English: Vocabulary Set 11

The following words are taken from The Hindu Editorial which can be important for the upcoming exams. Add some more words to your vocabulary list.

  1. Belligerenceaggressive or warlike behavior.
    • Synonyms: aggressiveness, animosity, aggression, antagonism
    • Antonyms: friendly, peaceable
    • Usage: The continuous belligerence of North Korea is only one side of the story.
  2. Rhetoric – the art of effective speaking or writing
    • Synonyms: address, bombast, discourse, oratory
    • Antonyms: quiet, conciseness
    • Usage: Modi’s actions have not matched rhetoric, says Washington
  3. Trumpedsurpass (something) by saying or doing something better.
    • Synonyms: aid, asset, authority, avail, blessing
    • Antonyms: block, debt, bad luck, disapproval
    • Usage: But the 45th President of the U.S. trumped those expectations with a speech.
  4. Stark – severe or bare in appearance or outline
    • Synonyms: blunt, simple, abrupt, bald
    • Antonyms: clothed, indefinite, covered
    • Usage: This monsoon may present a stark contrast to the last one
  5. Embrace – accept (a belief, theory, or change) willingly and enthusiastically.
    • Synonyms: grasp, clinch, cradle, enfold
    • Antonyms: free, give, unwrap, unfasten
    • Usage: Trump Will Embrace Hindu Culture.
  6. Carnage – the killing of a large number of people.
    • Synonyms: bloodshed, butchering, extermination, homicide
    • Antonyms: peace
    • Usage: The bombing was timed to cause as much carnage as possible.
  7. Buttress – to give encouragement or support to (a person, plan, etc.)
    • Synonyms: sustain, uphold, reinforce
    • Antonyms: weaken, let down
    • Usage: The political police were the main buttress of the regime.
  8. Throng – fill or be present in great numbers
    • Synonyms: cramped, huddled, packed, populous
    • Antonyms: deserted, empty, imprecise
    • Usage: When the game ended, a throng of fans carried some of the winning players off the field.
  9. Confrontational – tending to deal with situations in an aggressive way
    • Synonyms: adversarial, antagonistic, adverse, disruptive
    • Antonyms: agreeable, passive, gentle, friendly
    • Usage: He distanced himself from the confrontational approach adopted by his predecessor.
  10. Bygone – belonging to an earlier time.
    • Synonyms: ancient, former, departed, defunct
    • Antonyms: alive, existent, modern, recent
    • Usage: The museum consists of a fascinating collection of rural bygones.


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