Computer Basics Set 17

  1. The email address placed under _____ will remain hidden from other recipients of the email.
    A) Send
    B) Bcc
    C) Dcc
    D) CC
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    Option B

    Bcc- Blind Carbon Copy – the email id added in bcc list will not be visible to other recipients whose email address is added in to/cc list.
  2. The act of confirming the validity of an attribute of a single piece of data or entity is known as ____?
    A) Authentication
    B) Authorization
    C) Spamming
    D) DoS
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    Option A

    Authentication is the process of conforming the validity of any entity in the field of computer.
  3. In MS Word ____ option is used to see how the document will look after printout is taken.
    A) Print Review
    B) Print Opinion
    C) Print Preview
    D) Print Summary
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    Option C

  4. _____ option rectifies the spelling mistake in MS Word automatically.
    A) Auto corrector
    B) Spell corrector
    C) Thesaurus
    D) Auto Correct
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    Option D

    Auto Correct feature of MS word automatically corrects small and usually done spelling mistakes.
  5. A _____ is made up of rows and columns in MS Excel.
    A) Work area
    B) Work Tab
    C) Worksheet
    D) WordPress
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    Option C

  6. ___ bar gives the information regarding the presentation that is currently open in MS Powerpoint.
    A) Menu bar
    B) Status bar
    C) Ribbon bar
    D) Auxiliary bar
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    Option B

  7. ARP stands for?
    A) Address Repeater Protocol
    B) Argument Return Protocol
    C) Address Resolution Protocol
    D) Address Return Protocol
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    Option C

    Arp – Address Resolution Protocol – is a protocol for mapping IP address to a physical machine address that is recognized in the local network.
  8. _____ key uniquely identifies a record in a table in DBMS?
    A) Secondary Key
    B) Primary Key
    C) NOT_NULL key
    D) Unique key
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    Option B

  9. _____ technology means introducing human behavior in computers.
    A) Botware
    B) Artificial System
    C) Human Intelligence
    D) Artificial Intelligence
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    Option D

  10. Which of the following is an example of alphanumeric key in a computer?
    A) 5
    B) H
    C) A
    D) All
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    Option D

    Alphanumeric key means both numbers and alphabets

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