Syllogism by Rules: Learn Syllogism in One Week

With the introduction of new pattern questions on syllogism in Bank exams it has become important to use short method to solve such lengthy syllogism questions. Most of the students use Venn Diagram method to solve syllogism. No doubt the method is easy to use, but it is time taking to solve the new Reverse Syllogism questions by Venn Diagram, in which you have to check each option to satisfy the condition given in the question. So switching to RULES for SOLVING SYLLOGISM is best way to solve such question in short time.

Advantage of using RULES:

Suppose you take 3 minutes to solve a single question of new pattern syllogism, you can solve the same question in 1 minute using rules after proper practice. In this way you can easily save 6-8 minutes in 5 such questions. You can use this saved time for solving other questions. This time will fetch you extra marks. Extra marks enough to clear sectional cutoff and to score good.

Here is the schedule that we will follow in the coming week for Syllogism by Rules:

Day Date Topic Importance of Topic
Day 1 27 March 2017 Arrangement of Sentence The first two days will prepare you to arrange the sentence so that you can easily solve syllogism by rules. 
Day 2 28 March 2017 Reversal of Sentence
Day 3 29 March 2017 Actual Rules to solve Syllogism After learning this topic you can start solving any question on syllogism.
Day 4 30 March 2017 3 or More statement Syllogism Here we will practise some questions on syllogism which contains three or more statements
Day 5 31 March 2017 Cases of Possibility & Complementary Pair After learning this topic you will be able to do any question on syllogism containing possibility case and either-or case.
Day 6 1 April 2017 Certain Controversy and Exceptional Case+ Practise Set After learning this topic all you will need is practise.

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