Computer Basics Set 8

  1. Which of the following is not a display technology used in computer monitors?
    A) LCD
    B) TFT
    C) CRT
    D) MRT
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    Option D

    LCD- Liquid Crystal Display, TFT – Thin Film Transistor, CRT – Cathode Ray Tube
  2. Which server technology is used by IRCTC?
    A) Knife Servers
    B) Blade servers
    C) Scissor servers
    D) Techno servers
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    Option B

    A server architecture that houses multiple server modules (“blades”) in a single chassis. It is widely used in datacenters to save space and improve system management.
  3. Two computers can be connected directly for the purpose of file sharing using ____?
    i) Ethernet
    ii) Wifi
    iii) Bluetooth
    A) Both i) and iii)
    B) Both ii) and iii)
    C) Both i) and ii)
    D) All
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    Option D

  4. The distortion caused in signals over network channel is termed as?
    A) Repeaters
    B) Attenuation
    C) Gateways
    D) Bridges
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    Option B

  5. The point of inter connections in a network is known as ____ ?
    A) protocol
    B) nodes
    C) client
    D) bus
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    Option B

  6. When a computer is booted, BIOS retrieves its information from ____?
    A) RAM
    B) CMOS chip
    C) Hard Disk
    D) Cache
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    Option B

    When the computer first boots up, BIOS pulls information from the CMOS chip to understand the hardware settings, time, and anything else that’s stored in it. CMOS Battery keeps the CMOS chip powered up even when the computer is shut down.
  7. Find the odd one out
    A) .doc
    B) .txt
    C) .xls
    D) .rtf
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    Option C

    Rest all are text document doc- ms word file. Txt- notepad file, rtf – wordpad file
  8. The keys on keyboard F1-F12 are known as ___?
    A) Special keys
    B) Function keys
    C) Toggle keys
    D) Modifier keys
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    Option B

  9. “Justify” in MS Word is related to?
    A) Paragraph Alignment
    B) Page Indent
    C) Page Orientation
    D) Paragraph length
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    Option A

  10. Unauthorized copying and distribution of copyright material in computer world is known as ___?
    A) Spoofing
    B) EULA
    C) Piracy
    D) Hacking
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    Option C

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