Share your IBPS RRB PO Prelims Exam Experience (09 September 2017)

The IBPS RRB PO Prelim exam has started. It will be held all over India on 9th, 10th and 16th September 2017 in 4 shifts everyday.

Do share your exam experience with us. Share the type of questions asked. It will help the aspirants who are going to write the exam in next shifts.

Kindly share

  • Any questions you remember,
  • The difficulty level of exam,
  • Difficulty level of both sections:  Quantitative Aptitude, Reasoning.

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141 Thoughts to “Share your IBPS RRB PO Prelims Exam Experience (09 September 2017)”

      1. @SBI2017

        yes mam
        not drawn by me, but all same
        attempted 62 in all from HP

        1. good attempts 🙂
          and thankyou 🙂

    1. gomathy priya

      how was north south puzzle and circle puzzle?

      1. @SBI2017

        both were easy, can be solved easily

        1. gomathy priya

          ok. ty

      1. jaga

        Kuch nahi ho paya mam.. puzzle mai fas gya..

        1. yes puzzles me kahin lag jae time to hota h

    1. gomathy priya

      dont lose hope,, still u have chance

    2. Sharabi

      jaga 🙂
      dont loose hope :

      1. jaga

        Bhai har bar esa hin hota hai mere sath..bht unlucky hun mai.

        1. Sharabi

          aisa mt sochoo bhai
          abhi ibps po pre k liye abhi se lag jaoo
          AZ bahot site hai daily folllow krte rhoo
          esbar PO bnoge aap

          1. jaga

            hn bhai is bar job lena hai mujeh..

          2. Sharabi

            dats d spirit 🙂
            gudluck bhai 🙂
            gudnyt 🙂

  1. jaga

    I m out !! Kuch nahi ho paya ..?

    1. HOPE_2017™


      Hope for the best bro!!

      Lets wait and see.

  2. gomathy priya

    how was north south puzzle and circle puzzle?? circle puzzle was inward or outward or both?

    1. north south puzzle was easy, box puzzle too
      haven’t got review about circular one, will share

      1. gomathy priya

        ok mam, north south was single variable or double?

          1. gomathy priya

            ok mam.

          2. heena

            Mam I have done 55 ..any chance???

          3. average attempts are going 50-55 this time
            So, if done with accuracy, chances are there

      2. Sharabi

        mam aise puzzle ka link de dijiye

      3. HOPE_2017™

        Cirlcular one is easy mam

  3. gomathy priya

    how was quadratic equation in maths? i mean using big nos or small nos?

    1. Divaker

      Don’t worry about them there will be only small no

      1. gomathy priya

        ok , hello, how r u ?

        1. Divaker

          M fine Buddy what about you

          1. sneha kumari

            circular puzzle easy aa rahi hai kya??

          2. Divaker

            All puzzle are easy buddy . But go for less possibility

          3. gomathy priya

            fine divaker:)

  4. ? Lovely (star) ???

    plz anyone share todays puzzles and questions

    1. Inaayat

      Today’s puzzle..
      3 boxes are placed between A and B..H is seated immediately below A. There are 2 boxes between H and G.
      There are as many boxes in between C and D as between H and B
      C is seated above D.
      E is seated immediately below D.
      3 boxes are there between E and F..

      1. gomathy priya

        how was circle puzzle?

        1. Inaayat

          2mrw i have exam… circular puzzel was easy got to knw by friend

        2. HOPE_2017™

          Circle one is easy yar… Inside and Outside facing

          1. gomathy priya

            hi hope, exam over?

          2. HOPE_2017™

            haan buddyy.. But not gud with exm 🙂

          3. gomathy priya

            ur attempts?

          4. HOPE_2017™

            hahaha very less buddyyy

          5. gomathy priya

            its ok, last time i attended 45 and got all 45 right, it depends on accuracy. which puzzle u did?

          6. HOPE_2017™

            Cirlcle only

          7. gomathy priya

            okok, quadratic also easy or time consuming?

          8. HOPE_2017™

            Not much time consuming But u shld do speedy calculation…

          9. gomathy priya

            hmm, ok. atb hope:))

          10. gomathy priya

            x^2 +7x+12 = 0.
            y^2 = 16.
            for this cnd is answer? right?

          11. HOPE_2017™



          12. HOPE_2017™

            2days practice max num of Appx and series….

          13. gomathy priya

            ok hope:)) u will clear:)

          14. HOPE_2017™

            hope for the best :))

            Ty,Gud luck :))

          15. gomathy priya

            ty hope:)

          16. HOPE_2017™

            Hi priya 🙂

            Bubli asked me to convey her ATB wishes to u dear…. :))

            ATB :)) From her

          17. gomathy priya

            oh, ty for her and u too for conveying, i also wished her, atb for her. where is she?will she come to any other website?

          18. HOPE_2017™

            No buddyy,she is in touch with me in personal contact yar 🙂

            She not given her exm bcz of health issues ://

          19. gomathy priya

            oh, tc , i hope she will be healthy very soon. she is a good friend for all of us:))

          20. HOPE_2017™

            Haan :))

            Just like u dear :))

          21. gomathy priya

            ty hope:))

          22. HOPE_2017™


            Take rest buddyyy,sleep early 🙂

            Gud nit 🙂

        3. Inaayat

          M,N,O,P,Q,RS and T are sitting around a circle.Some of the persons are facing the center and some are facing outside.
          O sits 2nd to the right of R. R is facing towards the center. There are 2 persons in between O and N. S sits 2nd to the right of O. T sits on the immediate right of N. S an N are facing opposite direction ( if S is facing center then N is facing outside and vice versa). There are 3 persons in between P and Q. Both P and M are not immediate neighbours of R. Q sits 2nd to the right of M. Both T and Q faces opposite direction of O.

          ?There are 7 person A, B,C,D,E,F and G born in 8 diff month Jan, feb, mar, apr, june, aug ,and oct. A born in the month of less than 31 days but not in april. There are 3 person born b/w A and C. B born one of the day after D. No person born b/w B and D. E born one of the day before G. E not born in maximum number of days. No person born b/w G and E.

          ?Eight boxes A,B,C,D,E,F,G and H not in the same order.Three boxes btw A and B.H immediately below A.Two boxes btw H And many boxes BTW H and G are same as BTW C and D.C lives one of the above boxes than D.E lives immediately below D.only three boxes btw E and F.
          ?Quadratic Equations in IBPS RRB Today’s Exam
          x^2 +7x+12 = 0.
          y^2 = 16.

          1. Struggle For One Seat

            thank u

      2. Struggle For One Seat


      3. Oliver Queen

        change the line into
        There are two boxes between H and G. There are as many boxes between C and D as between H and G.

      4. ? Lovely (star) ???

        thanks dear 🙂

        1. HOPE_2017™

          which shft???

          1. ? Lovely (star) ???

            tomorow 1st shift

          2. HOPE_2017™

            Okk :))

            Gud luck buddy :)))

          3. ? Lovely (star) ???

            thanks 🙂

          4. Monkey D Luffy

            hey! how was your exam mate? did it go stupendous?

      5. ? Lovely (star) ???


  5. HOPE_2017™

    Level of paper is Ok!!!!

    Our practice only make us stand with gud num of attms!!!

    I m kindly recommending all the guys who have exam in next shifts,practice max num of Appx and series qstns!

    DI is little bit calculative and i covered only 3-4 working problems only(i cant say more about this section)

    Over all reasoning section is Ok and dnt spend more time on any Puzl

    Finally You dnt face any new type of Pzls/DI/Ect…..!!!!!!

    Ty 🙂

      1. HOPE_2017™

        same as urs buddyyy

          1. HOPE_2017™

            52 :||

          2. jaga

            I m out bhai.. ??

          3. mini

            if accurcy is dre…..thn u r dfintly innnnnn brother

          4. jaga

            No no..never ..last yr cutoff was 57..its not possible.

          5. mini

            vo to last yr ka tha n…….dont be ngtv…is saal vccny is more dn last yr….to may be cutoff km ho jye….in any case dont loose hope n stay positve..n mains ki preprtion strt kr do

          6. jaga

            U r from odisha?

          7. mini


          8. HOPE_2017™

            Bhaiiii :///

            Just cool down brooo…. Life not ends with this exam na!!!!!

            now we shld try to learn what the mistake did…. Dnt loose hope with this yar… now concentrate on main PO buddyyy

      2. mini

        from which state??????

          1. mini

            all the very bst……n dont loose hope!!!!!!

          2. jaga

            Dekh te hai hope…nxt keliye padh na hoga ..?

          3. HOPE_2017™

            Done with exm??

          4. mini


          5. mini

            thnxxxxx…….n dnt wrry u both r goin to gve mains…….

          6. HOPE_2017™

            Kk gud luck

          7. HOPE_2017™

            Go goo and practice

            Utilise these last mnts too :))

          8. mini


  6. the walking dead

    @Shubhra_AspirantsZone:disqus ma’am can you share arithmetic questions asked today?

  7. jaga

    Jinka luck acha hai puzzle jaldi ho jayega …ek hin diagram mai ..

    1. **PUJA**

      Hey kesa hua exam..

        1. **PUJA**

          Kitna kiye ho…hamare state mein iss b jada jaega kya cutoff

          1. jaga

            51…ap kaha se ho

          2. **PUJA**

            Are mu puja…mail re katha heithile na..

        2. Navyaaaa

          ohh i was expecting u ka gud. dnt loose hope.. sabka aisa hi hua h tough tha ppr. mera rrb nhi h IBPS h. jst prepare well. 🙂

  8. Divaker

    Tomorrow Mera exam Hai at 8am shift have to travel for 3 hrs so little bit worried

    1. ? Lovely (star) ???

      thanks mam :))

    2. PHOENIX

      really helpful.. TY ma’am.

      1. HOPE_2017™

        hii :))

          1. HOPE_2017™


            Hwz ur exm dear??

          2. PHOENIX

            Partly good…

          3. HOPE_2017™

            Ohh kk gud :))

            Sry i missed ur rlys :///

          4. PHOENIX

            I didn’t mind

          5. PHOENIX

            U gave last year exam ??? Den how was it compared to dis year ???

          6. HOPE_2017™

            Haan attmtd last yr too 😐

            When compared to last year this time little bit difficult yarrr!!!!

          7. PHOENIX

            Let’s see what future awaits for us..

          8. HOPE_2017™

            Yes :)) we just finished our duty,rest is in god’s hands :))

  9. ? Lovely (star) ???

    Slot1 Number Series
    5, 28, 47, 64, 77, ?
    89, 88, 85, 78, 63, ?
    7, 4, 5, 12, 52, ?
    6, 4, 5, 11, 39, ?
    190, 94, 46, 22, ?, 4

    Slot 2 Number Series
    519, 517, 509, 483, 403,
    27, 38, 51, 68, 87,?
    1094, 365, 122, 41, 14, ?
    7, 3, 2, 2, 4, ?
    1.5, 3.5, 10, 34, ?, 711

    i got some where .tell me if they are same what you all got in exam


      2nd slot same

      1. ? Lovely (star) ???

        ok :))

      2. banking aspirant

        Apka 2nd shift Me tha kya 9 ko? Quadric me CND kitno me aya tha can u pls tell

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