Share your SBI PO Prelims Exam Experience (29th April 2017)

The SBI PO Prelim exam has started. It will be held all over India on 29th and 30th April and 6th and 7th May 2017 in 4 shifts everyday.

Do share your exam experience with us. Share the type of questions asked. It will help the aspirants who are going to write the exam in next shifts.

Kindly share

  • Any questions you remember,
  • The difficulty level of exam,
  • Difficulty level of all 3 sections:  Numerical Ability, Reasoning, and English Language.

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22 Thoughts to “Share your SBI PO Prelims Exam Experience (29th April 2017)”


    Di 1 males n females visited zoo on weekdays easy
    2nd one two cars x n y manufactured in different years


    SBI 1st slot exam moderate

    10 phrase corrections
    10 RC
    10 cloze test with word correction

    10 miscellaneous

    4 puzzle
    5 inequality
    5 blood relations and direction sense
    5 other.


    Coding Decoding b aya kya ??

    1. Yes, only 1 questions
      simple one

  4. jaga

    SERIES- 1st slot
    14,8,9,14.5,30, ?

      1. Shilpa Thakur

        7n8 18 57 ?????????????????/

        1. 7*1 + 1
          8*2 + 2
          18*3 + 3

      2. jaga

        no mam….someone posted ..

      3. PHOENIX

        ma’am pls clarify,
        I left with hurry because it was getting dark.
        I hurriedly left because it was getting dark.


    14 8 9 14.5 30 ?
    77 85 69 101 37 ?
    20 29 54 103 184 ?
    5 7 18 47 105 ?
    7 8 18 57 ? 1165


    *.5+1 *1+1
    +8. -16. +32
    9 25 49
    2. 11 29 58
    9. 18
    *1+1 x2+2


  6. Pulkit

    quant 2 di 1st one is easy 2nd one bit calulative
    5 aprox easy
    5 quadratic easy
    5 number series modrate to easy
    res mod to difficult
    4 puzzle
    1coding decod
    eng cloze test 6 option type
    10 sentence error
    1 rc 10 mark
    i did eng 23
    res 17
    quant 21
    all the best to all my friends who exam in next shift

    1. purvi

      RC story based tha ya eco based

      1. Suraj

        cyber security

    2. Nice attempts
      Good chances 🙂

  7. ravi

    Cloze Test for SBI Prelims
    In the passage given below there are 5 blanks, each followed by a word given in bold. Even blank has four alternative words given in options (A),(B),(C) and (D). You have to tell which word will best suit the respective blank. Mark (E) as your answer if the work given in bold after the blank is your answer i.e “No change required”.

    TRAVELLERS sometimes have to show their travel documents five times when (1)___ [flying] a flight: at check-in, at security, then occasionally at outbound immigration, before another check when boarding. Finally there is passport control at the destination. Each is a potential queue. So regular flyers will be interested in anything that might speed up the process.

    One answer could be facial-recognition technology. In the past few weeks, a number of airports have begun to introduce a system that will (2)__ [adapt] faces, match them with electronic passport photos, and allow those passengers it (3)__ [rectifies] to skip lines.

    In Tokyo, the government has been (4)__ [observing] facial-recognition technology in two airports since 2014. It hopes to introduce the system in full in time for the 2020 Tokyo Olympics. In France, Groupe ADP, which operates Charles De Gaulle airport in Paris, began testing similar software in February. Queues at the airport have doubled since new security measures were introduced after terrorist attacks in 2015; this, thinks ADP, might be one way to (5)___ [leisure] the pain. In Canada, meanwhile, plans are in place to start rolling out facial-recognition kiosks this spring. Similar trials have also been announced in Schiphol Airport in Amsterdam.

  8. Pankul Sahu

    2. M is the father of J, M is having 2 children’s J and T. Q is the brother in Law of J. Then How is T related to Q

    this question was asked in sbi po prelims ….on 30th april..

  9. 982798 78723whoah this blog is great i really like studying your posts. 458770

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