Unique Addhar card

Aadhaar based payment. What does it hold inside?
Now a days, Aadhaar no. is getting linked with individual mobile no or A/c no. for the benefits which is provided by government. JAM came earlier where Jan Dhan A/c to be linked with Aadhar no. and mobile no. For distribution of LPG, there also Aadhaar card play a very vital role. The main purpose of linking Aadhar cards to plug the leakages of government subsidies.
What does this Addhaar targets?
Aadhaar card is issued by UIDAI (Unique identification Authority of India). UIDAI’s main objective to issue Aadhar card is to collect the biometrics and demographic data of residents, store them in a central date base, and issue a 12 digits Aadhar no to each resident. It is also called as world’s largest National identification number project.
What is the issue related to it now?
Earlier, It was not necessary to hold Aaddhar no. for getting subsidies, it means it was voluntary and can not be made mandatory for any government entitlement, till the matter is sub judice.
Now a days, in many cases, government is making it mandatory to possess Aadhaar card to get benefits of its subsidies. Few days ago, Food ministry has issued an order that every family member need to possess Aadhaar no. within four months, to be eligible for subsidies under the food security act.
Does having Aadhar no. can solve the loopholes in rations shops? No, because still Ration dealers can give less grain than printed receipt. There are only 2 states which have electronic weighing scales connected to stem ‘quality deception”. Only connecting Aadhaar no. will not resolve issues because still many has fake aadhaar no. and few days back 50 forged Aadhhaar card issuer has been banned.
Earlier, the british parliament passed the identity card act, the intent was to create a national identity register date base of all citizens with biometrics, but after public outcry and escalating costs, in 2010, it was repealed and permanently destroyed. Australia and newzeland too have abandoned the idea of national biometric archives.
India’s Aadhar project, however, has ballooned it birth. Surprisingly ruled that every mobile no. should be linked to Aadhar within a year. Aadhar will also be a must to demand work under the MGNREGA. State governments is planning track the progress of every school child with finger prints. Soon newborn in Maharastra will also be enrolled for the Addhaar no. But here one thing is that these finiger prints and iriss are yet to be formed
Firstly government should fixed issues at its hand then should make it mandatory for other services. Until government fixes the loopholes on its hand, nothing is going to be change in the country. There are lots of forgery cases where people get Aadhar card and get linked with subsidies for which they are even not entitled.

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