Discussion Zone – 10 February 2017

Hello Aspirants

This is a live quiz page. Discuss any of the topics below in the comment section:

  • Quantitative Aptitude
  • Reasoning
  • English
  • Banking Awareness
  • Current Awareness
  • Computer

Share the page with your friends too to take the full advantage. Group study will help you retain things in mind. Happy learning. 🙂

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491 Thoughts to “Discussion Zone – 10 February 2017”

  1. Purvi

    gud eve every one 🙂

      1. Purvi

        mam aaj kya hoga ca ya english

      2. ANSHU

        GM mam aap AC bale mam ho kya??…..
        help kryo plzzz………
        A tunnel AB is 2km long. One train enters from A and another from B
        and meet after 1 1/2 minute. At the time of meeting first train has
        covered 400m more than second . And they cross each other in 4 1/2 sec.
        After crossing each other first train took 57 sec to cross tunnel
        completely. Find length of both trains…………

    1. Purvi

      gud eve dear 🙂

  2. ravi

    good evening all:))

    1. Purvi

      gud eve ravi 🙂

  3. Some people (1)/are believing (2)/ that women cannot (3)/compete with men. (4)/ No error (5)

    1. 2) use ‘believe’ instead of ‘are believing’

  4. He avoids (1)/taking the (2)/ prescribed medicine (3)/ at regularly intervals. (4)/No error (5)

    1. 4) replace ‘regularly’ with ‘regular’

  5. When we heard the name (1)/ of our leader uttered (2)/ respectfully by the foreigners (3)/ we felt pride of him. (4)/ No error (5)

    1. 4) replace ‘pride of’ with ‘proud of’

  6. It goes to his credit (1)/that he was a clean man (2)/in politics as well as (3)/ his person dealings. (4)/ No error (5)

  7. It was evident (1)/ to me that there (2)/ was any mistake (3)/ in that account. (4)/ No error (5)

    1. 3) replace ‘any mistake’ with ‘a mistake’


    A. He, therefore, blamed his memory a lot and spent almost a sleepless night in that.
    B. We found the Japanese people very polite, helpful and honest.
    C. He remembered about them only after returning to the hotel in the evening.
    D. But to his surprise and delight, he received those parcels by post at his doorstep the very next day.
    E. While shopping one day, a member of our team forgetfully left his parcels on the counter.
    F. And since he could not remember exactly where they had been left, he lost all hope of getting them back.

    1. ^^^Jaga^^^....

      1st eee

    2. ^^^Jaga^^^....

      2nnd ccc??

  9. Many teachers…………the lack of professional freedom as the…………for leaving the job.
    (1) cited, reason
    (2) explained, force
    (3) claimed, understanding
    (4) argued, culprit
    (5) believe, ground

  10. Skeptics would not…………that the Earth actually moves, let alone that it…………around the Sun.
    (1) permit, orbits
    (2) accept, revolves
    (3) experience, circles
    (4) assume, went
    (5) challenge, spins

  11. Unpredictable…………of the child could not lead the consultants to any………… .
    (1) performance, setting
    (2) belief, judgement
    (3) operation, purpose
    (4) behavior, conclusion
    (5) react, decision

      1. Purvi

        gud eve bro 🙂

  12. Nishi

    ‘Many ‘ use plural subject n plural verb
    ‘Many a ‘ followed by singular noun and singular verb

  13. A public servant who is guilty will not…………punishment and no…………person will be punished.
    (1) be, sincere
    (2) flee, guilty
    (3) defend, common
    (4) avoid, uniformed
    (5) escape, innocent

  14. Nishi

    Many boy are absent today
    Many a boy has come for the class

  15. Few professions can…………the sheer variety and constant…………of being a doctor.
    (1) like, struggle
    (2) share, enthusiast
    (3) match, challenge
    (4) draw, work-load
    (5) justify, exception

  16. Today the success of (1)/ companies depends on the (2)/ quality of their products and (3)/ efficient managing staff. (4)/ No error (5)

    1. ^^^Jaga^^^....

      333…of its??

    2. ^^^Jaga^^^....


    3. 4;
      efficient staff management

  17. Anybody interested for CA after 10 PM ?

    1. Purvi

      mam ca nhi padhi to nhi attend kar paungi

  18. Though he is reputed for his technical ________, his books were sadly ________ of the work of others as he lacked originality.

    A. advice, unconscious
    B. skill, independent
    C. knowledge, ignorant
    D. expertise, derivative
    E. dependence, indicative

  19. Wars usually result from ________ among the parties involved and a failure to ________ them peacefully.

    A. doubts, dispel
    B. hostilities, debate
    C. frustrations, understand
    D. disagreements, resolve

    1. B. hostilities, debate

      hostility-hostile behaviour, opposition

  20. Although the leader’s life was both ________ and painful, yet it was not without ________ for he had accomplished many of his goals.
    A. magnificent, success
    B. happy, frustration
    C. thrilling, ambition
    D. purposeful, danger
    E. arduous, satisfaction

  21. When Somesh ________ me coming to his table, he smiled and ________ me a chair.
    A. found, signalled
    B. met, sat
    C. looked, gave
    D. saw, offered
    E. welcomed, took

  22. Hitler cast a ________ and ________ shadow upon world history.
    A. colossal, frightful
    B. herculean, gloomy
    C. gigantic, horrifying
    D. huge, vast
    E. vast, improve

  23. There is no glory in war ________ the blood it ________.
    A. thinking, demands
    B. considering, sheds
    C. worth, costs
    D. comparing, spills
    E. worry, dispute

  24. Shalini was not ________ by the criticism and paid no ________ even when her best friend talked against her.
    A. bothered, attention
    B. troubled, mind
    C. threatened, warning
    D. deterred, heed
    E. shaken, indication

  25. Restlessness among the students of colleges and universities has ________ from their deep rooted feeling that their views and aspirations are ________ by their elders.

    A. arisen, humiliated
    B. followed, disregarded
    C. stemmed, ignored
    D. started, neglected
    E. percolated, pooh-poohed

    1. ^^^Jaga^^^....


  26. I don’t ________ I shall be ________ to go.

    A. know, wanting
    B. consider, desirous
    C. think, able
    D. believe, liking
    E. feel, available

  27. In Buddhism, it is impossible to keep ethics and psychology ________ from one another, because they ________ at so many points.
    A. apart, meet
    B. aloof, merge
    C. separate, overlap
    D. consider, desirous
    E. disjoint, converge

  28. The sector is needy of investment to be globally competitive
    1) has need off
    2) is needed to
    3) is in need of
    4) will be needed
    5) No Correction Required

  29. ^^^Jaga^^^....

    mam coding decoding wala question ka ans kuch samjh mai nahi araha hai 🙁

    1. yes i asked u ki explanation dekho n tell me konsa step smjh nhi aya

      1. ^^^Jaga^^^....

        i will ask u later.

  30. Without his carelessness, the lease on our premises has not been renewed
    1) Except for his
    2) Because he is
    3) Since he has
    4) On account of his
    5) No Correction Required

      1. careless hota to 2 ho sakta tha
        but its carelessness

      1. careless hota to 2 ho sakta tha
        but its carelessness.

  31. Experts feel that risen oil prices will slow down economic growth
    1) feeling that raised
    2) feel a rise in
    3) felt that a raise of
    4) were felt rising
    5) No Correction Required

  32. He is wealthy today because he seized every opportunity who came his way
    1) that came
    2) which comes
    3) coming by
    4) which came in
    5) No correction required

      1. M@st@n!

        phele yahi sochi thi mai 🙁

        1. Purvi

          ans dene ke baad mene bhi yahi soch tha

  33. He failed to carry over his instructions because they were not specific
    1) in carrying forward
    2) to carry on
    3) carrying around
    4) to carry out
    5) No correction required

  34. Over a thousand tourist (1)/ from all over the world (2)/ come to visit the (3) / national park every week. (4)/ No error

    1. ^^^Jaga^^^....


  35. It will sooner (1)/ be compulsory for all (2)/ employees to follow (3)/ these new guidelines. (4)/ No Error (5)

  36. ^^^Jaga^^^....

    good nightt 🙂

  37. Purvi

    thanku mam
    gud night frnds:)

    1. GN :))

      Want any topic quiz at 10 PM ??

      1. Purvi

        comp ki quiz ho sakti hai kya

        1. i ll ask n tell

          check once after 10

  38. The bank is (1)/ planning to hire (2)/ over eight hundred officers (3)/ on a contractual basic. (4)/ No Error (5)

    1. 4
      contractual => contract

  39. In his opinion (1)/ have a good education (2)/ is the way (3)/ to achieve success. (4)/ No Error (5)

  40. If we want to avoid (1)/ making a loss we (2)/ have no option unless (3)/ to raise our prices. (4)/ No Error (5)

  41. That s all for now :))

    If anybody want quiz on any topic after 10 PM, reply here

    1. M@st@n!

      ok gn maam 🙂

  42. M@st@n!

    maam plz provide more space between the coding n decoding symbols its difficult to analyse.

    1. ok
      i ll do, wait for 5 mins

  43. Purvi

    @Shubhra_AspirantsZone:disqus mam u there

  44. Suraj

    Which subject quiz should we start at 10 PM??

    1. Purvi

      gud eve sir
      comp quiz

      1. Suraj

        ok.. see our computer section also… for comp ques..will start at 10 PM

        1. Purvi

          ok sir
          sir ek cheez punchni thi

          1. Purvi

            Are we proceeding towards Third World War
            is topic me kis kis baato ko consider karke likhna hoga

          2. Suraj

            ye to bohot vast topic ho sakta hai.. ab isko 2 types se likha ja sakta hai.. ki u sare points ko short me mention karo ki kis kis wajah se 3rd world war ho sakta hai,, like India vs Pak ki wajah se,,Russia vs China,, ya koi bhi aur reason,, aisa likhne k liye bohot vast knowledge chahye…
            2nd way ye hai ki,, koi ek point inme se lo, and usko detail me likho…uske liye kafi research krni padegi ki how it all started,,, means enmity…then abhi kya situtation hai,,, future me kya ho sakta hai

          3. Purvi

            ok sir
            i will try to write

    2. Hemant ahuja?

      Gk because Manipal exam on 26

  45. Suraj

    Which generation of computer uses integrated circuits?
    A) 1st generation
    B) 2nd generation
    C) 3rd generation
    D) 4th generation

    1. Suraj

      1st generation : Vacuum tube
      2nd generation : Transistor
      3rd generation : Integrated Circuit
      4th generation : VLSI microprocessor

  46. Suraj

    Which of the following is the correct term for the personal computers used at homes?
    A) Mini Computer
    B) Micro Computer
    C) Main Frame
    D) Supercomputer

    1. Suraj

      B) Micro Computer

  47. Suraj

    A computer system can perform its normal functions even without which of the following device?
    A) Microprocessor
    B) RAM
    C) Monitor
    D) Printer

  48. Suraj

    Which unit of CPU is responsible for controlling the operations of all part of computer?
    A) Memory unit
    B) ALU
    C) Control Unit
    D) Logical Unit

  49. Suraj

    Which of the following is not a valid type of mouse?
    A) Optical mouse
    B) Wireless mouse
    C) Magnetic mouse
    D) Trackball mouse

    1. Suraj

      C) Magnetic mouse

  50. Suraj

    Which of the following storage device will be most suitable for storing a 500 GB data ?
    A) RAM
    B) Microprocessor
    C) External Hard Disk
    D) Floppy Disk

    1. Suraj

      C) External Hard Disk

  51. Suraj

    The point used to connect external device to the motherboard is known as?
    A) Bus
    B) Plug and play
    C) Port
    D) DMA

    1. Suraj

      dynamic memory allocation

        1. Suraj

          and also
          Direct memory access

  52. Suraj

    Which of the following port is related to internet?
    A) Ethernet port
    B) PS/2 port
    C) VGA port
    D) SMPS Port

    1. Suraj

      a) ethernet port…
      ethernet is for LAN connection or internet
      ps/2 for mouse and keyboard
      VGA port for monitor
      smps port is not present.. smps is a hardware unit to control the power supply to individual units

  53. Suraj

    The software used in the banking system will be correctly defined as?
    A) System software
    B) Application software
    C) 5th generation software
    D) Interpreters

    1. Suraj

      B) Application software

  54. Suraj

    Letter ‘G’ is a valid in direct form in which of the following number system?
    A) Binary
    B) Decimal
    C) Hexadecimal
    D) None of these

    1. Suraj

      D) None of these
      Hexadecimal me 0-9 and A-F hota hai bas

  55. Suraj

    Is month kisi ka koi banking sector ka exam hai??

    1. Purvi

      no sir
      direct sbi po hai

    2. Hemant ahuja?

      Manipal po hai 26 ko

  56. Suraj

    What does C stands for in WWWC (W3C)?
    A) Computer
    B) Congress
    C) Consortium
    D) Community

    1. Suraj

      c) World Wide Web Consortium (W3C)

  57. Suraj

    Which of the following is not a valid IP Address?

    1. M@st@n!

      kaise pta krna h?

      1. Purvi

        valid ip address 255 se jada nhi hota

    2. Suraj

      d) No unit in IP Address can be more than 255

    3. ravi

      sir av hum kuch imp book link post kiya hai jo ki spam ho gaya hai ..kyu???

      1. Suraj

        links post krne me spam ho jata… setting hai

  58. ravi

    Important For Banking Exams !:
    Reasoning Short Tricks by GovernmentAdda.com

    1 Inequality Tricks

    2 Syllogisms Tricks

    3 Coding and Decoding Tricks

    New Coding Decoding

    4 Blood Relation Tricks

    5 Direction Sense Tricks

    6 Order And Ranking Tricks

    7 Seating Arrangement Tricks

    8 Puzzles Tricks

    Sbi Po Previous Year Paper Collection.


    Important For Banking Exams !:

    Cause And Effect By Kundan

  59. Suraj

    A person wants to take a new internet connection. Whom should he contact?
    A) TCPIP
    B) ISP
    C) Telecom Ministry
    D) WWW

    1. ravi

      internet service provider

    2. Suraj

      B) Internet Service Provider

  60. Suraj

    Which of the following is the latest version of IP Address?
    A) IPv4
    B) IPv6
    C) IPv5
    D) IPv8

  61. ravi

    isp—internet service provider

  62. Suraj

    Which of the following technology is not related to website designing?
    A) HTML
    B) CSS
    C) PHP
    D) C++

  63. Suraj

    Which of the following is not required to access a website?
    A) Browser
    B) URL
    C) LAN
    D) Internet Connection

  64. Suraj

    While typing the URL of a website the term HTTP is followed by?
    A) ://
    B) :\
    C) :/
    D) :

  65. Suraj

    What is the name of process of directly showing live videos over the internet?
    A) live buffering
    B) live streaming
    C) live broadcasting
    D) live telecasting

    1. Suraj

      B) live streaming

  66. Suraj

    Which of the following is the correct format of email address?
    A) name.domainname.com
    B) domainname@name.com
    C) name@doimainname.com
    D) http://www.domainname.com

  67. ravi

    good night all:))

    1. Purvi

      gud night ravi 🙂

  68. Suraj

    Which of the following is a method to identify if a website if secured or not?
    A) the website shows its complete registration detail
    B) the website uses .edu domain
    C) the website uses HTTPS protocol
    D) the website is registered with the ISP

    1. Suraj

      C) the website uses HTTPS protocol

  69. Suraj

    A small data-memory storage area that a computer can use to instantly re-access data instead of re-reading the data from the original source is called?
    A) Motherboard
    B) Pen Drive
    C) Cache memory
    D) Buffer

  70. Suraj

    The process of transferring file from our computer to web server is called ___?
    A) Downloading
    B) Uploading
    C) Copying
    D) Transfer Protocol

    1. Suraj

      allow a gap of 1 minutes between each ques

  71. Suraj

    The technology of connecting to the Internet via a phone line is called?
    A) WiMax
    B) VoLTE
    C) DSL
    D) Telemax

      1. M@st@n!

        digital suscriber line

  72. Suraj

    A set of security programs that protect a computer from outside interference or access via the Internet is called?
    A) Bots
    B) Gateway
    C) Firewall
    D) Antivirus

  73. Suraj

    Software’s that are available free of cost and with full functionality on the internet are termed as?
    A) Crippleware
    B) Liveware
    C) Shareware
    D) Freeware

    1. Purvi

      shareware – free for limited period

      1. Suraj

        and freeware free always

  74. Suraj

    Name the technology that allows one to experience and interact with images in a simulated three-dimensional environment.
    A) Webcam
    B) Video Conferencing
    C) Virtual Reality
    D) Live Streaming

    1. Suraj

      C) Virtual Reality
      Video Conference me 3-D environment nhi hota

  75. Nishi

    Shareware refers to copyrighted software that is distributed for free but for a particular evaluation period only, whereas freeware refers to copyrighted software that is available free of charge for an unlimited time

  76. Suraj

    Which of the following is the correct logic if you want to move a file from one location to another?
    A) copy-> paste
    B) cut-> paste
    C) move -> cut
    D) cut -> move

  77. Suraj

    A file of extension .rtf is a __ file?
    A) text
    B) presentation
    C) image
    D) database

      1. M@st@n!

        rich text format

  78. Purvi

    thanku sir
    gud night frnds 🙂

  79. Suraj

    Last Ques
    Landscape and Portrait are a type of ___ ?
    A) Page margin
    B) Page orientation
    C) Page indent
    D) Page size

    1. Suraj

      B) Page orientation

  80. M@st@n!

    till 11 more question

  81. Suraj

    Anyone interested in Current Affairs Quiz in this format..
    Everyday Questions from 2 days will be asked… And that day will be told in advance.. SO that u can learn all the CA,, and next day quiz from that part will be conducted…

    1. Purvi

      yes sir
      ye jada best rhega

    1. Suraj

      over for today.. 🙂

  82. M@st@n!

    ok u r listening ty gn frnds.

  83. Suraj

    Ok then for tomorrow learn Feb 1 and 2 CA… Start for SBI PO CA from now only

    1. Nishi

      Okk sir …

      1. Suraj

        at 8 PM mam will take the quiz.. 10 Pm CA

        1. Purvi

          sir aapka interview kesa tha

    2. M@st@n!

      kahan se padhein

  84. Suraj

    Good Night!!!! keep Learning!!!!! Dont waste even a second!!! Coz when u waste a second, ur competitor will utilise that time in becoming better than u.

    Static GK Quiz for Upcoming Exams Set 7 : http://aspirantszone.com/static-gk-quiz-upcoming-exams-set-7/
    Quantitative Aptitude: Number Series Set 9 : http://aspirantszone.com/quantitative-aptitude-number-series-set-9/
    Current Affairs Quiz: February 10, 2017 : http://aspirantszone.com/current-affairs-quiz-february-10-2017/
    Reasoning : http://aspirantszone.com/reasoning-puzzles-set-14/
    Mixed English Questions Set 11 (New Pattern) : http://aspirantszone.com/mixed-english-questions-set-11-new-pattern/

    1. Purvi

      gud night sir 🙂

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