Mixed English Questions Set 11 (New Pattern)

Directions (1-5): In each of the following questions a short passage is given with one of the lines in the passage missing and represented by a blank. Select the best out of the five answer choices given, to make the passage complete and coherent.

  1.  The U.S. Senate voted on Friday to confirm Representative Tom Price as the top U.S. healthcare official, putting a determined opponent of Obamacare in position to help President Donald Trump dismantle the healthcare law. The Senate voted 52-47 to approve the conservative Georgia Republican and orthopedic surgeon as the secretary of the Department of Health and Human Services (HHS), a massive department with an annual budget of more than $1 trillion. In his new job, Price will have authority to rewrite rules implementing the 2010 Affordable Care Act, as Obamacare is officially called. (………………………………………………………………………………………) Republicans, who have the majority in Congress, are trying to craft a replacement for Obamacare but have not agreed on one.
    A) Price has donated his entire salary in favour of Obamacare and to make it beneficial for the needy people.
    B) Since the appointment of Tom Price last year, he has done a lot of work to dismantle Obama Care.
    C) Price could move quickly to rework Obamacare regulations while waiting for Republicans in Congress to keep their pledge to scrap the law entirely.
    D) Rewriting rules in insurance sector is not easy, as it involves a lot of paper work and passing of laws relating to it.
    E) Republicans even after a majority in congress could not yet replace the Obamacare
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      Option C
    Option A cannot be the answer as it states the opposite thing, that Price is in favour of Obamacare center. However according to the passage Tom Price is in opposition of Obamacare. Option B cannot be the answer because as per the passage we get an idea that Tom Price has been appointed recently. But Option B states that he was appointed last year. Option C correctly states that Price will work quickly to rework the Obamacare regulations. Option D talks about insurance sector, which is not related to the passage. Option E just repeats the next statement so it cannot be the answer.
  2.  More than six decades after the legislating the Minimum Wages Act of 1948 the country is yet to introduce a national minimum wage. In lieu of that what the government has done is to introduce the concept of a national floor level minimum wage as a first step towards introduction of a uniform wage structure in the country. The NFLMW was recently revised upward to Rs 160 per day with effect from July 2015. (……………………………………………………………………………………………..)Thus the central government has fixed minimum wages for as many as 45 different employment categories of unskilled, semi-skilled, skilled and highly skilled workers.
    A) The introduction of national minimum wage has given a major boost to the economy .
    B) So now instead of a national minimum wage we have a plethora of minimum legislated wages.
    C) The governor has also sought legal opinion on how to deal with the ongoing political crisis in the state.
    D) The survey recommended reforms to labour laws and lower taxes on such sectors to boost employment.
    E) This is the first time in the history of India that a state government has decided to bypass the Supreme Court by legislating something to defeat its orders
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      Option B
    As per the passage, national minimum wage is not yet implemented, hence Option A is invalid. Option C is not related. Option D mentions about a survey. But in the passage nothing has been said about any survey. So D is not valid. Option E is also not related. By seeing the next line after the blank, we see that ” Government has fixed minimum wages for as many as 45 different employment categories “.  Means there are many different regulations, hence Option B suits the blank.
  3.  In a ruling that has significant ramifications for online data privacy a court in Philadelphia has ruled that American authorities can access data with American internet companies even if such data is located on foreign servers. In other words, personal data on American platforms such as Facebook and Google is no longer firewalled from American investigators. Needless to say, this ruling opens up a can of worms. Former NSA contractor Edward Snowden had already revealed that American tech giants clandestinely cooperate with US authorities for global surveillance.(…………………………………………………………………………..)
    A) Tech giants in America have always revolted against such interference made by American Court.
    B) Philadelphia court claims that laws relating to such matter of tax breach should be dealt with strictness.
    C) The online security survey, released on 26 January this year, revealed that 64% of adults in the Russia have either reported or were notified of a data breach that had impacted their personal data.
    D) Platforms such as Twitter and Facebook enable people to surround themselves with news that confirms their beliefs and aided the rise of a new generation of web-driven media outlets who favor quantity over quality and high click counts over fact-based reporting.
    E) The Philadelphia ruling essentially allows US agencies to do this openly.
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      Option E
    By seeing the last line ” revealed that American tech giants clandestinely cooperate with US authorities ” we can say that Option E is the answer.  
  4. In strategy, there is a lot of heft given to a sustainable competitive advantage; a unique position that enables a firm to acquire above average returns for a fairly long period of time. But in today’s highly dynamic environment, this unique position is becoming increasingly difficult to attain as well as maintain. (………………………………………………………………).Disruption has become a norm rather than the exception.
    A) However the old players are reluctant to make a way for newcomers.
    B) Not only the rules of the game are getting altered frequently, new competitors often start a new game altogether.
    C) Emerging technology trends like cloud, mobile, IoT and containerization provide operational efficiencies and business opportunities to organizations, but they also introduce surprising security challenges.
    D) Companies translate their values into concrete corporate practices and leadership behaviors that create sustainable economic development.
    E) New competitors are avoiding this competitive advantage by their malpractices.
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      Option B
    Option A is invalid. Why will old companies make way for new companies? Hence the statement is wrong. Option C is unrelated. Option D talks something about sustainable economic development. As the statement before the blank says that ” this unique position is becoming increasingly difficult to attain as well as maintain ” it means that the newcomers are competing well. So option E is not correct. Only Option B fits.
  5. (…………………………………………………………..). Everyone can get a handle to any amount of information. Social Media, Video streaming channels have become new factories of idea generation. All are living in a virtual world. Lot of comments, blogs, articles, plans and business models floating around whenever you hit some random websites on the internet
    A) Internet has become a headache.
    B) Handling data has become an issue these days.
    C) Internet has changed the world.
    D) It is important to plan a business in advance.
    E) The answer to this questions lies in the fact that websites cannot handle such a huge amount of data.
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      Option C 

Direction (6-10) : In each of the following questions three statements are given with a missing word in each. You have to fill the blanks of first two statements with the first word of the option and the blank of the third statement with the second word of the option.

  1. (i) Sony Pictures Entertainment has formed a new brand management ______ and promoted Jeffrey Godsick to lead the unit.
    (ii) The ______ of Korea into two countries occurred as a result of the Korean War.
    (iii) The Walking Dead has killed more ______ than most shows on television.
    A) sector, people
    B) breaking, death
    C) division, characters
    D) structure, participants
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      Option C 
  2. (i) Video technology has made it so that even people who are a continent apart can seem ______ to each other.
    (ii) When she is angry at dinner, my mother kills the flavor of the meal with her ______ silence.
    (iii) Once I told my doctor the medicine made me feel ______ , he altered my prescription.
    A) visible, better
    B) palpable, peculiar
    C) close, restless
    D) deep, good
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      Option B
    Explanation :
    Palpable : capable of being touched, felt, handled, or perceived 
  3. (i) A vast majority of private ______ workers are not eligible for paid medical leave.
    (ii) The US domestic ______ is threatened by the Isro launches, and there is, in fact, a US policy in place preventing US satellites from being launched on Indian launch vehicles.
    (iii) Scientists have developed ______to manipulate micro-organisms – which are more dynamic and flexible than solids solid materials.
    A) sector, techniques
    B) unit, tradition
    C) replacement, creativity
    D) segment, criteria
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      Option A 
  4. (i) Improving your _____ score is one of the best investments that you can make in your financial life.
    (ii) While many would _____  Virat Kohli’s success to his work ethics and ability to learn from every failure but religious Guru, Gurmeet Ram Rahim has a different view.
    (iii) The computer programmer estimates it will take twenty hours to _____ the code changes in the software.
    A) performance, take
    B) link, credit
    C) credit, implement
    D) confirm, legitimate
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      Option C 
  5. (i) Students enrolled in CBSE-i and their parents are extremely satisfied with it and are shocked by the CBSE’s unilateral decision to _____ it
    (ii) Export prices for ferrous ______, a raw material in electric-furnace steelmaking, have fallen here for the first time in four months amid cooling demand from South Korean and Vietnamese mills.
    (iii) The mystery behind the ______ at a private bank’s ATM network last year that led to 32 lakh debit cards being exposed, forcing banks to replace most of them, has been solved.
    A) implement, lack
    B) withdraw, break
    C) promote, law
    D) scrap, breach
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      Option D 

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