English: Fill in the Blanks Set 6

Last year SBI and IBPS exams introduced English New Pattern Questions. With this RBI also introduced English New Pattern Questions. The type of following questions were asked in RBI Assistant Main Exam held on January 24, 2017.

In each of the following questions three statements are given with a missing word in each. You have to fill the blanks of first two statements with the first word of the option and the blank of the third statement with the second word of the option.

  1. (i) The North Korean regime has recently issued orders to search for a _____ place to erect Kim Jong Un’s solo ‘mosaic mural’ in each province.
    (ii) The debate whether women are _____ for direct combat role has been raging on for quite some time now.
    (iii) During the concert, the opera singer’s resonant voice _____ across the stage.
    A) better, impeached
    B) massive, announced
    C) suitable, vibrated
    D) alternative, rested
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    Option C

  2. (i) Yesterday, evidence was presented and the jury was asked to determine a _____.
    (ii) There is likely to be no Jallikattu this Pongal in Tamil Nadu, with the Supreme Court today saying that it will not be able to give _____ on allowing the bull taming sport by Saturday, when the harvest festival will be held.
    (iii) Since the soldiers have not seen their families in a long time, their _____ is at an all-time low.
    A) verdict, morale
    B) situation, confidence
    C) possibility, strength
    D) base , body
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    Option A

  3. (i) President Donald Trump’s _____ to scale back regulatory controls in the financial industry would be detrimental to everybody, according to the President of Germany’s financial regulator.
    (ii) I give my _____ that I will quit smoking.
    (iii) Models for the cosmetic company were required to use a _____ in order to have flawless skin for the commercials.
    A) decision , magic
    B) pledge , salve
    C) reason , criteria
    D) validity , mirror
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    Option B

  4. (i) New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio’s senior _____ in Washington, D.C., has resigned, a shake-up that comes amid growing concerns about possible funding cuts under President Donald Trump.
    (ii) To that end, the agency’s _____ policy is to “encourage publication and presentation of research findings in peer-reviewed, professional, or scholarly journals and at professional meetings.”
    (iii) Even though I knew the snake was not dangerous, my inborn _____ caused me to scream.
    A) representative, instinct
    B) formal , fear
    C) official, inclination
    D) advocate , aim
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    Option C

    Inclination – the tendency to act or feel a certain way about something or someone
  5. (i) Microsoft will continue to invest over $1 billion annually on cyber _____ research and development in the coming year.
    (ii) Japan is unlikely to embrace China as a _____ partner or build its own nuclear weapons, despite growing alarm about the fate of its treaty alliance with the United States under the presidency of Donald Trump.
    (iii) The school counselor spoke to our class about the _____ of goals after high school.
    A) relation , achievement
    B) breach , tendency
    C) security , attainment
    D) dominant , validity
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    Option C

  6. (i) Primary Industries Minister Nathan Guy is seeking public comment on a _____ to relocate up to six salmon farms in the Marlborough Sounds to locations with better environmental and economic outcomes.
    (ii) After almost two years of study and discussion, Long Beach lawmakers on Tuesday night killed a _____ to add international flights to Latin America at the city’s commercial airport.
    (iii) Since we don’t know when we’ll _____ to live, we should live each day as though there is no tomorrow.
    A) inventory, end
    B) meeting , see
    C) night , permit
    D) proposal , cease
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    Option D

  7. (i) An important _____ was announced on Tuesday morning about the way that the UK can officially start the process to leave the European Union (EU).
    (ii) London Welsh are “extremely disappointed” by the Rugby Football Union’s _____ to expel them from the Championship and the professional game.
    (iii) Older people who are unfamiliar with computer technology often have a/ an _____ to it.
    A) verdict , priority
    B) decision , aversion
    C) reason , love
    D) priority , peace
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    Option B

    Aversion – a feeling of disgust toward something with a desire to avoid it
  8. (i) A small but powerful group of women opted to forgo pussy hats in favor of braiding their hair _____ in a unique display of solidarity at the U.S.-Mexico border on Inauguration Day.
    (ii) As we’ve seen on social media, this couple and their family have all created one big happy family that even vacations _____.
    (iii) Mechanics hooked up my car to a diagnostic machine to _____ me that my car’s transmission was not working properly and would need to be replaced.
    A) together , reassure
    B) fast , assure
    C) after , ensure
    D) tight , enable
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    Option A

  9. (i) President Xi Jinping’s signature foreign policy _____ envisions a new wave of global growth spurred by roads and rail links spanning some of the poor regions such as east India, Africa and Central Asia.
    (ii) The Violent Crime _____ was coordinated by the New Jersey State Police Fugitive Unit at the request of the New Jersey Office of the Attorney General in an effort to further suppress violent crimes throughout the state.
    (iii) Because Abby came from a wealthy family, it was not surprising she looked at homeless people with_____ .
    A) redressal , grace
    B) initiative , contempt
    C) offence , disgust
    D) status , love
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    Option B

    Contempt – the feeling of intense dislike and a lack of respect for someone/something.
  10. (i) The South Africa passport is a nice one to have if you are travelling in Africa, but it’s less _____ when you have international aspirations.
    (ii) Freedom of expression is _____ to me.
    (iii) When he could not _____ why he stayed out past curfew, the teen’s parents took his car for a month.
    A) competitive , prove
    B) evident , proof
    C) seen , appear
    D) valuable , rationalize
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    Option D

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