Discussion Zone – 27 January 2017

Hello Aspirants

This is a live quiz page. Discuss any of the topics below in the comment section:

  • Quantitative Aptitude
  • Reasoning
  • English
  • Banking Awareness
  • Current Awareness
  • Computer

Share the page with your friends too to take the full advantage. Group study will help you retain things in mind. Happy learning. ?

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  1. Hemant ahuja?

    Quiz hga ke nhi?


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  6. Earthquake results 1)/ from the sudden release of energy 2)/ in the Earth’s crust 3)/ that creates seismic wave. 4)/ No error 5)

        1. ambika

          haaan thanku bolo

  7. Hie all, Anybody having IPPB Main Exam on Sunday ?

    1. Hemant ahuja?

      Mera to nhi hai

  8. When all the visible frequencies are present equally 1)/ the perceived colour 2)/ of the light is white 3) / and the spectrum is flat line. 4)/ No error 5)

  9. ^^^Jaga^^^....

    A water tank is in the shape of an inverted right circular cone. The tank is standing on horizontal ground on its vertex. The axis of the conical take is perpendicular to the horizontal surface of ground. The height of the tank is 6 m. The tank is completely filled with water and the volume of the water is 216 liters. There are three outlet tapes, one at the bottom, second at a height of 2 m and third at a height of 4m. The rate of outflow of each of the three taps is 2 liters/minute

    1. What is to be found ??
      I ll solve after quiz

  10. Light from many different sources 1)/ contains various colours 2)/ each with 3)/ its own brightness or intense.4)/No error 5)

  11. In the most general sense, 1)/drought originates from a deficiency of precipitation 2)/ in an extended period of time– usually a season or more–resulting in a water shortage 3)/ for some activity, group or environmental sector. 4) /No error 5)

    1. ambika

      over an extended period

      1. Hemant ahuja?

        Eng master

  12. Dealing with risk 1)/ and the need 2)/ for teamwork is 3)/ oftenly a part of the experience. 4)/ No error 5)


      11// the risk

    2. 4; ‘often’ => oftenly


        maam the risk nehi hoga???

  13. There is little to justify fears of a major a global turn.
    1) global major turndown
    2) major globally down turn
    3) major turn down globally
    4) major global down turn
    5) No correction required

    1. 4) major global down turn

  14. The size of our unit in the initial offer </b<shall be worth Rs. 15 lakh.
    1) in initial offer
    2) under the initial offer
    3) for initial offer
    4) to the offer
    5) No correction required

  15. The size of our unit in the initial offer shall be worth Rs. 15 lakh.
    1) in initial offer
    2) under the initial offer
    3) for initial offer
    4) to the offer
    5) No correction required

    1. 2) under the initial offer

  16. Financing this project will require significant restructure.
    1) will be required significant restructure
    2) will require restructure significantly
    3) would require significant restructure
    4) will require significant restructuring
    5) No correction required

    1. 4) will require significant restructuring

  17. Delhi should design bus route ensure multi–modal integration.
    1) routes to ensure
    2) routes ensuring
    3) routes ensure to
    4) route to ensuring
    5) No correction required

      1. Hemant ahuja?


  18. Providing affordable house remain critical challenge.
    1) housing remain a critical
    2) houses remains critical
    3) housing remains a critical
    4) house remain a critical
    5) No correction required

        1. GULAB JAMUN


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        sorry 33

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    1. 3) housing remains a critical

  19. The corruption charges were a huge blow to his reputation and his business suffered to a great extent.
    1. his business suffers to
    2. his business suffered in
    3. his business suffering to
    4. his business suffers on
    5. No correction required

    1. ^^^Jaga^^^....


    2. 5. No correction required

      past me hai sentence. SO business suffered

  20. Airline companies pay nearly 25 billion dollars for their right of fly over the countries other than their parent country.
    1. their right to fly
    2. their right In flying
    3. their right to flying
    4. there right to flight
    5. No correction required

  21. When he fell down the ditch, he shouted with all his might so that to catch someone’s attention.
    1. such that to catch
    2. so as to catch
    3. so that to catching
    4. no then to catch
    5. No correction required

  22. Disparity between the earnings of the poor and the rich has widen in the last few decades.
    1. have widen in
    2. has widened on
    3. have widened in
    4. has widened in
    5. No correction required

      1. Hemant ahuja?

        Tu baad main ans diya kr.

        1. ambika

          main jaa hi rhi hun :))

      1. has disparity k liye use hua hai
        to has aaega
        have nhi

        1. KALYAN ADHYA

          ok maam .. ty

  23. Instead of teaching abstracted concepts, the new and improved textbooks tell stories of real people so that the children can identify with the characters.
    1. Inspite of teaching abstracted
    2. Instead of taught abstract
    3. Instead of teaching abstract
    4. Inspite of taught abstract
    5. No correction required

      1. ambika

        goutham kidhr milega??

          1. ambika

            hmm whan kon jayega itni bheed main :||

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            :)) meko koi kaam nhi hai beta wo to sab mereko gaaliyna nikal rhe honge na main hang se jo bhaag gyi

          4. GULAB JAMUN

            bye tckr 🙂

    1. 3. Instead of teaching abstract

  24. In spite of trying his best, Karthik delivered whatever he had promised.
    (1) was unable to deliver what
    (2) delivered none of
    (3) could not deliver
    (4) cannot deliver however
    (5) No correction required

    1. Hemant ahuja?

      Sabke saath

    2. (1) was unable to deliver what

  25. It was very hot last year that the roads used to be empty in the afternoon.
    (1) being so hot
    (2) was so hot
    (3) had been very hot
    (4) was much hotter
    (5) No correction required

  26. The salaries we pay our employees are equal the ones that commercial banks pay theirs.
    (1) are equally like
    (2) were alike
    (3) is similar to
    (4) are equivalent to
    (5) No correction required

  27. To develop their problem solving skills trainees are encouraged to analyse situations and came to its own solutions.
    (1) come up with their
    (2) came forward with their
    (3) come down with its
    (4) come with its
    (5) No correction required

    1. (1) come up with their

      2nd option me came ki jagah come hota to sahi ho sakta tha

  28. Overcoming obstacles in the course of her job giving her a lot of self-confidence.
    (1) is given her
    (2) she has been given
    (3) will give her
    (4) by giving her
    (5) No correction required

  29. MiMi

    mam aj error quiz hoga suraj sir ka?

    1. Hemant ahuja?

      Idhar eng hi solve nhi hti

      1. MiMi

        try to come daily..nd practice…m also weak bt try to learn…

  30. Statistics is an________tool for researchers that_________them to make inferences of observations of the characteristics of samples.
    (1) outstanding, proposes
    (2) invaluable, proceeds
    (3) invaluable, displays
    (4) important, proclaims
    (5) indispensable, enables

      1. display does not fit here

      1. proclaim means announcement
        so does not fit here

    1. MiMi


    2. (5) indispensable, enables

  31. Human Resource Management is an________of mind rather than a_________of techniques.
    (1) outstanding, proposes
    (2) attempt, mix
    (3) evolution, measure
    (4) attitude, set
    (5) expertise, collection

    1. techniques ko measure nhi karte

    2. (5) expertise, collection

  32. We should move towards a system where the banks can_______capital in the market with_______safeguard so that they continue to be public sector banks.
    (1) improve, proper
    (2) strengthen, durable
    (3) raise, adequate
    (4) stimulate, effective
    (5) provide, delicate

  33. Inferring attitudes from expressed opinion has many_______People may______their attitude and express socially acceptable opinions.
    (1) limitations, conceal
    (2) advantages, show
    (3) drawbacks, support
    (4) benefits, avoid
    (5) reasons, acknowledge

  34. There is a common talk today that women have made the_______in many professions; that they have total freedom of opportunity, But the majority of women are still left_______at their goals and ambitions through an almost unbreakable glass ceiling.
    (1) entry, inward
    (2) grade, gazing
    (3) progress, trying
    (4) mark, projecting
    (5) achievement, wondering

  35. ____ much of capital goes to large companies and ____ little to small businessman.
    1) So, for
    2) The, despite
    3) That, much
    4) Too, too
    5) Will, some

  36. This is _____ ____ to the requirement of income proofs.
    1) perceiving, field
    2) officially, have
    3) mainly, due
    4) shortly, bring
    5) likely, power

  37. This will not only help corporate in ____ their social responsibilities, ____ is important for fuelling growth in other industries.
    1) fulfilling, but
    2) teaching, also
    3) learning, and
    4) having, highly
    5) promoting, now

  38. He is the ____ of the ____ for his company now.
    1) respect, peers
    2) apple, eye
    3) honour, department
    4) present, society
    5) award, conference

      1. what is to be found in that ques u posted ??

        1. ^^^Jaga^^^....

          the tank will be emptied at approx in??

          1. ^^^Jaga^^^....

            ok mam..


        maam plzz explain

        1. Suraj

          apple of the eye hona means kisi ke liye bohot precious aur dear hona
          phrase hai ek…

  39. Smart cities can make daily life ____ for residents ____ by automating routine functions.
    1) acted, warming
    2) measurable, widely
    3) shield, nearly
    4) upgraded, hardly
    5) easier, simply

    1. Hemant ahuja?

      Sabke saath

  40. The ___ of different performances and forms of these novels are ___.
    1) pattern, sounding
    2) result, striking
    3) level, functioning
    4) range, amazing
    5) stage, banging


        22 sorry

  41. They just need to ____ that it’s not an issue of having girls or boys, It’s about individuals and as always, ___ the situations that come with them.
    1) feel, turn
    2) realise, tackling
    3) analyze, facing
    4) understand, modify
    5) emphasis, change

  42. You would ___ the right to make a decision on ____ property tax rates to set.
    1) had, which
    2) order, this
    3) give, that
    4) ask, what
    5) have, what

  43. Cloud computing provides ___ to storage capacity and software ___ the web regardless of the user’s location and equipment.
    1) access, via
    2) excess, through
    3) level, affinity
    4) feature, with
    5) element, compatibility

      1. read again
        compatibility is not fitting in blank

        1. ^^^Jaga^^^....

          thn its must be aaaaa

    1. ^^^Jaga^^^....

      aaa ya eee??/

  44. The principal did not make changes to subject ___ and students were ___ to choose the subjects and sports they were interested in.
    1) name, bias
    2) course, liable
    3) content, free
    4) matter, bound
    5) line, likely

      1. biased hota to could be the correct option

      2. Hemant ahuja?

        Eng demotivate krti bhut mere ko

  45. Thats all from my side 🙂


    Suraj sir will continue. .


      gd nyt maam … ty 🙂

    2. MiMi

      gd nt mam thnk u

  46. Suraj

    He is suffering from severe back ache (A)/ since Monday as he has been working (B)/on the computer for at least eight hours a day. (C) / No error (D)


      cc// in front of the computer

    2. ^^^Jaga^^^....

      back ache means?


        piche hai 🙂

    3. Suraj

      a) Replace is suffering by has been suffering. The sentence is in present perfect continuous tense

  47. Hemant ahuja?

    Daily soch Kar aata Hu aaj eng shi kruga par phir bhi nhi hti. Always demotivate me.

    1. Suraj

      take it in positive way.. that u r learning something new….

      1. Hemant ahuja?

        Tu sab shi krti dramebazz

  48. Suraj

    Most of the students from Pinnacle (A)/have successful in reaching (B)/the second level of the competition.(C)/No error(D)


      bb// successfully reached

    2. ^^^Jaga^^^....


    3. Suraj

      b)Replace successful by succeeded. With has/have/had third form of the verb is used.

  49. Suraj

    Rule : has/have/had ke baad third form of verb use hota hai..

  50. Suraj

    Workers struggle to build (A)/ the bridge after the bridge was (B)/damaged last night.(C)/No error (D)

    1. Suraj

      a) struggle=>struggled

  51. Suraj

    The newspaper which does not accept advertisements and is fund entirely (A)/ by donations describes itself as the (B)/ most popular newspaper on the planet. (C)/No error (D)


      aa // funded

  52. Suraj

    The members of the musical group have (A) /accepted that they have been contributing money from their pockets (B)/ in the initial years to meet the expenses of the group. (C)/No error (D)


      had been

    2. Suraj

      have=>had, The sentence is in past perfect continuous tense

  53. Suraj

    I took my children to watch (A)/ some children’s films (B)/being screen in the city. (C)/No error (D)

  54. Suraj

    The principal of the school (A)/does not believe that the teachers (B)/are working hard all these years. (C)/No error (D)

        1. KALYAN ADHYA


    1. Suraj

      c) have been working….

  55. Suraj

    I remember in my youth I was used (A)/to go with my father to his shop and looked (B)/ into his account books(C)/No error(D)


      aa i used to

  56. Suraj

    I missed the last bus which I usually catch (A)/and have to stay back (B)/at the bus stop last night. (C)/No error (D)


      had// bb


    ok sir … gd nyt .. thank yu

  58. Suraj

    Why does he worry (A)/ over petty matters and issues (B)/ is not known even to his parents. (C)/No error(D)

    1. Suraj

      a) remove does…
      does worry tab hota jab question wala sentence hota.. but here question nhi hai, its just a normal statement ki wo kyu worry krta hai ye kisi ko nhi pata

  59. Suraj

    Leaders enable a group by imagining (A)/and create a future (B)/ which will fulfill the purpose of the group.(C)/No error(D)

    1. Suraj


  60. Suraj

    Her goal is to win a gold medal (A)/in the Asian games and (B)/made her country proud.(C)/No error(D)

  61. Suraj

    He firmly belief that (A)/ if any disease is detected early then (B)/ it can be cured by yoga.(C)/No error(D)

    1. Suraj

      a) belief=>believes

  62. Suraj

    Ramesh takes charge of (A)/ the project within a few days(B)/ of appointment. (C)/No error(D)

    1. Suraj

      a)takes=>took.. as sentence is in past tense

  63. Suraj

    Economists have predicted that (A)/ the country’s economic growth (B)/falls low to eight per cent this year.(C)/No error(D)

    1. Suraj

      c) falls=>will fall…future tense

  64. Suraj

    I came to (1)/ know that (2)/ his father has died (3)/ three days ago. (4)/ No Error (5)

  65. Suraj

    When you will find (1)/ out a solution (2)/ to this problem, (3)/ you will be awarded a prize. (4)/ No Error (5)

    1. MiMi

      only u will be awarded

    2. Suraj

      a) omit will….
      agar sentence aisa hota ki, when you will find out a solution to this problem thenyou will be awarded a prize.. to will use hota

  66. Suraj

    Before the alarm had stopped (1)/ ringing (2)/ Nisha had telephoned (3)/ the police. (4)/ No Error (5)

    1. Suraj

      a) remove had….
      jab alarm stop hi nhi hua usse pehle hi nisha ne telephone kr diya.. means kaam over hone k pehle hi,, aise case me had nhi lagega

  67. Suraj

    This is (1)/ the first time (2)/ that I see such (3)/ an interesting movie. (4)/ No Error (5)

    1. Suraj

      3) i have seen…. present perfect…

  68. Suraj

    Whenever he is coming (1)/ here, he brings (2)/ many (3)/ gifts for me. (4)/ No Error (5)

    1. Suraj

      1) he comes… for habitual action use present indefinite

  69. Suraj

    Now-a-days (1)/ he teaches English (2)/ because the teacher of English. (3)/ has gone for a month’s leave. (4)/ No Error (5)

      1. MiMi

        the teacher of eng is correct dear

    1. Suraj

      he is teaching….
      sentence present continuous me hai..

  70. Suraj

    I will let you know (1)/ as soon as I (2)/ will get (3)/ any news in this regard. (4)/ No Error (5)

    1. Suraj

      3) remove will…

  71. Suraj

    For tomorrow should we continue with English or any other topic?

    1. MiMi

      eng q ki sir i think eng me sab ka problm hai

    1. Suraj

      see my comment below

  72. Suraj

    Practices all these sets
    Logical Reasoning Set 2 (Courses of Action) : http://aspirantszone.com/logical-reasoning-set-2-courses-action/
    Reasoning: Puzzles Set 12 : http://aspirantszone.com/reasoning-puzzles-set-12/
    Computer Basics Set 19 : http://aspirantszone.com/computer-basics-set-19/
    English: Fill in the Blanks Set 6(New Pattern) : http://aspirantszone.com/english-fill-in-the-blanks-set-6/

    Good Night .Thankyou!!!!! Keep Learning!!!!!

    1. MiMi

      thnk u sir apki nd mam effort ki waja se hum log kuch to sikha …ty

      1. Suraj

        welcome. Keep learning and get a good job 🙂

      2. Hemant ahuja?

        Quiz kha hta nyt main bta. Akele nhi padha jata yaar

  73. Hemant ahuja?

    Ab samjh nhi aata eng kru ya na. Krta hu demotivate ho jata Hu na kru phir jyada hota Hu. ??

  74. Hemant ahuja?

    Quiz over?

  75. '''Mission 2017'''(7feb 24yr )


  76. '''Mission 2017'''(7feb 24yr )

    Which of the following banking does not come under Social Banking?

    1) Crediting the LPG subsidy in the beneficiary bank account
    2) Offering Jan Dhan Scheme accounts
    3) Allowing students to credit their scholarships through No-frill accounts
    4) Allowing the subsidy loan to disadvantage sections of the society
    5) All of the above banking operations come under social banking

      1. '''Mission 2017'''(7feb 24yr )


  77. Hemant ahuja?

    Mission I am here

    1. '''Mission 2017'''(7feb 24yr )

      mee too

  78. Hemant ahuja?

    I am also post some ques on budget

    1. '''Mission 2017'''(7feb 24yr )


  79. Niharika Shantanu

    kaha hu me …or baki sb

    1. '''Mission 2017'''(7feb 24yr )

      jhi ho aap

      1. Niharika Shantanu

        ha ji

  80. '''Mission 2017'''(7feb 24yr )

    AMFI stands for ……………

    1) Association of Mutual Funds in India
    2) Authority of Mutual Funds in India
    3) Amalgamation of Mutual Funds in India
    4) Association of Mutual Finance in India
    5) None of these

    1. Niharika Shantanu

      aa or cc

    2. '''Mission 2017'''(7feb 24yr )


  81. Hemant ahuja?

    Fiscal deficit hw in budget

    1. Niharika Shantanu

      3to 3.2

  82. Niharika Shantanu

    ye konsa lok h

      1. Niharika Shantanu


  83. Hemant ahuja?

    Bio toilets in train?

    1. Niharika Shantanu


      1. Hemant ahuja?

        Are u from ap

        1. Niharika Shantanu

          ap what?

          1. Hemant ahuja?

            Andhra pradesh

          2. Niharika Shantanu


          3. Hemant ahuja?

            Whr is mission

  84. Hemant ahuja?

    Estimated cost of strive in budget=2200cr

  85. Hemant ahuja?

    Estimated cost of sanklap =4000 cr

  86. Niharika Shantanu

    tum log so gaye ho to bata dena

  87. Hemant ahuja?

    Mgnrega fund=48000 cr

    1. '''Mission 2017'''(7feb 24yr )

      naa ji

  88. Hemant ahuja?

    Mission phir gaya. I think net prob

  89. Hemant ahuja?

    100% electrification of villages =may 2018

  90. Hemant ahuja?

    No one here

  91. '''Mission 2017'''(7feb 24yr )

    aa gya:))

  92. '''Mission 2017'''(7feb 24yr )

    EMV stands for …………….

    1) Europay, Mastro and Visa.
    2) Euro, Master Card and Visa.
    3) Europay, Master Card and Visulas.
    4) Entitlement of Master Card and Visa.
    5) Europay, Master Card and Visa.

    1. '''Mission 2017'''(7feb 24yr )


  93. '''Mission 2017'''(7feb 24yr )

    __ was not nationalized in 1969:

    a) Punjab National Bank
    b) Oriental Bank of commerce
    c) Bank of Baroda
    d) Union Bank of India
    e) None of these.

      1. '''Mission 2017'''(7feb 24yr )


        1. Hemant ahuja?

          Second tyme 1980

  94. '''Mission 2017'''(7feb 24yr )

    CRR funds are kept by the Banks in ____:

    a) Cash in hand at branches
    b) Balance with other banks
    c) Balance in a special Account with RBI
    d) Funds in the currency chest
    e) None of these

      1. '''Mission 2017'''(7feb 24yr )


  95. '''Mission 2017'''(7feb 24yr )

    _____ do not attract TDS:

    a) Fixed deposits
    b) Reinvestment deposits
    c) NRO SB
    d) NRO FDR
    e) Recurring deposits

  96. '''Mission 2017'''(7feb 24yr )

    SLR is maintained as a percentage of:

    a) Time liabilities
    b) Demand liabilities
    c) Time and Demand liabilities
    d) Gross time and demand liabilities
    e) Net demand and time Liabilities

      1. '''Mission 2017'''(7feb 24yr )


  97. Hemant ahuja?

    Disqus prob

    1. '''Mission 2017'''(7feb 24yr )

      may be

  98. Hemant ahuja?

    OK mission

  99. '''Mission 2017'''(7feb 24yr )

    chle kya bhai?

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