Computer Basics Set 20

  1. A _____ topology is how the devices appear connected to the user.
    A) Network
    B) Physical
    C) Logical
    D) Data
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    Option C

    Logical topology is how the devices appear connected to the user while Network toplogy is how they are actually connected
  2. Which of the following refers to a reference to any website on World Wide Web?
    A) Hyperlink
    B) Resource Locator
    C) URL
    D) MAC Address
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    Option C

    URL – Uniform Resource Locator refers to the website address on WWW
  3. The introductory page of a website is known as ____ ?
    A) Blog page
    B) Contact Us Page
    C) Home Page
    D) Initial Page
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    Option C

  4. DBMS refers to ____ ?
    A) Protocol to access website
    B) Set of interrelated data used for some meaningful purpose
    C) OOPs concept
    D) A type of graphics software
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    Option B

    DBMS – DataBase Management System is the collection of inter related data, which can be accessed using Query language and a meaningful operation can be thus performed on the data.
  5. In a computer system each entity is defined by _____ ?
    A) Attribute
    B) Data
    C) Speed
    D) Flow
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    Option A

    An entity is any singular, identifiable and separate object. This concept is used in various field of computer like OOPs, DBMS. Each entity has a set of property known as its attribute.
  6. API stands for ____ ?
    A) Animated Picture Imagery
    B) Application Project Interdevelopment
    C) Application Program Interface
    D) Auxiliary Peripheral Imagery
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    Option C

    API – Application Program Interface – is a set of subroutine definitions, protocols, and tools and for building application software.
  7. Access time in case of computer refers to ?
    A) Time taken by a website to load correctly
    B) Time taken by Power supply to reach the individual peripheral device
    C) Time taken by a printer to print a single page
    D) Time taken by an instruction to get delivered from disk to memory
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    Option D

  8. ______ is a register in a computer processor that contains the address of the instruction being executed at the current time.
    A) Accumulator
    B) Program Counter
    C) Cache Memory
    D) Virtual Memory
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    Option B

    Program Counter stores the address of the instruction that is being executed and gets incremented by 1, so that information at the next address can be processed.
  9. The combination of technologies like HTML, CSS, Javascript when used together to create interactive and animated website is known as ?
    A) VHTML
    B) DHTML
    C) SHTML
    D) AHTML
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    Option B

    DHTML – Dynamic Hyper Text Markup Language
  10. An Octa core CPU has ____ number of processing core in a single chip.
    A) 2
    B) 4
    C) 6
    D) 8
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    Option D

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