Mixed English Questions Set 87

Directions (1-5): The following questions contain five sentences as options. Find one sentence which does not relate to the central theme of the passage made by remaining sentences.

  1. A) The French nuclear supplier, Areva, went bankrupt a few months earlier and is now in the midst of a restructuring that will cost French taxpayers about €10 billion.
    B) All nuclear reactors produce radioactive waste materials because each fission event involving nuclei of uranium or plutonium gives rise to radioactive elements called fission products.
    C) By all accounts, nuclear power has had a bad year. In March, Westinghouse, the largest historic builder of nuclear power plants in the world, declared bankruptcy, creating a major financial crisis for its parent company, Toshiba.
    D) Its reactor business is being taken over by a clutch of companies, including the public sector Électricité de France, which is itself in poor financial health.
    E) In May, the U.S. Energy Information Administration announced that it expects the share of nuclear electricity in the U.S. to decline from about 20% in 2016 to 11% by 2050.
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    Option B

    B is the odd sentence. The correct sequence is CADE.
    While all other sentences are conveying about financial crisis engulfing major nuclear power companies around the world during the year, B being enunciating the wastage produced by these plants doesn’t match with the theme.
  2. A) Individuals, or even entire professions, get important questions wrong because of error or because of the limitations of a field itself.
    B) They observe a phenomenon or examine a problem, come up with theories and solutions, and then test them. Sometimes they’re right, and sometimes they’re wrong.
    C) The most innocent and most common are what we might think of as the ordinary failures of science.
    D) Experts for their own reasons (usually careerist defences of their own shoddy work) intentionally falsify their results.
    E) How do experts go wrong? There are several kinds of expert failure.
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    Option D
    The correct sequence is ECAB. All other sentences except D are discussing about general causes of experts’ chances of getting wrong , D is directly accusing experts of falsifying things.

  3. A) Alas, a dramatic hearing of the Senate Intelligence Committee on June 8th, involving the sacked FBI director James Comey, risked leaving Americans feeling further from the sunlight than ever, and deeper in a tangled labyrinth of thickets, snares and false trails.
    B) Many of the senators quizzing him, notably the Republican chairman of the intelligence committee, Richard Burr of North Carolina and the panel’s top Democrat, Mark Warner of Virginia, asked crisp, relevant questions with little trace of partisan bias.
    C) Then, says Mr Comey, the president told him that Mr Flynn had not done anything wrong in his calls with Russia, and said: “I hope you can see your way clear to letting this go, to letting Flynn go.”
    D) Try to follow each new allegation about Russian meddling in the 2016 presidential election, and it is easy to feel like a child in a fairy tale, lost in the wild woods.
    E) The players in the Senate hearing room are not to blame. Mr Comey was at once grave but emotional in a very human way, scrupulously non-partisan and often self-deprecating—the very model of a witness.
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    Option C
    The correct sequence is DAEB. The odd sentence is C.
    No specific question is asked to Mr. Comey to which he is replying as given in C .

  4. A) It is almost impossible for the security agencies to detect the attacker until he or she has struck.
    B) In less than three months, Britain alone has experienced three such assaults claiming dozens of lives.
    C) This new method of inflicting terror has further complicated the challenge for the security agencies in the West.
    D) . The two incidents left dozens of people dead and wounded. The perpetrators were all home-grown radicals with their families originating from different Muslim states. Thi
    E) From human bombs to lorries mowing down pedestrians on a crowded street to stabbing bystanders — the militant Islamic State group is using these weapons of choice as it intensifies its terrorist attacks in Europe.
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    Option D
    D is the odd sentence. The correct sequence is AEBC.
    D does not match with the theme of the paragraph as nowhere in the other sentences mentioned about the TWO incidents.

  5. A) “This adds to the evidence that air pollution may have potential harmful effects on neurodevelopment,” the scientists wrote.
    B) Children are at risk of dangerous levels of air pollution in cars because exposure to toxic air is often far higher inside than outside vehicles, a former government chief scientific adviser has warned.
    C) Prof Sir David King, writing for the Guardian, says walking or cycling to school would be much better for children’s health.
    D) The warning comes as the UK government faces a third legal defeat for failing to tackle the country’s illegal levels of air pollution.
    E) “Children sitting in the backseat of vehicles are likely to be exposed to dangerous levels of air pollution,” said King.
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    Option A
    The odd sentence is A) The correct sequence is BDCE.
    There is nowhere mentioned about any scientist so A is out of the context. 

Directions (6-10): Fill in the blanks with appropriate words to complete the sentences

  1. Each track event and field event _____ carefully chosen by the technical committee.
    A) Was
    B) Were
    C) have
    D) None of these.
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    Option A

    Two subjects linked by ‘and ‘usually take plural verb but when they are preceded by each , every or many a , the verb is singular
  2. The recent serial thefts in broad daylight that shocked the public goes to prove that ______ is wrong without internal security system.
    A) Everything
    B) Something
    C) Anyone
    D) None.
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    Option B
  3. The wooden furniture ________ the hall majestically.
    A) Fill
    B) Adorns
    C) Decorated
    D) Make
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    Option B

    Nouns such as poetry, business , furniture , bread , mischief, luggage, information , issue , hair , advice , scenery , abuse , land , machinery etc. do not have a plural form .
  4. The society provides the individual security of life, ____ of thought and sustenance for action. Every individual who ____ from the society is indebted to the society.
    A) quietness , take
    B) placidity , grow
    C) tranquility , yields
    D) serenity, gains
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    Option D

    Serenity – calm, tranquil. Antonym of serenity – agitation
  5. A hobby is an activity of interest ______ for pleasure. It helps to break the monotony and tedium of our routine .
    A) Chased, tired
    B) Tracked , ordinary
    C) Pursued ,humdrum
    D) Followed, lifeless.
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    Option C

    Pursued – to follow or overtake, capture
    Humdrum – boring, lacking variety , dull

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