Mixed English Questions Set 37 (New Pattern)

This set contains important New Pattern English questions for SBI PO, IBPS PO, Clerk , NIACL Assistant and other upcoming exams. New Pattern English Odd Sentence and Fill in the Blanks.

Direction (1-5) : The following questions contain five sentences as options. Find one sentence which does not relate to the central theme of the passage made by remaining four sentences.

  1. A) Ants have all sorts of jobs we normally think of as human, from architect to farmer to insect-in-chief.
    B) Now, scientists are adding one more occupation to that list: chemist.
    C) A new study shows that wood ants protect their colonies from disease by crafting a potent antibiotic “cocktail” made of tree resin and poison from their own bodies.
    D) The finding, one of the most sophisticated examples of animal pharmacology, could explain how some ants evade epidemics.
    E) Now, a new study on the world’s first genetically modified ants finds that ants’ sociality depends on their sense of smell.
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      Option E
    : We can see that All except Option E talks about the physical feature of ant. While Option E talks about sensing feature of ant.
  2. A)  Traditionally, stem cells batches used in a clinical trial can take weeks or months to generate
    B) Three women suffered severe, permanent eye damage after stem cells were injected into their eyes.
    C) One, 72, went completely blind from the injections, and the others, 78 and 88, lost much of their eyesight.
    D) Before the procedure, all had some visual impairment but could see well enough to drive.
    E) The cases expose gaps in the ability of government health agencies to protect consumers from unproven treatments offered by entrepreneurs who promote the supposed healing power of stem cells.
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      Option A
    : Option A talks about the generation of stem cell. While the passage is about how stem cell damaged the eye of two people.
  3. A) In any list of life-saving discoveries, vaccines come near the top.
    B) A deadly disease has been diagnosed in B.C. farmed salmon and linked to a widespread virus.
    C) America, more than 700,000 children born in the two decades to 2013 have avoided premature death because of vaccination.
    D) Yet in many Western countries vaccination rates are faltering and diseases that had nearly disappeared are re-emerging.
    E) In America, Britain and France, among others, vaccination against measles has fallen below the 95% threshold that stops the highly infectious disease from spreading.
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      Option B
    : The passage is about vaccine. While Option B talks about disease, that too in fish.
  4. A) Until the 1970s Nepal’s government allowed only one climbing expedition every year.
    B) Today there is no such cap.
    C) The new technology, developed by Icelandic-based Solfar Studios and visual effects company RVX, has been dubbed Everest VR
    D) Everest is a big draw for Nepal’s $471m tourism industry, the country’s second-biggest foreign-exchange earner after remittances.
    E) This season added $3.1m in climbing fees. Hardly any of it is used to rehabilitate the mountain itself, which is littered with garbage.
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      Option C
    : The passage is about mountain climbing.
  5. A) A new transparent, flexible touchpad can sense the touch of a finger even when the material is stretched or bent, which could help engineers one day create advanced wearable touch screens, according to a new study.
    B) Increasingly, researchers around the world are developing flexible electronics, such as display screens, cameras, batteries and solar panels.
    C) These devices could one day be woven into clothing, prosthetic limbs or even human bodies, the researchers said.
    D) This flexibility in cloth development will be a revolutionary step in
    E) The previously developed devices typically struggled to operate well when they were stretched, which included the material’s inability to distinguish between a touch from a finger and a stretch of the fabric itself.
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      Option D
    : The passage talks about flexible panels. Option D talks about flexibility in cloth.

Direction (6-10): In each of the questions below three statements are given, followed by five words from which some words can fill these blanks to give a meaningful statement. You have to choose the order in which these words must be chosen so as to make a meaning sentence.

  1. a) The success or failure ____any organization can largely be attributed to its leadership.
    b) Having the right kind of leadership that makes the organization sail _____ good or bad times is highly crucial.
    c) When you look at some exemplary leaders, the common thread connecting all these leaders is setting an example for others ______ their exemplary leadership.
    i) in
    ii) above
    iii) of
    iv) by
    v) through
    A) (i), (iii), (v)
    B) (iii), (v), (v)
    C) (v), (ii), (i)
    D) (iv), (v), (iii)
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    Option B
  2. a) The success of an organization is largely defined ____the way its middle management segment functions.
    b) Not many organisations have yet realized the significance of creating a leadership pipeline _____ the organization and not developing enough leaders is an area of concern.
    c) Discovering an employee’s passion, purpose and perspective is very important and hence, it is equally important to groom them ____ leadership roles.
    i) for
    ii) by
    iii) as
    iv) within
    v) among
    A) (iii), (v), (ii)
    B) (v), (ii), (i)
    C) (ii), (iv), (i)
    D) (ii), (ii), (v)
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    Option C
  3. a) It′s difficult to have a dull conversation ______ two of the best captains that world cricket has seen.
    b) RBI has officially lifted all limits on savings bank cash withdrawals _____ the note ban.
    c) Modi must appoint a chief minister ____ gives economic development top priority.
    i) after
    ii) within
    iii) who
    iv) between
    v) that
    A) (ii), (ii), (iii)
    B) (iv), (iv), (v)
    C) (i), (v), (iii)
    D) (iv), (i), (iii)
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    Option D
  4. a) With BJP coming ____ power, development related projects could see a push of up to 40%.
    b) If you don’t have time to assess the utility of an insurance policy or go ______ the fine print, stick to the tried and tested small savings schemes.
    c) Some experts say that tax savings should not be the _____ reason to invest in a particular instrument.
    i) sole
    ii) only
    iii) into
    iv) within
    v) through
    A) (v), (iv), (i)
    B) (iii), (v), (ii)
    C) (v), (iii), (v)
    D) (iii), (iii), (iv)
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    Option B
  5. a) Many parents push their children to invest in low-yield insurance policies _____ these plans had worked well for them.
    b) If the insurance cover is below Rs 5 lakh, the buyer is not put ______ a medical test but asked to submit a declaration about his health condition.
    c) The Reserve Bank of India (RBI) will soon issue new Rs 10 currency _____ enhanced security features.
    i) with
    ii) because
    iii) as
    iv) through
    v) and
    A) (iii), (i), (v)
    B) (ii), (iii), (i)
    C) (ii), (iv), (i)
    D) (iv), (i), (iv)
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    Option C


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