English: Sentence Fillers Set 1

In each of the following questions a short passage is given with one of the lines in the passage missing and represented by a blank. Select the best out of the five answer choices given, to make the passage complete and coherent.


  1. As the teenager’s mind races and he strategises a route that involves multiple launching pads for superhuman leaps, his mother comes up from behind and orders him to shut down the computer. He has entertained himself enough for the day, with TV, football with his friends, and at least 100 pages of Eragon, re-read for the nth time. Time he got back to his maths. After all, he has do well in his 12th Board exams, do better in assorted entrance exams and prepare himself for a successful life. ………………………………………………………………..This is a routine piece of family drama acted out in most middle-class homes of urban India with much sincere passion on the part of all members of the cast involved.
    A) But he continued to play the game on his console.
    B) The son protests that he has already studied enough for the day.
    C) Board exams are an important part of student life.
    D) Of all the game he liked football the most.
    E) Math’s was his favorite subject among all.
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    Option B

    Keeping in mind the sentence “Time he got back to his maths” And “This is a routine piece of family drama” option B is coherent
  2. Almost all commentators today argue in the same breath about the issues of governance and liberalisation. …………………………………………In other words, liberalisation may or may not be accompanied by good governance. This per se is not surprising as liberalisation implies giving greater importance to market forces while governance involves the working of institutions and provision of public goods. A casual perusal of some statistics for the Indian economy indicates that while liberalisation may be working, good governance has been sadly lacking.
    A) The two are completely dependent on each other
    B) When we talk of liberalization we must ensure that we know what governance means.
    C) Good governance can be obtained by liberalisation
    D) It is difficult to understand the two concepts.
    E) Yet the two are not necessarily related.
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    Option E

    By reading the next statement after the blank In other words, ” liberalisation may or may not be accompanied by good governance. ” it is clear that both may or may not be related hence option E suits the best.
  3. United we stand, divided, we’re Indians. Indians are that divided — into castes, communities, linguistic and ethnic groups, vegetarians, eggetarians, you name it. …………………………………………………………..A tiny fraction of the population is armed with passports or PAN cards issued by the income-tax department. Yet more have ration cards. These days, a still larger number have voter identity cards. Should we still continue to complain about lack of official identity? The real issue is having a unique identity, which cannot be duplicated, either by design or by accident.
    A) Few population is completely against such division but we cannot control everyone.
    B) But we need some genuine identity card to remove this division.
    C) These types of division proves harmful for the better future of the country.
    D) A most potent divide is that between those who have an official identity and those who don’t.
    E) This is only a part of divide that we see in India, there are many other. One of them being the division related to genuine identity.
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    Option D

  4. It is unfortunate that our legislature is incapable of handling economic legislation……………………………, there is now a wide debate on the modalities of implementing the SEZs, something that should have been done before the Act was finalised. As a consequence, as the issue has taken political overtones, there are a lot of arguments for and against SEZs floating around. Yet there is little analytical clarity in many of these arguments.
    A) and legislation does not deserves to have the privilege of passing such a law
    B) We cannot imagine a country where SEZ are unorganized and no Act or law and order is not maintained.
    C) It must learn to do so because Economic zone forms an integral part of business
    D) This is why even after the Model Act enabling states to set up SEZs was passed by Parliament about four years ago
    E) But nothing much can be done in this regard as framing a law regarding economic zone can be bit tricky.
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    Option D

    After reading the next statement after the blank i.e “there is now a wide debate on the modalities of implementing the SEZs, something that should have been done before the Act was finalised” it is clear that the law has already been passed. Hence D is best suited
  5. The stock market may or may not determine the fortunes of the economy but it certainly determines the mood of the media and the general public. The fall in stock markets worldwide last week has created gloom all round. Many wonder whether a major economic crisis is in the offing. Fear not. Stock markets may be in for a bad time but the global economic outlook remains largely unchanged. There is a tendency to readily associate a crash in the stock market with an economic slump. ……………………………………………………………
    A) Crash is readily associated with stock market
    B) But even in bad times stock market can jump up anytime
    C) Stock market are the best source of profit making
    D) But prediction cannot be made in such cases
    E) That is because we have indeed seen such a link several times in the past.
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    Option E

    Only option E correctly explains the previous sentence

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  1. robin

    thank u so much…for these new type fillers
    i think in question no 3 answer should be D because it seems fit in sentence and official identity is clue word

    1. Suraj

      yes u r right.. 🙂 it was typing mistake
      keep learning and rectifying errors if u find more 🙂

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