SBI PO 2020 Success Story by Vivek Mishra

Hello aspirants. Here is the success story of Vivek Mishra. We hope it helps in gaining confidence. 

I am Vivek Mishra, a recently selected SBI PO (2020 BATCH). I would share my short and simple story with you folks.

I initially started preparing for regulatory exams and never really paid attention to SBI and IBPS exams. Casual approach to both while giving the papers and on knowing the results plagued my initial attempts. I missed SEBI GRADE A 2018 by a few marks. So i was confident that I can clear easily in the next attempt. But exam didn’t come out and while waiting for almost 2yrs when it came; a surprise package came together with it- read as Corona. But this time i was in a pickle and owing some financial woes had to apply and study seriously for SBI although I was still cavalier towards IBPS.

My strategy or my advice to fellow aspirants would be as follows-

Pseudo Step 1- Remember this- It is not ass work but analysing everyday your strengths and weaknesses that would steer you across the river of exams that you aim to clear. Do not compare your day 1 to to someone else’s day 500th. Be realistic. For eg- Lets say you are newbie in Cricket and have just started to learn basics of cricket. You have got some brownie points from your coach. You feel good about yourself and think that you are the one and start comparing yourself to Virat or any other established player. But isn’t this comparison utter nonsense and stupidity. Similar is the case here. Even if you are a bit better in one aspect don’t get yourself up too high on the “chane k jhaad”. Breathe!!!

Real Step 1- Start watching and following any good maths, reasoning and English teacher whom you feel easy to grasp. It could be youtube videos or unacademy or any other source. Watch their material at least 3 times. Remember practice is the key. Once is this figure of “3” is done goto step 2.

Step 2- Get practicemock yearly subscription and solve each and every test- whether it is office attendant or SBI po or even RBI. Mark my words. Your goal should be to solve at least 100+ tests. For their solution goto various telegram channels available online wherein you could seek help regarding sums that are too difficult to solve. Once done thoroughly within 6months you will be the king akin to King Kohli😎.

Step 3- For English and General Awareness read daily current affairs from Oliveboard, Adda247 and revise them weekly as well. Once the month is done do A2Z current affairs – at least 5 reads is a must. Later solve as many mock GK Q’s as possible. English writing practice to be started once you have solved at least 50+ mock tests.
For English writing practice, start writing an essay in own words of length approx 200 words from the paper that you solve ( comprehension from the mock tests) once your test is done. After you have written the essay don’t go on posting it on all group to get feedback, just chill and after every two days sit with it and try to simplify it further. One week one essay. For letter writing get Adda247 ebook on essay and letter and understand them to gain insights and practice to become perfect.

Bonus Step 4- My personal touch to make your preparation sublime. For reasoning puzzles and blood relation problems i followed Ankush Lamba and solved his free 600 puzzles. For Quants basics i followed Study Smart’s Chandrahas for basics and for more clarity I followed Ashish Arora. For Reasoning small chapters like inequalities, syllogism, I followed Study Smart. For English just read the newspaper and solve practicemock papers since that much is more than sufficient. Tables 1to 30, cubes 1to30, squares 1to50, prime nos, and fraction to percent and vice versa from 1/1=100% to 1/20=5%. For static GK Adda247 capsules that come just before exams are sufficient.
PS- Get a printout of static now itself well before exams and read it 5+ times.

My parting thoughts to fellow aspirants – When the going gets tough the Tough gets going😎. Live by this motto and when you feel overwhelmed by the circumstances surrounding you repeat this phrase and take a short break of day or two and begin again and never lose hope. As Andy said to Red, I say to you my friend–Hope is a good thing, maybe the best of things and no good thing ever dies.



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