Static GK Quiz for Upcoming Exams Set 120

Static GK Questions for IBPS RRB, IBPS PO, RBI Grade B, Dena Bank PO PGDBF, NIACL, BOI, Bank of Baroda and other competitive exams.

  1. Hadgarh wildlife sanctuary is situated in___?
    A) Himachal Pradesh
    B) Assam
    C) Goa
    D) Odissa
    E) Uttrakhand
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      Option  D
  2. Guyana cricket stadium Georgetown is situated in which of the following country?
    A) India
    B) England
    C) West Indies
    D) Sri Lanka
    E) Australia
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      Option C
  3. Kakrapar Nuclear Power Plant is located in___?
    A) Tamil Nadu
    B) Gujarat
    C) Andhra Pradesh
    D) Assam
    E) Kerala
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      Option B
  4. Which of the following Indian city is called as “City of Temple” ?
    A) Bhubaneswar
    B) Panipat
    C) Cochin
    D) Kanpur
    E) Prayag
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      Option A
  5. Who is the governor of Jharkhand?
    A) Narendar Vohra
    B) Archrya Dev Vrat
    C) Draupadi Murmu
    D) Ram Naik
    E) Balram Tandon
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      Option C
    Some Extra:
    Capital- Ranchi
  6. Who is the foreign Secretary of India?
    A) Vijay Kumar singh
    B) Sushma Swaraj
    C) S. Jaishankar
    D) Sujata Singh
    E) Ranjan Mithai
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      Option C
  7. International Mango Festival is celebrated in which of the following country?
    A) India
    B) Russia
    C) USA
    D) England
    E) Australia
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      Option A
    Some Extra:
    New Delhi, India
  8. Mudumalai National Park is situated in___?
    A) Tamil Nadu
    B) Andhra Pradesh
    C) Assam
    D) Karnataka
    E) Kerala
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      Option A
  9. Name of the capital city of Ireland is__?
    A) Tirana
    B) Minsk
    C) Riga
    D) Moscow
    E) Dublin
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      Option E
    Some Extra:
    Currency- Euro
  10. Mejia Thermal Power Station is situated in___?
    A) Assam
    B) West Bengal
    C) Arunachal pradesh
    D) Sikkim
    E) Manipur
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      Option B
  11. What is the constituency of Heavy Industries and Public enterprises minister, Anant Geete?
    A) Vidisha, Madhya Pradesh
    B) Jhansi, Uttar Pradesh
    C) Raigad, Maharashtra
    D) Gwalior, Madhya Pradesh
    E) Pilibhit, Uttar pradesh
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      Option C
  12. International Day against Nuclear Tests is observed on__?
    A) 22 August
    B) 04 August
    C) 19 August
    D) 12 August
    E) 29 August
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      Option E
  13. Namdapha National Park is situated in___?
    A) Manipur
    B) Mizoram
    C) Arunachal Pradesh
    D) Sikkim
    E) Assam
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      Option C
  14. What is currency of Russia?
    A) Zloty 
    B) Ruble
    C) Euro
    D) Dollar
    E) Pound
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      Option B
    Some Extra:
    Capital city name- Moscow
  15. Mettur dam is build on which of the following river?
    A) Kaveri river
    B) Sutlej river
    C) Narmada river
    D) Krishna river
    E) Kabini river
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      Option A
    Some Extra:
    Situated in Tamil Nadu

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