English: Odd Sentence Set 3

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From this year, SBI PO and IBPS PO introduced new set of questions in English section in Main Exam. These relate to the earlier asked Parajumbled sentences. But there is a little change. Practice these as the upcoming exams can also surprise you with new pattern.

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The following questions contain five sentences as options. Find one sentence which does not relate to the central theme of the passage made by remaining four sentences.

  1. A) Therefore solar power can’t help in catering to the requirement of electric power during evening hours, when the power demand peaks.
    B) A distinctive characteristic of solar power is that it can be generated only during the mid-day hours when the sun is up in the sky.
    C) Sun has been assumed to be perfectly sphere of hot plasma and energy is produced by nuclear fusion in the core region.
    D) In fact, solar capacity should not be counted when working out the generating capacity requirement for meeting the projected peak demand.
    E) As we move towards ‘electricity for all’, the power demand during evening hours would keep on rising, and conventional generating capacity would require continued enhancement, irrespective of the installation of the solar capacity.
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    Option C

    All except C talks about solar power and electricity demand.
  2. A) Although the bank lends its name to the machine, the ownership and management of more than half the ATMs in the country are with operators who earn fees from banks for every transaction
    B) The ATM industry stands to lose hundreds of crores as banks continue to starve machines of cash.
    C) ATM operators are entities that manage networks on behalf of banks and often make capital investments in these machines.
    D) ATM machines are rarely available in every part of the country and people have to go miles to access the banking services.
    E) As a result, ATM operators are now thinking of petitioning the government for compensation.
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    Option D

    All other sentence are related to ATM machine and its operator
  3. A) Further, banks maintaining currency chests have been asked to make necessary arrangements to facilitate the deposit of SBNs received through linked branches or other branches of banks and post offices.
    B) Demonetization has created chaos in the system and many economist think demonetization a unnecessary step.
    C) RBI has asked banks to report details of deposits of old Rs 500/1,000 notes .
    D) All lenders, including public, private, rural and cooperative banks, have been asked to make arrangements to gather information on deposits of the Specified Bank Notes (SBNs).
    E) With the closure of the facility of exchange of SBNs (defunct notes) as at the close of business on December 30, 2016, all banks should report information on collection of SBNs on December 30, 2016, itself at e-mail
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    Option B

    Sentence B talks about demonetization while all other sentence are about how the Central bank is arranging for the collection of data about the demonetized currency.
  4. A) The malpractices of doctors in private hospitals has become rampant these days which should be stopped at any cost.
    B) From next month, registration will become free for patients who provide their Aadhaar number. Those who cannot provide Aadhaar card they will have to pay of Rs 100 for registration .
    C) Linking of Aadhaar number will also help in achieving the aim of health records portability from one hospital to another .
    D) The move aims at encouraging digital transactions and streamlining patients’ database which otherwise is getting cluttered as many patients misplace documents and OPD cards.
    E) Soon patients who provide Aadhaar card at AIIMS will have their registration charges waived .
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    Option C

    All sentence other than A are related to aadhar card and its benefits in hospitals.
  5. A) What makes this change significant is that the member with experience in school administration, hitherto nominated by schools’ managing committees, will now be nominated by the chairperson of the CBSE.
    B) CBSE schools are popular due to its well qualified principals and dedicated teachers who work round the clock to ensure best result of the students.
    C) Private unaided schools affiliated to the Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE) will no longer be able to appoint principals or heads on their own as the board has empowered itself to monitor such appointments in schools that fall under its ambit.
    D) Also, teachers aspiring to be principals will now have to qualify a Principal Eligibility Test (PET) conducted by the board .
    E) It will now be mandatory for schools to include a CBSE nominee and a state government nominee in their selection committees for principals.
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    Option B

    All the sentence other than B talks about CBSE deciding new norms regarding appointment of principal

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