel 3, the latest global standards, will require more. The Basel Committee on Banking Supervision, which draws up the standards, had hoped to agree on the revisions by the end of 2016. It’s not there yet: on January 3rd an ___(3)___ meeting of central-bank governors and supervisors, to approve the changes, was postponed.

The amendments are intended to reduce the variation in banks’ own calculations of risk-weighted assets (RWAs), largely by restricting their use of in-house models. Under Basel rules, the ratio of a bank’s equity to its RWAs are a key gauge of its strength: if lenders are too sanguine about risk, their estimated RWAs will be too low and their reported capital ratios misleadingly high.

The main ____(4)___ to an agreement is the committee’s proposal of an “output floor”—a lower bound for banks’ RWAs—calculated as a percentage of the figure churned out by a “standardised” method. The higher the percentage, the ___(5)___ the standard: a first version of the proposals suggested 60-90%; a failed compromise last month proposed gradually raising it to 75% over four years, starting in 2021.

  1. A) murmuring
    B) grumbling
    C) erupting
    D) clubbying
    E) fickling
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      Option B
    grumbling = a complaint or protest
  2. A) agitation
    B) deterioration
    C) cushions
    D) displeasure
    E) divulge
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      Option C
    plump up cushions = fluffing up the support system
  3. A) imminent
    B) brewing
    C) extraneous
    D) detached
    E) haughty
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      Option A
    imminent = about to happen
  4. A) threat
    B) nigh
    C) obstacle
    D) proximate
    E) subsequent
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      Option C
    obstacle = barrier
  5. A) snugger
    B) tenser
    C) soberer
    D) weaker
    E) tighter
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      Option E

Fill in the blanks choosing the word that is most appropriate in the context of the passage

Through a combination of research and development to develop higher yielding varieties, better agronomic practices, and improved agriculture ___(1)____ services, higher yields are within reach even while using the same amount of water. India can also consider the potential of biotechnology. A recent vision document from the Indian Council of Agricultural Research has a clearly defined the objective of sustainable increase in agriculture productivity through genetic improvement of food crops. Second, micro-irrigation ___(2)___ greater attention. According to WRG, drip irrigation in India has a technical potential to cover 37 million hectares by 2030, up from only around 2.5 million ha in 2005. Drip irrigation is ___(3)___ not only for horticulture crops but also for water ___(4)___ crops like sugarcane and cotton. A study by the National Mission on Micro-Irrigation shows a 22 per cent to 40 per cent saving in water across different horticulture crops. The same study shows a saving of up to 20 per cent and 40 per cent in sugarcane and cotton respectively. These figures represent significant water saving and therefore it is vital that greatest importance is ___(5)___ to micro-irrigation. Third, water saving agronomic practices can be readily implemented. The most obvious example of this practice is direct seeding of rice. An International Rice Research Institute paper, which reviewed 44 studies from different countries, showed 12 per cent — 33 per cent lower irrigation water use in direct seeded rice than in flooded transplanting. As most rice in India is grown using transplantation, it is important that the practice of direct seeding is encouraged.

  1. A) developmental
    B) propagative
    C) sweeping
    D) extraordinary
    E) extension
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      Option E
    extension services = additional services
  2. A) demands
    B) deserves
    C) warrants
    D) acquires
    E) faults
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      Option B
  3. A) seasonal
    B) felicitious
    C) relative
    D) relevant
    E) weighty
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      Option D
    relevant = pertinent; closely connected
  4. A) exhaustive
    B) profound
    C) intensive
    D) fierce
    E) violent
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      Option C
    intensive = concentrated on a single object
  5. A) fastened
    B) fixed
    C) related
    D) attached
    E) annexed
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      Option D

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