Quantitative Aptitude: Time, Speed and Distance Set 6

Time Speed Distance Questions NICL, SBI PO, IBPS PO, NIACL, LIC, Dena Bank PO PGDBF, BOI, Bank of Baroda and other competitive exams

  1. There are two trains. The speed of trains are x and 2x respectively. Train A started at 8am and train B started at 9 AM and move towards each other. The distance between them is 600km. they met each other at 12 Noon. Find the value of x?
    A) 120kmph
    B) 60kmph
    C) 180kmph
    D) 90kmph
    E) 45kmph
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    Option B

    (600 – x)/(x+2x) =3
  2. A train start from point A and move towards B. it met with an accident after 45km and covered remaining distance at 2/3rd of its speed and it late by 40 minutes. If the accident happened 15km after then train would be 30 minutes late. Find the distance?
    A) 90
    B) 100
    C) 105
    D) 110
    E) 120
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    Option C

    It saves 10min in 15 km
    So far 40min it cover 15*4 = 60km
    So 60 + 45= 105
  3. A man covers a distance in three equal parts. He covers first part at 5kmph, 2nd part at10kmph and 3rd part at 30kmph. Find his average speed?
    A) 10kmph
    B) 9kmph
    C) 8kmph
    D) 15kmph
    E) 12kmph
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    Option A

    Let X LCM of 5,10,30 =30
    Time taken in three parts
    30/5= 6hr(1)
    30/30= 1hr(3)
    Average speed = total distance/ total time
    = 30+30+30/6+3+1 = 10kmph
  4. There are two trains move towards each other @50kmph and 60kmph respectively. When they meet it is noted that faster train covers 50km more than the other. Find the total distance travelled by them?
    A) 555km
    B) 500km
    C) 575km
    D) 550km
    E) 525km
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    Option D

    Faster train cover 10km more in every hour so far 50km it has to run in 5hr.
    Distance = (50+60) * 5 =550km
  5. Two person A & B walk from P to Q, which are at a distance of 15km at 6kmph and 9kmph respectively. B reaches Q and returns immediately and meets A at R. find the distance from P to R?
    A) 8km
    B) 12km
    C) 9km
    D) 10km
    E) 15km
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    Option B

    Total distance travelled by both = 30km
    Ratio of speed = 2:3
    PR = 2/2+3 *30 = 12km
  6. A man walking at a speed of 5kmph reaches his target 5minutes late. If he walks at a speed of 6kmph, he reaches on time. Find the distance of his target from his house?
    A) 2.3km
    B) 2.4km
    C) 2.5km
    D) 2.6km
    E) 2.7km
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    Option C

    (5*6/1 )* (5/60) =2.5km
  7. A thief steal a car at 1:30PM and drive at the speed of 80kmph. The theft is discovered at 2:30pm and police run behind him at the speed of 100kmph. Find at what time thief will be caught?
    A) 6:30PM
    B) 5:30PM
    C) 6PM
    D) 7PM
    E) 7:30PM
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    Option A

    Thief cover distance in 1hr=80km
    Time taken by police to caught him = 80/100-80 = 4hrs
    2:30 + 4= 6:30pm
  8. A train after travelling 50km met with an accident and then proceeds at 3/4th of its former speed and arrived at destination 35min late. Had the accident occurred 24km further, it would have reached the destination only 20min late. Find the normal speed of the train?
    A) 36kmph
    B) 40kmph
    C) 38kmph
    D) 24kmph
    E) 12kmph
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    Option D

    20min = 24km
    35min = 42km
    Now ratio of speed –
    normal ……………after accident

    Ratio of time – 3……………………4
    .                                (+1) = 35
    So 3 = 105 min
    42/105*60 =24kmph
  9. A train passed two persons who are walking in the opposite direction in which the train is moving at the rate of 6 meter per second (mps) and 10mps in 8 seconds and 6 seconds. Find the length of train?
    A) 96m
    B) 80m
    C) 72m
    D) 54m
    E) 60m
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    Option A

    Let speed of train =X
    Length = ( X+6) *8 = ( X+10) *6
    2x = 12
    X= 6
    Relative speed * time = length
    (6+6) *8 = 96m
  10. A train covers a platform in 30 sec and a pole in 10sec. if the length of train is 150m, then find the length of platform?
    A) 400m
    B) 450m
    C) 500m
    D) 300m
    E) 550m
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    Option D

    Length of train : Length of platform
    (x+150)/30 = 150/10

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